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In a message dated 5/29/2007 7:05:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Are you being treated?  I'm not real familiar with that, but I know it can be bad.  There is another rally scheduled for June 16th, same location.  Interested?

Yeah, I'll try and make that one if the weather is good. I'm getting a new front tire on the bike tomorrow, so I can get there with less gas on that.

Nah, I'm not being treated. I have a strong immune system and fighting stuff on my own keeps it that way. I learned in 1981 that 99% of illness is psychological. Thinking you are sick makes it worse. Knowing you'll kick its ass boosts your system. I haven't had a personal doctor since I was about 10 and the last real physical I had was in 1990 for the Secret Service. I had this back in '01 or '02 so I recognize what it is. I probably got it from fast food and the damn Mexicans that prepare it. Just another reason to keep the filthy swine out of this country. Another 48 hours and it should be totally out of my system.

How are things on your end?


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