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Dealing W/ARA Types


Because some of our comrades have never had to deal with all the
tricks and troubles of anti-racists, I am sending out this list for
state leaders to help them avoid common pitfalls:

1) Do not give things to people you don't know.

This seems obvious, but often people will approach "movement"
activists and ask us to give them things -- a place to stay, a job,
money, et cetera. Do not give things to people you don't know --
ever. I don't care if they are a white activist or not -- if they
approach you begging for things, they don't belong in our movement.

2) This includes information.

People will send you emails "phishing" for information -- meaning
they will send emails saying things like "your email account has
been cancelled" with a link to click that goes to a bogus webpage.
They will also send you instant messages and other contacts with
similar traps in them. The bolder ones will call you on a phone --
often from a hard to trace calling card -- and ask for information.
Be cautious when responding to requests for private information.

3) Be cautious of people who do not seem "right".

True, there are a lot of odd people in the white nationalist
movement. By and large, we don't want them in our organization. If
they don't seem "right", check them out.

The safest way to find out who you are dealing with is to have them
submit a membership form. That way, if they are up to no good, at
least you know who you're dealing with.

If they still don't seem right, ask them to pray with you. You can flush out phonies easily this way.

Those who are honestly interested but just "wrong" for real activism
will generally get bored, discouraged, or otherwise muster out in
short order. Those who are criminal or otherwise anti-social will
get caught on their backgrounds. And infiltrators, well --we do have the ministry of the Discernment of Spirits, so they shall be found out.

I don't mean to point out the obvious to folk but its easier to
start thinking about things before something happens than after.

Respectfully Submited,
Bob, Facilitator,
A/N CJCC Arizona Worship Team
Psalms Chapter 101


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