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Hey there Sister,
I copied & pasted the VF camp out info. So this is it below...Also I attached the logo in a white back ground along with some other TOT logo's, banners ect.  I'll talk to Gregg tomorrow about the coloring pages, he was about to eat dinner when I called. lol ttys Sister.
88 Janine

POSTED BY: VolksfrontVirginia on Sep 29, 2007

Volksfront Virginia Campout

On the weekend of November 2nd through the 4th (Friday through

Sunday respectively) a Volksfront-sponsored campout will be hosted in

Virginia Beach, Virginia for regional racialists and otherwise

interested parties (VF AND non-VF) who may wish to come

out to show support not only for Eastern Division VF, but for the

broader cause in the mid-Atlantic region as a whole. This is set to be

a relatively informal, drama-free/non-combative gathering in a relaxed

atmosphere for those who are desirous of establishing some measure of

unity and communication amongst racialists in the area. This is an

open-invitation event, and all who have no pressing reason to believe

that they would not be welcome to attend are welcomed

and encouraged to do so. Needless to say it will be an excellent

opportunity for networking and establishing worthwhile lines of

communication. Progress for the whole of our race is made in such

All interested parties are encouraged to send inquiries to Volksfront Virginia either via message (not by comment) or email:
For Blood, Soil & Faith,
-Volksfront Virginia

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