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Fw: An Open letter from Rev. Matt Hale after 7 YEARS!


September 17, 36 AC (2009)
Dear Brother Cook,
I  am happy to have indeed received your two identical letters of 9/2/09 today which is the first correspondence I have received from you since the mail ban was lifted on August 19Th. As I know that you are very anxious to hear back from me, I will keep this letter relatively brief.
I appreciate all of  your kind, loyal words and take them very much to heart. My lawyer had told me that you had been in contact with him and that pleased me as well. We have been working diligently to obtain my  deserved  and long overdue vindication. We must be determined but calm and obey all laws and rules as we proceed towards resolution. This has been a long ordeal but as you say , it should be ending soon.
I close for now and look forward  to your confirmation that you  duly received this letter.
For Our Folk,
Matt  Hale
"Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages''
-George  Washington

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