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Invading Parasite

              Greetings Bruder,
                                        It has come to my attention in an ironic and deceitful way, that (1) one or more parasites have tried to bring its disease upon (1) one or more of our lives. I have accepted the call of duty to remedy the parasite(s). I am ready to go to it and spray the chemicals needed to irradicate the roach infestation. However, with the probabilities of the chemicals, death may proceed from this. So out of good conscience; I do hereby ask that all are to be out of the vicinity of the chemical inwhich will be used to kill the manifistation of more roaches.
                                       This chemical that will be used will kill the eggs as well, even before they hatch. Thus i speak as an soldier in the exterminating business, and though this may reign as true, I request more leads to others with an infestation problem so I may get my liscense at a later date as an professional parasite exterminator. I ask for your blessing in and or on this quest of purification.
                                       I would like to go to the dance and party hardy, not sit itiocally by, as the rest of the partiers have a good time. It is a shame and a disgrace that these roaches have come into our mists. Our homes are not safe, nor our way of life. Many are willing to take these roaches and accept them. They are rehabilitated into lab experiments, and other foul and diabolical situations.
                                       Once again, I do hereby with this petition to be an exterminator, request an response to the problem at hand. For as you well know if (1) one roach enters a persons home then they will breed in an unholy way, thus bringing their death and disease upon the home. I humbly and patiently await your answer in this matter.
                                                                                            Your Brother in arms,

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