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Pine-wood Racing rules

TO: Jerry, PHX-- Greetings! I made this posting to the Volksfront Forum concerning holding pine-wood racing events. I'll also be mailing a booklet to Jesse. Please let me know if you want this booklet too. The booklet delves into the various age brackets & the ammount of participation that the adults will have to put into the car building process. We'll have a racing catagory for adults too. The cars that are built from scratch can also be judged for appearence( pre-formed block kits would only be judged for the younger kids). Building a good race track will cost around $150.00. To start out we can make a simpler track for far cheaper.

Some organizations who have been at it a long time have complicated rules. If we just decide to have "Stock Car" races, the rules are more simple.

I would say that car kits that come with nail type axles, should be avoided & they require too much prep. Kits that come with rod type axles come cheaper & that type of axle only requires polishing

We can get car kits for under $4.00. There is a guy in Peoria Az who sells kits for $3.45, or $3.25 each for a dozen.

I was thinking that the Comrades in California,Nevada & Arizona could come together, & form a SouthWestern Regional Division.

Here is a link that delves into basic Pine-wood Car Racing Rules:
The rookie rules would be a good point of departure for us...

In these dark days we need to uphold the twin values of our people CRAFTSMANSHIP & SPORTSMANSHIP!!!!!!!

I'd like to See Brother Fritz & Sister V. Clark get involved,due to their technical backgrounds...
Best Regards, Bob

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St Louis Conference/Racing Rules

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St Louis Conference/Racing Rules


Greetings Comrades! Last week I spoke with the Organizer of the St Louis Victory Conference. I'm going to mail him two car kits & a booklet that delves into crafting really fast pine-wood racers. Although this is supposed to be mostly for the kids, I can see this turning into a mania for all of those involved.

Here are a few Commercial websites:

There are some sample rules on the www. We just have to find a SIMPLE set that works for us.

The ladies, or course can make up their own Powder Puff rules.

This sport is great for creating pride in one's work. The races are a blast as well....

Any & all suggestions are most welcome!


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