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Re: Suprreme Court declines to hear Nationalist Movement case against City of York

I see Mike included Nichol from the CAH...
Hey, Nichol, what's up...? Get my latest interview e-mail?
Uh, Loghead is here... What's up, boy? How goes that ego of yours?
You know what, I was Pontifex Maximus of the "Church of Creativity" for over 4 years... How does that grab you, you faker?!
So, Mike, how's life? What's York like these days?
Please don't tell me that you are working with these so-called "leaders" of the ultra non-violent "movement"...? Notice how I spelled it with a small "m".
A question to you Yankee "leaders", how goes all them rallies? Collecting lots of dues? That's all your into... Money is all you care about! If you really cared about the White Race then you would be out there promoting violence, and not sitting on your fat asses!!!!
And as far as TT goes, you're a wimp! I'm more extreme than you, boy!!
Why not join a real Movement, Mike...?
Hardy: 21 years of preaching ultra-VIOLENCE, and still going strong!
The "Nationalist Movement" is a group of fake, wannabe skins!! They reject Racism!! At least, their leader said so in an interview with TT and a net-radio guy...

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