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Fw: An open letter to Rev. Matt Hale P.M.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Michael Cook <>
Sent: Thursday, September 3, 2009 12:45:07 PM
Subject: An open letter to Rev. Matt Hale P.M.

Dear Rev. Matt Hale P.M.:
My good friend and leader of the White Race  I am attempting again to try and write to you since your Attorney had mentioned that you could now receive mail which is certainly not completely true due to this is my third attempt to write to you with no response from my previous two letters?
I don't even know if you are going to receive this one but if you do not I  will inform your Attorney again of the prison officials conduct in denying your right to read mail and respond to mail from friends and supporters. Let this be a warning that they too can and will be sued for tampering with the U.S. Mail!
Yes, there are going to be many people who will be brought to trial for violating your rights and mine and  I can't  wait for the day when these criminals will be  sitting in the same prison cell that you are now languishing in at the present time. One day  we will turn the tables on our foes once and for all time...I know that you will be released soon  as the enemy can not legally keep you in their dungeon forever with no legal grounds to do so. You will once again lead  us and our great Church on to our final Victory and we will not forget all the injustices that have been set upon us as law-abiding free citizens of a once free nation.
You must stay strong and always remember that YOU ARE THE GREATEST HERO that the White Race has ever had in this century! When you walk out of those prison gates you will be greeted  by hundreds of loyal Creators and thousands of White Racial Loyalist Comrades who know that you were railroaded  be the Jewish Occupational Government  and that you are innocent of all of the false charges that were brought against you by the enemies of free speech! I hope  that I can be  there  when that day comes to embrace your hand in friendship and loyal faith in you our beloved leader.
Your loyal friend and brother until DEATH!
Michael Cook
The Creativity Movement
P.O.Box 313
Wrightsville, Pa. 17368
717 659-6181

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