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Re: Did you ever wounder if...?

Thanks george!
It might be true. I mean, even my race-traitor dad and mother are thinking of voting for him... That got me to thinking that maybe he ain't all that white himself!?!?

George Hayduke <> wrote:
     Once again, Hardy, you are correct...
     Ron Paul could be a plant by the Americans in order to split an ever growing racist people. The Americans might just be wising up to the growth of dissent by Whites.
     You are also correct that voting doesn't work. And that the American elite will pick whoever they think will make a good Jewish puppet!
     It is time to strike back and become terrorists!!!
     The time of complaint passed away decades ago with the death of Hitler!
     The time to be evil and barbaric is now!
     Once again, Hardy, you are correct, as always!!!

Sejdmadr Hardy Lloyd <> wrote:
Did you ever wounder if Ron Paul is running to split the White vote so that that nigger or slut would get into office and pass a stream of anti-White laws???
Ron Paul a plant by the ADL/FBI?
Why else would an american candidate OPENLY except money from white racists?
Why else would he OPENLY be against wetbacks?
Why else would he OPENLY be anti affirmative action?
It seems to me that he might be a plant! I don't trust americans any more then I trust a JEW!! And for this american, who is a candidate, who also OPENLY excepts monies from racists, just might be a plant...!

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