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Worship team Operations

Greetings Pastor Jon/Senior Pastor-- We got this off the web with respect to crafting an A/N Worship team. I used to be a Full Gospel Church of San Diego Song Leader. With respect to operations, we will run this within the framework of the AZ-CA Joint Staff agreement......


Church of Jesus Christ Christian ,
Arizona Worship Team

Worship Team Definition
The Worship Team consists of those persons involved in leading the people in corporate worship. Although we generally only think of the Worship Leader and musicians as making up the Worship Team, it in fact consists of at least the following individuals:

Hand signers;
Overhead projectionists;
Mixing board operators;
Home Group Attendance
We believe that at New Wine, Home Care Groups are our life blood (until God tells us otherwise). Our vision is to build New Wine upon relationships rather than on talents and gifts, and the Home Care Groups serve as the primary centres for building these relationships. It is in the Home Care Groups and through the relationships developed there, that our vision of the church is imparted to new members of New Wine.

It is not out of a desire to see prospective Worship Team members perform that attendance is required. Rather, it has been our experience that until new members of New Wine become committed to a Home Care Group they do not integrate fully into the life of the church. Therefore, we require that until one is committed to a Home Care Group he will not be considered for membership on a Worship Team.

A Worshipper First
The Father seeks true worshippers: those who worship in Spirit and in truth. Also, in the body of Christ we lead through service. Therefore, as it is the purpose of the Worship Team to lead the people in worship, it is a necessity that Worship Team members be able to worship; regardless of their place in the church, or the surrounding circumstances. If an individual cannot worship then he will be unable to lead others in worship. Being a worshipper is more important than being a musician or technician.

A Servant Second
In the body of Christ we lead by serving. Unless a Worship Team member is willing to give himself to service, he will be unable to lead others in worship. While not everyone has service as a primary motivational gift, everyone can develop a servant's heart. All Christians should be seeking this heart attitude, in any case.

A Team Member Third
Worship Team members are just that: Members of a team. Unless they are able to submit themselves to the Team leadership, and integrate and work with the other members of the Worship Team, they will hinder rather than help lead the people in worship. We do not expect that conflict will never exist. But, team members need to be able to allow iron to sharpen iron by dying to self. Crucifying the flesh doesn't mean nailing your brother to the cross!

Whether a prospective Worship Team member fits in can only be determined as relationships are built between existing and prospective Worship Team members. While New Wine presently has a single Worship Team, we may eventually have more than one. And, we recognize that a prospective team member may fit better into one group than another.

A Musician/Technician Fourth
Excellence, not perfection is demanded of Worship Team members. Team members must be proficient enough with their instruments and equipment to perform the duties required. Whether a member is proficient enough will be determined on a individual basis.

As always, attitude is as important as aptitude. As Christians we are called to do everything as unto the Lord. In other words, we are to perform our duties "in excellence." From a performance perspective, excellence is different for someone with a year's experience than for a ten year veteran. However, there shouldn't be any difference in attitude between two such individuals.

Must Be Teachable
No matter how long we perform a task, there is always room for improvement. Members of the Worship Team must always remain teachable that we may continually hone our skills. God is always doing something new, and unless we remain soft and flexible we will not be able to move with Him.

It is also expected that team members will individually pursue further training, where it is appropriate. For seasoned musicians this may take the form of refresher courses in technique, or further theory; while for technicians it would probably involve something else.

Common Vision
A prospective Worship Team member must share the vision we have for worship; or he must be willing to buy into New Wine's vision. Unless all team members share a common vision, there will be unnecessary tension within the team. For example, if one team member wants a C&W sound, and another a Rock sound, there will always be friction. Any such friction will hinder the teams effectiveness in ministry.

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