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United Church of YHWH (May 8, 2007)

United Church of YHWH
Call the United Church of YHWH at:
May 8, 2007 AD.
The Chi-Rho symbol above is an ancient symbol of Christendom. It is actually the first 2 letters of Christ's name written in greek. This symbol has been used historically as a weapon in of itself, as it naturally instills fear in those who would rise against the Truth!
Tonight's *Live* Broadcasts:     
 8:00 EST
By Yahweh's Design
(Hosted by Pastor Daniel Johns)
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 POB 896,
Bridgman MI 49106There is no better source for straight talk about every subject under the sun than reaamerica.  Race, Religion, Politics, the Hoaxacaust: No subject is taboo!   Free speech for America.  Praise Yahweh!

Our Friends

Kingdom Identity Ministries

Victory Radio
(UCOY Podcast)
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(Be sure to make yourself AWARE and EDUCATED of any and all Laws written within the system itself, as the Jews work CONSTANTLY to impair your sense of reality.)
Prayer Requests:
 Darren Howard and Family
Tony Dupree
The Brownley Family
Joseph Frieda & Family
The Griffin Family
Alexandzer Sztisko
Kingdom Identity Ministries is seeking a CHRISTIAN IDENTITY Lady who could put forth time to handle daily duties and Office mailouts, etc. If you are interested in finding out more
please Email:
Greetings Kindred,
 Well, once again "Activism" is the issue at hand. Time and time again, folks like to whine about their problems, yet they never act to solve them. They wait for others to work it out, and to show them the way. Christian Israel must cut out allowing this leeching, as surely it is Our Holy Race that is carrying these sloths on our backs!
The best thing we can do is to realize that these "undesirables" cause us too much grief, as well as time which could be productive. 
Cutting them off is easier than it may seem! Begin to develop a better, healthier relationship with Christian Kinsmen, and shun those who will not assimilate into living Holy.
Remember, YOU WILL answer for all these successes and failures one day!
Consider your situation a  failure if those around you cause your head to stay below water.
Tonight at 8:00 EST
will be a *LIVE* Broadcast of
"By Yahweh's Design",
hosted by Pastor Daniel Johns! 
 Be sure to tune in and enjoy!
Scripture of the day:
Revelation 20:13
  And the sea gave up the dead that were in it; and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works
For information on the brutal slaying of a White couple in Knoxville, by savage negroes,
Please visit the following website:
....If the site linked above doesn't make you angry, you are worthless!
If it does make you angry, understand that "anger" is an emotion that is not good to suppress!..... 
Author and Researcher
"Preston Nichols" 
will be a guest on
"Unfair and Unbalanced"
w/ Pastor Jonathan Williams 
*Monday, May 14th* @ 9:00 PM EST.
The evening's subject will be
 "The Philadelphia Expiriment and Montauk!".
Be sure to tune in!
*Mr. Nichols is the ONLY researcher of this subject who is able to speak so publicly, and this subject is one of the most suppressed because of the manner the Jews benefitted from it !*
Free Videos to watch online!
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Upcoming Events listed below:
May 26th, 2007
 Christian Identity Conference
 Location: Toccoa, Georgia
Time: 1:00 PM
For further information including directions, Speakers scheduled, etc. please contact us
@ 205-616-6497 or email
June 16th 2007
"Against Black Crime" Protest!!!
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
September 29th-30th
 Feast of Tabernacles
 Location: Toccoa, Georgia
 (Mark your calendars now! We will be posting more information on this event in the weeks to come. We are very exited about the Preachers/ Speakers we have scheduled so far, as well as the building which YHWH has provided which is absolutely perfect for this event! For further information including directions, Speakers scheduled, etc. please contact us @ 205-616-6497!)
We would love to hear feedback from you, especially questions or comments concerning Scripture!
Our Staff is dedicated to assisting in anything Our Kindred may need.
Please let us hear from you, and remember to always give the glory to YHWH!
YHWH Bless you!

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