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promoting the Church

Greetings Pastor Jon! Of late I've had conversations with Pastor Paul of GA & Elder Derek of AZ concerning the Church. The upshot was that we should think outside of the box with respect to promotions. I made this Aryan Ranger posting to the Keystone State Skinhead website....I did not mention the Church in the first posting, but believe that I was able to at least gain some attention.

I wanted to mention to you the thought that I've had that some of those monitoring us have become stale as a result of their work @ the SPLC/ADL or whatever.

This concept can be further discussed by the brethern & some future mention could be made to some racialist forum ...Storm Front?

Acting in this way, The New CJCC-A/N will itself position in the minds of racialists at large as being men & women of perceptions.

We might also post observations in the future with respect to the fact that Bin Laden & the Department of Homeland Security types have the same weakness. Both parties are so busy projecting themselves as tough guys that their mental energy has been consumed to the point that they are not learning and adapting as they should.

Respectfully, Bob


For those of you who havent seen it... the latest SPLC report was mostly about their fear of the once-again growing skinhead scene in America. They specifically wrote alot of bullshit about me and my guys...

Here is Erics response on our site... pretty good summary...
"Ain't gonna be no talk'n ... When I see ya"


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I read the response & it made sense...Morris Dees thinks that he's some kind of hot shot. In reality nobody has any need to read his reports. None of them contain any actionable information, so I doubt if law enforcement takes them too seriously. Clearly, they're trying to make the reports entertaining. That's the only real value they have.

We know that the SPLC is monitoring our commentary. We can turn adversity into advantage , with respect to this situtation.

Morris Dees' reach is not that extensive. His readers have very little clout. Our folks though, being political operatives can surpass him easily.

For example, Morris Dees has no impact on defense policy. We, on the other hand can shake things up.

Currently there is a debate in the defense establishment concerning the relationship between the Public Affairs function & Information Warfare. The public affairs folks want to remain pristine & focus on the Tradtional role of crafting & delivering fine tuned messages & projecting images. They think that they will be less that credible if the public perception is that they have an information warfare role as well. The United State Airforce Information warfare center @ Lackland Air Force base articulated the goal of traing public affairs personnel & members of the USAF Office of special investigation in the basics of Information warfare.

We in the Racialist Community can add significantly to the debate. We are grounded in the business world. We can see that the public affairs people @ local banks are indeed trying to present a strong image of their respective institutions & engage in marketing. They also venture in the realm of active information operations against Nigerian con artists. I know of one specfic instance where the efforts of one bank employee had a direct psychological impact on one of these scamsters.

Why is it that these military guys are shrinking back from a role that is already common place all across America? As long as the Public Affairs people do not play an active role in deception, nobody is going to question any of this....

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