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Greetings Colonel Rich!!!!

Greetings Colonel Rich!!! What a blessing it was to see you at the Congress.Thank you for serving as the Coordinator of State Offices. Your Leadership is going to make a significant difference in the years to come. Pastor Kenny in Ca & I signed a joint staff agreement during the summer concerning joint staff operations. The way that we are running things is that Pastor Kenny serves as the Commander of the Joint AZ/CA Operation & I serve as the Executive Secretary of the joint staff. In addition to running the Az worship team, I'll be providing Kenny & Logan staff services support in the realms of security, awards, administration & training. Starting in Jan 07 we will be submitting Az/CA joint staff reports to you on a monthly basis. Acting in this way we will be able to avoid duplication of effort & serve as a force mulitplier in the region.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bob, Aryan Nations Major
PS: With Respect to Pastor Jons Operations I've been Reading habakkuk 2:2---And the Lord Answered me, and said, WRITE THE VISION ON TABLETS & MAKE IT PLAIN , so that he may run who reads it

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