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Re: the creativity alliance...

i have the back issues, maybe you could come to my house and "look over" them with me...?
matt can't get non family visits. Maybe you could come over to my house and we can "talk" about it?
i really would love to "meet" with you, and your skinny body! have my way.
the funny thing is that I just dont care any more. you wont "meet" with me, i told you i would be at hammerfest. you wont come to PA or Ohio or WV...
Clevelands got a Satanic concert this weekend!!
Maybe you should come on down???
oh, well, fuck it....... you americans are fucking pussies.................. i just responded because im bored.................................
oh, well, just to prove ya wrong again, my friends in the TCM sent me that locked/members only thread where you guys claim i am cook and pat and darwin and shit who knows who else..................
That croation "creator" is a real fag!!
its there in black and white.................
so are all these struggle issues i got.
say, why don't you tell me which issue this "throw out" is in? Why do you always fail to send the issue number??????????????
just come out to Pgh, loghead, and we'll "meet" up!!!!
and send me the issue number, pal.............
see, this is why i joined Greater Europa!!!!
americans are fucking scum!!!!
oh, well, at least the world has cats!
i could never understand why you and only make this "throw out" claim? Matts been my friend since 2001, so, why make up the "issue"? it must be out of fear of getting arrested, or something.......? oh, who cares.................
Hey, Mike, you are right about this fag, loghead!! such a waste...
I understand what you said now............

James Logsdon <> wrote:
    My responses in red below.

Professor Lloyd <> wrote:
That norse1974 homo wimp and his lickspitle, james loghead, who refused to fight me at Hammerfest (read pussy), claim on their "creativity movement" forum that I am YOU and that I am also Rev. Lobe and Rev. Patrick of Australia...!
WOW!    I did huh?   Well, it was funny how the IKA security said you called to get directions for Nordicfest last year but never showed.     What Hammerfest was this.    I was only at the one in michigan in 04 and commenced on telling several of the hammers that they were midtown bootboy groupies But you weren't there.       How come you have never shown to any KSS events.      Or better yet come to the creator gathering in rockford on may the 3rd or nordicfest this year.    I have challenged you to meet up with me many times or call so we can arrange a meeting.    But nothing but this on line bile that you spew to satisfy your kike masters that you had to blow to get off shooting your fatty girlfriend.
          At no point in time have any of us accused you of being Cook.   I have met mike he has been to my home and i have been to his.    I talk to patrick once a week and have recieved letters from loeb.      So what now are you going to come up with hardy.           If you don't like Hansard ( norse1974 ) so much he will be at the oi fest in PA on memorial day weekend.   Go out there and tell him he's a pussy.    You big bad keyboard commando!!!
How's that for fucked up intel, ah???
Now they claim that I am Cook!
Even though Matt met me and cook!
Whether you fakers of creativity want to except it or not, Matt Hale IS my friend! He published ALL of my creativity essays in the STRUGGLE, and he made me a Reverend, a member of the COE, state leader for PA and WV..........! Read the back issues!!
On second thought, who gives a shit... Loghead, you are such a fake!!
           I do have all the back articles of the struggle including the one where matt talked about why he kicked you out.           If you are such good friends with Matt why doesn't russel send you the east peoria po box mail instead of me?     Did he call you and tell you about his visit with matt a few weeks ago?     If i am such a fake why was i at all these public meetings, rallies concerts, etc...   Plus in several pic's with Matt to where you weren't?????         
    Oh as far as you being in prison i called out there and found out where you were.    You were in a nut ward in isolation for your own protection.    That's nut prison trying doing time in joliet, menard that is prison.
Oh, and to billy of the creativity, christian, odinist, nazi ANSWP... You have no idea of who Evola even is! You looked his name up on Wiki and copied that question, and its exact text, word for word, and posed it as a question in the hopes that I would merely re post Wiki's stuff!!
Those who doubt me can look up Evola on Wiki...!
A real Evolist would have asked me why the Holy Grail is actually the story of the evolutionary quest of the true Aryan mind, and that it has NOTHING to do with any christ-Insane nonsense! Or, he would have asked me why the Renaissance was no Renaissance! Tradition having been ignored by the 1500's...
You haven't even tried to read Evola, other wise you would agree with everything I say!! And how the fuck can you claim to support christianity, wotanism, creativity and nazism? Each hates the other, you twit!!
This is just another reason, out of a million, why we left the american "movement"! You white amercans are morons! The anglo-saxon is a plague on the Aryan race!!
Not to mention the fact that you people reject violence!! WTF is that about!?! You all seem to be afraid to be arrested, yet I've been preaching violence for 22 years!! Metzger has been doing it for 38 years! Lane was still able to promote violence even from behind bars!
You people are wimps!!
               Evola, ah?    Only Evola you idolize is Tony Evola!      What happened to the multi-racial fascist movement?    Or are you going back to that next week?
But, hey, keep on collecting them dues payments, because that IS what it truly is about with you people, isn't it!?! You are A) scared! B) greedy! C) chicken!!
                  Wow.   That's funny we haven't asked for membership dues in ove 4 years.      So what's this about intel.
Valhalla rejects you! Nidhog shall claim you!
Maybe I should help the System cull the american "movement". I've got so much info and goods on most of the top people, that if I hand it over, you all would be up shit creek!!
And you know what? It will help us by cleansing the week from the strong!!
Born to raise hell!!
           Born to be a douche would be better fit.    I can give you credit for one thing though hardy you can get me to laugh.  
      As far as you go creativtyalliance i did think that you was hardy for a minute but you stuck the same thing for longer then a week so it couldn't be.      But as far as you go now i know it's not and i was going to just not say anything to or against you cause you was spreading creativity onlie at least.    but the disclaimer on which is your friend Victo Vonkufer say's "thank rev logsdon for letting us buy this domain and hope our 800$ donation went to good use".    Now this is where i have a big problem with you now.     When i talked to victor on the phone after sending me and e-mail asking to purchase it for 750$ i told him i didn't own it anymore and to pay that much for a domain name would be retarded.    I told him if he wanted to buy it, have at it, cause i didn't own it any longer.     Apparently he did.    But to make that pathetic attempt to make me look bad (greedy) is a clear cut sign that nothing has changed from the day's you guys were all the WCOTR (crusaders).    So fuck you too.       
    Sincerely,    Rev James Logsdon

Rev Dr Thomas Darwin <> wrote:
To Whom it may concern,

I severely doubt that certain people will accept the truth, but I am not Hardy Lloyd. If you wish to know more about me, y'all can read my personal information at It has been available there for approximately a year and a half.
Yours Faithfully,
Rev Dr Thomas Darwin
Creativity is the one true religion for White people.


Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 22:05:58 -0700
Subject: lol - Cook, you got to read what that child rapist, norse1974, says about you and me...

On their forum, my spies sent me that locked page for members only where that pussy bitch, norse, claims that I run the "CA" and the 3 Aussie churches! Not only that, but this pedophile claims that you and I are the same person!!!!
And who is that homo Croation fuck who calls me a pussy? Let him say that to my face!!
Yo, norse, I dare ya to come to Pgh and fight me, one on one, you bitch!!!!
Oh, and Matt ordained me in December 2002...! So, how does that work with you claiming he through me out in 2001?!? You're such a liar...!

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