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Greetings Michael,
I am sorry to say that I don't personally remember you, but I am still glad you have contacted!
I received little help sorting through applications before, but Praise YHWH I have a much better situation now, with dedicated help.
Many things had to change quickly, and we felt YHWH was leading us in a "New" direction. However, there are a few things you should be aware of.
1. There is no Aryan Nations anymore. It was dissolved on January 13th, 2007 in NW Alabama. This was a decision made by the Council, and some folks didn't like it, but that's the way that goes. Pastor Butler should be remembered for the good, Not the madness that surrounded him.
2. Our Church is in NO WAY affiliated with the "White Nationalist" Movement. We are a part of the "Christian Identity" Movement.
So, basically we are set up as Ekklesias, in several countries. Just like before, but with only hardcore believers. NO Pagans. NO Asatru. NO Cosmotheism. Etc.
The only way to join is like a regular Church. You become affiliated. No applications, no dues. Although you must Tithe, as Scripture recommends. This is, of course, the one and only way that the Church can reach the masses.
We intend to continue to strive to be a "World-Wide" Ministry, with branches all over the world! This is the imperative. Spreading the "Word" of YHWH effectively, but defending the honor of Christendom every second along the way.
Feel free to write back in, we would love to keep contact. If you would like an Information packet on setting up a local Ministry in your particular area, just visit:  and send in for one to the Headquarters address in Talladega.
Again, great to hear from you, and YHWH Bless!
On 5/9/07, Michael Connor <> wrote:
Greetings Pastor Williams,
I wanted to email you regarding potential membership with the United Church of Yahweh.  I got this address from the web site, I hope this finds you well.  I had joined Aryan Nation last year, I don't know if you remember my name or not, but Brother Rich took my application to Congress.  With everything going on since Congress, the separation and all, and since I never had the opportunity to meet you personally, I justed wanted to reach out to you and try and get a better over-all picture as to what's going on.  I'm fairly new to the movement, but I believe in Yahweh's teachings and what you were doing.  Pastor, I'm just a little confused because I believe Rich is a follower of Yahweh and I feel loyalty towards him and for me to be thinking of leaving him and follow you may up-set him, but I believe in the church and want to keep my options open.  Anyhow, my question is basically, what is your intention with the UCOY?
May Yahweh Bless You,
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Michael Connor

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Pastor Jonathan Williams
United Church of YHWH
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