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Re: Interesting Front page

Are you just now responding to this?  It was 3 weeks ago Rich.  What's going on is pretty much self explanatory in the e-mail isn't it?  I mean it's on the AN site that belongs to you guys.  Your address is on there as a contact.  As a matter of fact it was on there when I talked to you on the phone the other day when you claimed you were coming to the Identity conference in Georgia.  I believe you stated that you had not talked to Rick and didn't know what he was going to do about a website.  Why did you feel it necessary to lie to me about that?   That really hurt.
 The domain name(, which i might add, has been in Ricks name since April of 2004.  Now that's screwed up since Pastor had so much trouble with jeremy Parker in August of 2004 and Jonathan took over as webmaster from scratch.  Pastor needed his website up and running and Rick could have saved the day.  Rick told us that he convinced Jeremy to give him that domain name last year, well we found out that it's belonged to Rick since April 2004.  This information can be accessed via the web, look it up.  Anyway, this is all movement related drama.  We are a church, so what do you not understand?
Yahweh Bless,

On 4/10/07, R S <> wrote:

WTF?  Would someone please call me and tell me what is going on?  This is BS.

From:  "Laslo Patterson" <>
To:  Rick <>,
Subject:  Interesting Front page
Date:  Wed, 28 Mar 2007 00:51:19 -0600

The following is off the website.  I had no idea Pastor Williams and I were looked at with so much disrespect and un-appreciation.  Let it be known that I was a member for 15 years and I was
asked to be on the council and I wouldn't be sending this out except for the matter of the following crap being talked about was during my tenure on the council.  Maybe I should write a book about the true CHAOS that I had to put up with from supposed "leaders" of AN.  It would be an enlightening read.   My comments are in red.
Laslo Patterson
These wolves in sheep's clothing tried to usurp Aryan Nations.(so, are you saying that Jonathan and I are wolves that tried to usurp AN?) They managed to cause a bit of
chaos & factionalism that is somewhat still with us today in the following days after Pastor's death in 2004.(so, we caused chaos and factionalism too?)  These
renegades DO NOT share the late Pastor's ideals & vision.(Well, I guess we are renegades now too?  How exactly did we not share Pastor Butlers vision, by not wanting to have non-Christians yoked with us?)
 We do. They DO NOT share the original mission of Aryan Nations-to spread the Christian Identity message to our racial kindred.(That's funny, being that we tried to do that with everyone for over two years)
 We do. We are legitimate & are carrying on the Church's banner of Folk & Faith. There has been a lot of restructuring & re-organizing going on in recent days. The reason for this is of utmost importance. It is time to get back to the basics. Aryan Nations is getting back to its roots & back to Pastor Butler's vision. It is getting back to what it always was intended to be: a White Christian theo-political movement that reflects the Church that had birthed it; a White Christian community for White Christians, by White Christians. We will gladly work with other kinds of White Nationalists that share common goals & respect our stance, but we will remain & must remain Christ-centered on the Truth of Yahweh-God's Law-Word. If you are anti-Christian, then we have no business with you!
(Well, you just screwed up then, because you are saying two different things in the last two sentences.  You say you will work with other kinds of WN and in the next sentence you have no dealings with anti Christians.  Which by the way most other WN are.)
For us, being "God First" IS being "Race First". We cannot, nor will not, separate our Race & Yahweh our God!(I assure you, you won't have to separate anybody.  Yahweh will do that for you)


If you want to visit a true Church website where there is more going on than bashing people that actually worked for Yahweh and His people, then visit


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