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Re: C.I.A.N. Report

Yes I sent that e-mail to Jay.  Paul Mullet is obviously an idiot.  Mullet doen't even know me.  He is only parroting Jonathan Williams in saying I "stole money from the church".  I guess that's all jonathan can come up with to blast me with since it cant be proven either way.  Jonathan was a fraud from the start.  Everytime Jonathan needed money for something in the church, if it was in the account, I sent it to him.
Funny, after we parted ways last year that i found out he was claiming the website cost more money than it actually did.  It costs, approximately $12.99 a month and a yearly renewal fee of about $20.00.  I'm not even going to get into it any further.  I'm through with all this "movement" drama.  I'm Christian Identity.  I belong to NO group, church, or organization.  A lot less stress that way and a lot less people to not ever please.  The only people that ever paid dues in CJCC-AN were yourself and Rich Stantons guys in PA anyway, sad isn't it.  That money went to merchandise, putting on events, booklets, website and ink, stamps, paper, envelopes etc.
Yahweh Bless You Paul,
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Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 1:25 AM
Subject: RE: C.I.A.N. Report

Did you really send this e-mail. Anyway, Paul Mullet says that you stole money from the church. Basically I do not believe him The Feds like to send false e-mails to cause trouble. We have to be on the defense against it. Phone calls are harder to fake since you can recognize the voice. We over in the Northwest have concluded that Paul Mullet could not be a trained Federal Agent. He says such stupid stuff that he most likely has been compromised. Yahweh Bless Paul B 

Subject: Re: C.I.A.N. Report
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 22:49:57 -0500

This is welcome news.  Now I wont feel bad continuing to ignore them.  Henry Stout has been blowing my phones up for the past two months.  I refuse to talk to him and while he was calling from his Texas number, I just wouldn't answer the phone.  Too agravating and nothing to say except just to talk.  Then one day a call comes in from our area code and my wife answers, it's him.  I don't know if it's a calling card or how he pulled that one.  This guy was associated with us while we had CJCC going.  He was constantly calling wanting to send money or have merchandise made.  Neither money or merchandise ever showed that he was supposedly sending.  We chalked it up to him being a kid that was probably a little slow.  I don't know for sure, never met the guy. 
The message he left my wife was wanting "permission" to use the Church name.  After your e-mail to me, I presume now that he was talking about CJCC/AN.  He's a nut.  He just wants someone to talk to him on the phone.
Paul Mullet, came to us in AN from Minnesota.  We were under the impression he couldn't go back there (crimes).  He made some screwed up comments at a meeting in Georgia concerning planting "pipe bombs" on the perimeter of the property we were on and I didn't want to even be around him after that.  R. Spring and J. McManus were there when comment was made.  Also, R. Stanton can verify this.  Jonathan Williams brought him in, so Mullet most likely is tainted.  Mullet, after living in Georgia for a while, got on meth and migrated south to Louisiana.  He called me after I cut ties with Jonathan Williams.  Jonathan is, in my opinion, an agent/informant for the ADL.
As far as UCOY is concerned, that is my church.  I am not a pastor, so I keep the website up for informational purposes only.  I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it going or not. 
As my heart is not in it anymore, I am glad you are continuing AN.  By the way, the "conquerwemust" email was Jonathans at gmail.  So, Henry Stout is also working with Mullet to aide Jonathan in a good ol boy round-up most likely.
Good heads up Brother.  Good hearing from you.  Don't be a stranger.
Yahweh Bless,
Laslo Patterson
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From: Jay Faber
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:53 PM
Subject: C.I.A.N. Report


Central Intelligence Aryan Nations

August 19, 2009


Subject; Henry Stout, Paul Mullet


Subject 1:

Henry Stout; Dishonorably Discharged, purpose, conspiring with a traitor, betrayal of the Aryan Nations in High Treason…


Contacts; e-mail. AryanForYahweh on newsaxon and other forums website



Henry has been promoting his own church using our contacts, also those of Gerald O’Brien through connection with Paul Mullet [below] to usurp parties’ membership lists, our contacts, and also those of O’Briens….


1] Pastor Faber received a call from our Colorado contact, who stated that Henry had asked him to come to the “Aryan Nations Congress” in Idaho… As supposedly a loyal member of our organization, the question was raised, whom is he supporting? See 4


2] Ezekiel Christianson called, quite perturbed, apparently Henry confided in him that he was starting his own thing, and was trying to sway the Church of Jesus Christ Kinsman into his creation.


3] Others complained about some of his comments….


4] The only person advertising a “Congress” in Idaho is the upstart operative Paul Mullet, also Dishonorably Discharged months ago, for suspicion of conspiring with jEws.. [Below, enough evidence is presented following to justify this allegation]


5] Henry had been in contact with Pastor Gerald O’Brien, and according to O’Brien, was trash talking us, and mockingly stated that he was taking our contacts and supposedly bringing them to   O’Brien supports this comment, as accurate… During this time, O’Brien noticed that Stout and Mullet spoke via phone at a ridiculous frequency... When O’Brien Discharged Mullet, Mullet started and linked a Texas Contact, also linked is a South Carolina person that had contacted Henry about our membership, however Henry never forwarded his information over to the Aryan Nations appropriated staff...  Stout claims that the Texas contact is from another town, regardless, if so, Stout in a treasonous act, provided this contact toward Mullet…


6] Mullet is the only claimant to be hosting an Aryan Nations Congress, in Idaho, as per discussion with O’Brien, certain objectives in regard to this usurping claim are being organized.


7] Henry intends to throw what he calls “Yahweh Fest”, at the IKA grounds in Tennessee, pending that when the IKA realizes what he is, they still allow it. The Church of the Sacred Race of Tennessee will be briefed on our objectives privately.


Subject 2:

Contacts; web  AN-CJCC Newsaxon and other forums


Paul Mullet; Dishonorably Discharged, counterproductive and embarrassing public releases, unauthorized, caught attempting to gain membership names and befriended Henry for this purpose, Stout was advised not to associate with Mullet..


1] Mullet claimed to be a former Chief of Security for the NSM, so contact was made with Commander Schoep, the claim was accurate, however short lived, as Mullet was discharged for a series of derelict activities, and questionable behavior.


2] Mullet claimed to be a former member of Redfearin’s Church of the Sons of Yahweh, where members Pastor Visser, and Mannus, as well as former member Lindstedt once were involved, further, Mannus goes back to the days when Redfeairn ran the Aryan Nations, and he never heard of Mullet. This was an outright fabrication.


3] Mullet offered the membership list of  U.C.O.Y. as provided by Johnathan Williams, who may be involved with this last development with Mullet, I declined. We still have not substantiated a relation between Mullet and Williams, which; would only be negative is proven.


4] Mullet sent out a general e-mail to UCOY members without authorization, and posted on many forums and blogs under his name, and under the Aryan Nations Revival, that all members must report to “him”…  Upon this event, which was within a week of contact with Mullet, Pastors Visser and Faber had decided to dismiss Mullet for this action. Mullet made a claim that he had just purchased a home in Ohio, and asked Henry to move in with him, and asked Faber if that mailing address could be sent to Ohio, Faber declined.


5] Pastor Faber called Mullet, only to find that all phones had been shut off, including Mullet’s cell phone, with intent to dismiss. During this blackout period, Mullet, claiming to be a member of the ANR went accusing Commander Schoep of various activities, right on Newsaxon and other forums, Pastor Faber contacted Schoep, to apologize for this looser, and explain his dismissal from the ANR, Schoep further informed Faber of more activities of Mullet making the NSM suspect past treason.


6] Pastor Faber phoned Henry Stout to inquire about a new phone number for Mullet, Henry stated that Mullet was, as they spoke, traveling to Texas to meet Henry..


7] Pastor Faber advised Stout of the potential problem Mullet represented, ordering him not to cooperate, or allow Mullet entry, access to AN info, and to discontinue contact... Pastor Faber also contacted Mr. Stout, Henry’s father, and informed him of the situation, Mr. Stout agreed, and stated that Mullet would not be permitted onto his property, or he would receive a leaded welcome.


8] Mullet phoned Henry and advised that he had been pulled over by the Texas State Police, and would be running a little late, ½ hour from Texarkana. Mullet was again pulled over and this time arrested in Texarkana later that date, Mullet contacted Henry’s mother, [who lives at a separate residence] from a Texarkana police facility, and stated that he had been arrested. Later, Mr. Stout contacted the Texarkana Police, as well as the Texas State Police, who stated that they had no record of a Paul Mullet being arrested, detained, or even pulled over.


9] Mullet from Texarkana immediately went North, phoned Pastor O’Brien claiming to be on his way to the real Aryan Nations, claiming to be in Minnesota, driving west to Idaho. Mullet set up residence in Idaho, not his “New Home in Ohio”, took a part time job as a cleanup person at a resort, and on this income, was able to room and feed himself, set up websites plural, print out fliers, etc. Upon meeting O’Brien, his tactic was to talk crap about Commander Schoep and Pastor Faber, whom he only knew via phone for less than two weeks, worming his way into position to gain names and other info. O’Brien states that Mullet was never able to ascertain such information, however, apparently Henry Stout received the U.C.O.Y. list for Mullet from Williams.


[It can be assumed that in the Texas affair, the Federal Agencies overheard the phone traffic, and realized that Mullet was in danger, and would not be able to ascertain the required list, so they redirected him, the sponsor of Mullet is believed by Faber and O’Brien to be the SPLC and Morris Dees]


10] Mullet having failed to receive either membership list, started http://aryannations88.jEw promised Stout a position in the “new high council” for his participation in betraying the Aryan Nations. Stout turned traitor, sold our new contacts out to Mullet, along with Williams U.C.O.Y. list, this is when reports from Colorado and California started coming in about Henry’s comments. Be it also known that Mullet is the one claiming to be holding the next “Aryan Nations Congress” as seen on his website, whom Henry Stout facilitated, by his own admission, with the help of the son of the IKA leader, who does web design, the same also produced Henry Stout’s new “church” site, and facilitated the use of the IKA grounds in Tennessee. It is assumed that the son of the IKA leader is unaware of who he is working for…….


11] Mullet confided in Pastor Gerald O’Brien that he had been charged with credit card fraud….  Clearly the motive for the treason.


It is the view of the C.I.A.N. that Mullet is a jEw’s snitch, and that despite warnings, Stout has betrayed the Aryan Nations in High Treason, compromising all new associates, and all allied members who cooperated with Henry Stout..


Operations will be assigned to follow; only the Church of Jesus Christ Kinsman [CA] has been briefed…..


All organizations listed on Henry Stout’s new “church” website will be informed of these findings, we shall advise that they recant their alliances. The IKA will be contacted, as one of their members is unknowingly assisting, and Commander Schoep will be asked to remove both parties from Newsaxon, since they are obviously working together, the evidence being that Stout mentions Mullet’s site as the Aryan Nations, and Mullet’s “AN” website has a Texas leader…..


Sources; Pastor Faber, Pastor O’Brien, Commander Schoep, George Stout, Ezekiel Christiansen, Henry Stout, anonymous Colorado Contact….

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