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Disposal of the Aryan Nation

         To me it has become an abomination, that many are wiling to walk into the shoes of the late, great, Rev. R. Butler. The Nation was formed for the unity of OUR WHITE RACE, not for the personal gratefacation of just one member and / or political correctness, for the weak, and the feeble minded.
         I greatly, oppose the destroying of OUR blessed Aryan Nation, that YAHWEH HIMSELF; has set apart and ordained as HIS chosen people from the beginning. All the work that has been done in the past, has pushed us into a new and dangerous realm, of hatred from the enemies.....but most importantly of all.....the hatred from within.
         I feel no pity or remorse for those that try to destroy us, and as far as I am concerned, those that go against us are not for us. To have the mindset of dissolving this great thing that we have, is tyranny, and also isobscene. I can only pray that our forefathers are not looking down on this dark and deadly day for the WHITE RACE!
                                                                                            sieg heil

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