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Hardy Lloyds Manifesto!

Hardy Lloyds Manifesto!
Written on May 29th, in the 89th year of Fascism

Where do I start?? I?ll start with who I am and a little of my history?
My name is Hardy Lloyd, and I was born and raised on the continent called North America, planet called Earth. I became conscience of Natures laws and of Racial Loyalty on my own when I was 8 years old. I have never had a racial teacher, nor any coaching by anyone ever in my life. I am a self educated, self motivated White Racial Loyalist!
When I was 8 years old I began to ask those serious questions of life: Who are we, where do we come from, what is death?? My parent?s answers did not ring home. I found their Mormon (LDS) teachings to be false! So, I went out side and pondered on my own? I went out into their back yard, sat down, and began to meditate upon my queries?.
And as I looked out over the grass and trees I saw the squirrels and birds? I saw how the brown squirrels and the black squirrels did not play with each other. How they refused to aid one another, and even attack each other. I saw the different birds and how they too refused to mix with those not like themselves. It then hit me like a wave that each species (race) looked out for its own. That like mated with like, and that it was the order of the Universe that all separate races must look out for their own kind!
This was just the first of many insights that Wotan sent to me.
Needless to say that growing up White in North America is hard enough without added discriminations for being OPENLY pro White!! Whites in North America face slavery and prison and assassination from the people and governments already. But to be a White Racial Loyalist is even harder!!
So, not only was I discriminated by the System and the schools and the society around me, but I was also attacked by other Whites! In fact I would have to say that Whites and Jews make up the majority of attacks and discriminations that I and other Whites face. Yes, I was attacked by niggers? But most of the time it is White Americans who discriminate the most against those of their race who refuse to bow to tyranny!!
During my childhood and through out grade school and high school I was attacked and slandered non stop by the very people who claimed to love me and to protect me? Teachers would rile the kids up against me, sometimes into mobs! And my own parents tried like fire to not only brainwash me, but also to drug me into becoming a good slave!!
The System (Jews and the Economical Elite) first poisoned me when I was a baby with poisonous drugs that they call ?vaccinations?. Then when it was apparent that their poisons did not turn me into a good little slave, they along with my parents forced drugs down my throat every fucking day!! They also bombarded me with psychological warfare. They sent me to ?doctors? who tried to fill my head with self doubt and with self loathing! And of course my parents where right there beside these wicked JEWS, supporting them in EVERYTHING they did to me!!
Other minor tactics used by my parents were to place me in front of the television, sending me to all nigger schools, and sending me to ?special camps?, where drugs and self loathing where forced on me and other children who wouldn?t bow down!! Only my inner strength saved me from being broken! It is also clear to me today that Wotan was watching out for me, too!
In 11th and 12th grade I began to fight back. At first in secrete, with just my thoughts? Then with action, as I passed out racial fliers in my high school.
In 1996 with the invention of the modern Internet, I began to see that I was not alone in my fight for freedom!! I saw groups, chat rooms, and book titles for people like me. People who refuse to bow down before tyranny!!
I started to study White Racial Philosophy? I read books on anthropology, art, science, biology, history? I saw that my ideas weren?t just my own, but that a vast army of people also saw the truth of the Universe and its Laws of Nature!
But, like so many White Racial Loyalists who grow up in the Anglo-Saxon world, I got sucked into a National-Socialist mindset? Although the standard ?traditional? and conservative thinking that makes up most of the White Power Movement in the Anglo-Saxon parts of the world I rejected as silly and crazy!!
Things like ?nationalism?, ?capitalism?, blind loyalty to family and relation, and Christianity I rejected immediately!! I have never given any credence to such thinking! And I never will, either! And I also refuse to work with or even help WRL?s who believe in the things I am against! I?ll gladly watch and laugh as a nigger or cop kills you Anglos!!
Just to be born White isn?t enough, you must think as an Aryan!! An Aryan is a White who understands and lives TRUE Aryan spirituality and philosophy! A White is just a person of European ancestry who rejects what I know is true!! Ya, ya, I know, it promotes infighting? But as I always say, I?d rather be alone in the mud then surrounded by liars with warm false words?!
But sadly, most Whites in the Anglo-Saxon parts give in to this perverted twisting of Aryan philosophy and spirituality. And I for a time also believed that this perversion of the Aryan soul was a correct tactic and mindset to hold? Well, sometimes? Quite often I would twist things like National-Socialism and the American White Power Movement to my own believes and my own views?
In 1999 CE, I created the ?Order of National-Socialism?. This was at first meant to be a Nature based, Nazi group which focused mostly on philosophy and the networking of both White and non-White Nazis from around the world? I made contacts in Japan and in Turkey, as well as in Europe, Australia, Canada, America and the UK? After the first year I gave up on the idea of turning the ?ONS? into a membership group or political party, instead focusing on networking and on my own writings.
The ?ONS? thus became a Nature based, multi-racial Nazi think-tank.
After 2 full years I was ready to turn over leadership of the ?ONS? and focus instead on my own writings and on developing true Aryan spirituality, from what I believed was divine inspiration from a Wotan like deity?
However, my mind was still stuck in the Anglo-Saxon mindset? I was still looking for a ?group? to join with a membership base and a philosophy that I agreed with, at least up to 99% with.
See, the ?ONS? was more of a platform for my own ideas, and less of a tool to gain a following? I started out with this idea that I could preach something different and that people would unite under the common banner of freedom. Sadly, I was wrong?
So, after 2 years of running a mostly online network of Nazi philosophers, I then turned to finding an actual membership group that I could support. One with an ideology that I agreed with. That is when I stumbled onto the ?World Church of the Creator?, and Matt Hale.
I had seen the WCOTC website before, but the weird looking flag and title of ?CHURCH? made me think that it was just another crazy Christian-Identity thing. Sad to say, the Anglo-Saxon world seems to have a lot of these lunatic screwballs, who seem more interested in worshiping a fake JEWISH deity, then in saving the fucking White race!! I would love to see every last CI fuck murdered off!! You know what; I would even applaud the System if they did it for me!! That is how much I hate the CI people!
One other bit of interesting info is that Christian-Identity is ONLY followed in the Anglo world. In Europe, Russia and in South America White Racial Loyalists reject Christianity for what it truly is, a JEWISH invented, FAKE religion designed to destroy whoever follows it!
So here I am reading ?Natures Eternal Religion?, and I was like ?WOW?! ?Finally!?, I said to myself, ?Finally someone out there thinks as I do!?
Needless to say, I was hooked!! I thought that finally here was an ideology that said what I was saying, and also followed by millions!! I was very ecstatic, and jumped into Creativity with both feet! The ?ONS? continued on as a side project? The development of my true self, the Aryan within me, was put on hold while I played silly Creator games!
Creativity, for those who do not know, is a White Racial Religion based upon the teachings of history, science, logic, and common sense. It is the following of Natures Laws, in a very logical fashion? It is also devoid of Aryan spirituality.
It was created by Ben Klassen, a Ukrainian born Dutchman/German? He lived in Russia, Mexico, Canada, and finally in the United States. He wrote the first book on Creativity, ?Natures Eternal Religion?, in 1973 CE, in the United States. So, it does have a bit of an Anglo tint to it?
The problem with Creativity is that Klassen completely rejected Aryan spirituality, for he saw in all spirituality the JEWS and Christianity. It is because he lumped ALL forms of spirituality, mysticism, and energies into JEW created Christ-INSANITY, that he rejected Aryan spirituality and Wotanism!
One can?t fully blame Klassen for doing this. The White race seems to be suffering from racial amnesia right now or especially so in the Anglo world during the 20th century, CE? But, because he rejected ALL forms of mysticism, he failed to allow himself to open up to Wotan.
Creativity is a great ideology, if Wotanism and the writings of myself and Julius Evola did not exist. But since we have those, Creativity hinders! Creativity stifles the Aryan soul by blocking off the individual to the gods, and thus to our true selves!!
In April of 2001 CE I joined the WCOTC. I rose rapidly as a leader and scholar of Creativity. I would actually go out every other night and put up say 3,000-5,000 fliers. I was quickly named city leader for Pittsburgh, then county leader, then state leader for Pennsylvania, all within a few months of my joining. Hale must have seen something in me he liked, for he published almost all of my Creativity essays, and he placed me on the ?College of Electors?. All within my first 9 months!
In December of 2002 CE Matt Hale ordained me as a Minister and placed me as over all leader for PA, Ohio, West Virginia and Western Maryland. After his kidnapping, I was given a spot on the newly formed ?Council of Ministers?, who continued to publish my Creativity writings.
Most of my Creativity writings can be viewed in the ?Creators Manual? found on my website?
During January and February of 2003 CE, I promoted Reverend Kronke to be named as PM of the WCOTC. In March and April I then started to suggest that Creativity should be laid out in the following manor:::
1) That there be a ?Guardians of the Faith Committee? in every country, or that each given area of each country have its own ?GFC?.
2) That these ?GFC?s? ordain ministers to go out and start their own congregations.
3) That Creators and Ministers of Creativity go door to door as missionaries.
4) That there be NO central leader or single Church.
5) And that each minister do what he can, and run his own group as he sees fit. Granted he never breaks the 16 Commandments.
By April of 2003 CE, it was clear that the WCOTC, newly renamed the ?Creativity Movement? or ?TCM?, would never again be able to get back on its feet. Also, the infighting between my faction, who wanted to either place Reverend Kronke in charge or just create ?GFC?s?, and the other group who wanted to take over control of the ?TCM? and take it in a new direction. This ?new direction? was to create a personality cult around Matt Hale, and claim to speak on his behalf in order to take church founds and use them for personal items! In spite of the fact that Creativity says that the personality cult is to be shunned at all times!!
Needless to say that half the Reverends up and quit the ?TCM?! My congregation voted unanimously to leave the ?TCM? and to create a new Church. We named it ?The Church of Creativity?, and I was elected to be the first Pontifex Maximus. This was in April of 2003 CE that we left the dying and corrupt ?TCM??
Now, in the summer of 2003 CE I was approached by the ?National Alliance? and ?White Revolution? and asked if I would join up with them and take over as state leader for Pennsylvania, the province in the United States where I currently live as I type this out. I was also asked by the ?National-Socialist American Workers Party? to take over as chairman?
I turned down all offers from all American based groups.
Also in 2003 CE, I and 2 of my friends, George Hayduke and Isaac Skipworth, co-founded the ?White Pittsburgh Front?. A loose association of White Racial Loyalists who would get together every month to have fun and be White and Proud!
This was a non-ideologically specific group of people? We had LDS and FLDS Mormons, Wotanists, Odinists, Asatru, Satanists, Atheists, Agnostics, Creators, Skinheads, and even a couple of White Power punks! We at first let in Christian-Identity followers, but their bullshit quickly piled up! So, we removed all Christ-INSANERS from the ?WPF?, and made it a Christian FREE association?
We got together every week. Had fun! And would get together every month and put up fliers around Pittsburgh and other towns near us. We had associates from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, Morgantown, Greensburg, and Johnstown? And from the following states: New York, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania?
I should point out right now that from April 2003 CE to September 2007 CE I was basically in charge of 3 groups:::
The Order of National-Socialism (Which was renamed to ?The New Dawn? in November 2006 CE. While I was in prison awaiting my monkey trail for political activism, I named George as chairman of the ?ONS?.)
The White Pittsburgh Front (George ran it while I was in prison.)
And the Church of Creativity
The ?ONS?/?TND? was officially disbanded on January 8th, 2008 CE. (9 years)
The ?Church of Creativity? (COC) was disbanded in September of 2007 CE. (4 ½ years)
The ?White Pittsburgh Front? was officially disbanded on January 2nd 2008 CE. (4 ½ to 5 years)
I was a practicing Creator from April 2001 CE to September 2007 CE? While I was in prison I began to study Fascism and the Poetic Edda. I made contact with Odinist, Asatru and Wotanist groups, as well as White and Non-White Fascists. In fact, the only people who helped me in prison weren?t the Whites, but the anti American Mestizos who agreed with my talks on Fascism!!
My thanks to ?Puerto Rico? and Omar of Columbia for guarding my back on Pod 6-F!!
¡Y gracias a mis Camaradas mexicanos!
On January 7th and 8th of 2008 CE, I had a spiritual revelation! Like a tidal wave crashing onto the beach, my mind was hit with insight! I came to realize that what I had thought was White Racial Loyalty was in fact A FUCKING LIE!! And that all I had believed in and promoted was false?!
After I got out of prison I began to study European philosophers such as Julius Evola, Giovanni Gentile, Gabriele d'Annunzio, Miguel Serrano, Friedrich Nietzsche, Benito Mussolini, and the Poetic Edda? I had also studied Mosley, Devi and Yockey, but those 3 are vastly over rated, and personally I think they are insane!!
It all culminated on January 7th and 8th! Creativity and Nazism and my whole outlook on life had been DOG SHIT!!
Julius Evola and the Poetic Edda were where my thoughts and soul truly had laid, not within Creativity or in Anglo-Saxon White Power!! NO!! I had been living a lie!!
Klassen, you lied to my people!
Hitler, you were too single minded, and soft too!
White America, you just suck!!
It was as if Wotan himself had opened up my soul to his very mind! I felt alive and free! I felt as if I was now just beginning to live my true life! Wotan had born me again to his knowledge!!
I wish, I truly wish I could put my feelings into words. But unless you actually experience this for yourself, you will just think I?m crazy?
And so now I am a Wotanist through and through! A believer in the teachings of Julius Evola! And I believe with all sincerity that Wotan is real and that he speaks to me and my soul! Wotan has been protecting me and showing me the way so that I can do his will on Midgard. He has asked me to write a Wotanist Bible, and to re-translate the Eddas as they truly mean.
Hail the will of Wotan!
Second ONLY to Wotan, was my marriage to my loving and beautiful wife, Lisa. The woman who kept me going while I was in prison. The woman who stood by me for 2 ½ years of separation. My Aryan Goddess! My Nordic Beauty! My one and only, my other half, my love, my life, my wife in this and the next life!!
Lisa, I couldn?t have done it without you, my darling!!
I met my wife in July of 2004 CE. We got married 2 weeks after meeting each other. I cannot imagine being with any other woman! Nor can I even comprehend living without her!!
I killed to protect her!
I went to prison for her!
And ya know what?? I?d do it ALL OVER AGAIN, just to look into her eyes and say ?I love you, Lisa!?
That?s the power of true love, folks!! The ancient poets knew?

In the summer of 2004 CE, a woman e-mailed my church and asked to attend a meeting. She claimed to be interested in meeting fellow White racists in Pittsburgh. She also claimed to have money and a printer/copier that she would like us to use for printing up fliers?
And so we let this woman in to our Church. Lori Hann is enough of a reason why ALL WRL?s should and must give ?lie detector? tests to ALL new recruits, if you run a group!!
We found out later that Lori Hann was a COINTELPRO agent sent by the Pentagon (a US government agency) to coordinate with the Pittsburgh ?FBI? (another US government agency) on ?data collection?? That?s a US government euphemism for SPYING!
Lori Hann was gathering Intel on myself, my family, my wife, and my friends and racial associates here in Pittsburgh, and then passing the info off to an agent in the local ?FBI? office!
How did we find out? We got her drunk one night and she spilled the beans. Also, my informants inside the local System confirmed that she was a US governmental agent. Also, at my monkey trial, the police had admitted that she was a US government agent by finding ?FBI? and Pentagon paperwork in her flat.
Oh, ya?! The fucking American System had egg all over its face at the trial!! Serves them right, too!!
Anyway, the police also uncovered a plot by Lori Hann to murder myself, my wife, my friend Isaac, and a dozen other people, including her husband!! Papers in her handwriting detailing a plot to assassinate me and my wife, and others, were uncovered at her flat. These also came out at the trial.
I personally believe that the System sent this insane wacko cunt to not only infiltrate my family oriented ?Church of Creativity?, but also to assassinate me!! Why else would the ?FBI? and Pentagon send someone who was obviously mentally unstable to act as an informant and field agent??
Long story short, I spent 2 ½ years in the local prison awaiting trial. And, as if being wrongfully accused of doing anything immoral wasn?t enough, the local JEW controlled press printed a story about me EVERY WEEK, calling me a ?neo-Nazi? and a ?White supremacist?, whatever the fuck that is, in the hopes that I would be murdered by the niggers inside the prison!!
Not only that but the guards looked the other way, and the prison Chaplin refused to allow me any Odinist, or even Asatru materials!!
Well, I showed them all!! I beat the wrap, and filed a lawsuit against the city for wrongful imprisonment? A judge through it out!
Well, at least I killed a FED snitch-bitch AND got away with it!! Take that, you filthyamericans!! Up yours, ZOG!!
Oh, I wanted to say one last thing on this... I don't believe that killing is wrong or immoral. Nor do I feel "sorry" for wacky that bitch!! The cunt got what she deserved!!

To understand true Aryan spirituality one must understand that to be an Aryan, a true Aryan, one must be both genetically Aryan and spiritually Aryan as well! Evola new this! It is not enough simply to be born White, one must think as our ancestors did long ago! To simply believe that genetic racism is all is only half right. And any man who is only half alive is dead! We must also understand and realize and live spiritual Aryanism! We must never fall to simply following in Hitler?s or any one mans footsteps. No, we must belong to the total folk conscience!
Life ain?t linear, but cyclical. We did not evolve from ape to man in any ?neat? or ?proper? way. Wotan created us as a father creates a child.
The problem with the Anglo-Saxon section of the White Racial Loyalist movement is that there are too many Anglo-Saxons in it!!
Too many ?National Alliance? types who sit and talk down on Skinheads all day, but yet rely on us Skins to buy your T-shirts and boots!! Take your David Duke bullshit and fuck off, pal! Guess who?ll be in the majority once the Racial Holy War ends?? That?s right, us Skinheads, and bikers, and Aryan Brotherhood people! We are the ones with the numbers. We are the ones who are hardened through years of activism and prison fights. We are the future, the Vikings of the modern age. We are the Aryan race, assholes!!
And as far as you Christian-Identity loons go, fuck you too!! You people are so fucking insane it ain?t even funny! Why can?t you let go? Why must you believe in Jewish fairytales of mud saviors? Ya, that?s right, I said mud savior. Jewsus the kike was a fucking MUD, BITCH! And if he is the true Aryan race, then hello Satan, make room for me!!
Who?s next? Ah, the ASSatru fucks. You people are a joke. Thor laughs at you! What? Can?t decide whether or not to think of the gods as real or as Jungian archetypes? And your hypocrisy is just nuts. You seek to free your Aryan soul, yet worry what some infidel will think of you being openly pro White?? WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YA!?! Part of being a Pagan is standing up to others, you buffoons!!
We laugh but it?s true?! The Anglo-Saxon is his own worst nightmare!! He completely rejects true Aryan spirituality, and instead replaces it with CONservative ?traditionalism?, or, what he thinks is traditional? The truth is, he ain?t any where close to true tradition! For us European Aryans, tradition is how we lived 50,000 years ago.
And another thing, nationalism, capitalism, blind loyalty to ?country? and family, and Christ-INSANITY are NOT Aryan! Not even by a long shot!! You Anglo?s can take your goofy, modern, insane ways and shove it up your fucking asses!!
What the hell is wrong with you people? Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you??? You waste your time promoting outdated concepts, using facts and figures that the average brain-dead moron could care less about! Why do you care to recruit someone who NEEDS to be convinced? I say if you are alive today and you still need to be convinced at the utter truth of our cause, then go fuck yourself!!
And stop it with the parades, already!! Stop the fliering, stop the recruiting, stop the marches where only 15 guys show up, and start SHOOTING!!
The way to win is to force the White population to FEAR US by using terrorism against them! Treat White people with utter contempt, and remember that one must think Aryan, not just be Aryan!! I say kill all Whites so that the Aryan can evolve and grow! I say lets rape and torture and murder the White population so that they fear us more than they fear the System!! And once they fear us more than the System, that is when we can use them. And once we can use them, that?s when we?ve won!!
Also, the only fliers and stickers that ANYONE should be putting up are Lone Wolf type!! Stop it with this need to recruit someone who?s fucking brain-dead! Stop recruiting new ?members?, and start BREEDING NEW BABIES!! Hell, even if you have to kidnap a woman and rape her, BREED MORE BABIES!!
Hey, might make's right?!
And one last tip for ya out there, the ends DO justify the means EVERY time!! The best thing that could happen would be a new Black Plague or the oil drying up, so that we can create a Racial version of the ?Postman?!!

A Wotanist society. A united Aryan empire based upon Evolian and Viking principals. All the rest of it, the free healthcare, the living wage, the free schooling, all of which I approve of, can wait until after we?ve won this Racial Holy War for our people and for Wotan!

Those who kill or die trying to kill our enemies shall go to Valhalla! Martyrs are rewarded by Wotan!
Wotanist love and marriage are eternal! We remain married in the afterlife.

Well, I can tell ya that prison, my wife, and Wotan were the 3 best things to happen to me! They woke me up to reality, and gave me the knowledge and the strength to go on and fight my people?s enemies with utter fanaticism!
Fanatical Wotanism is the key to freeing our people from slavery! You take the power of a militant creed, like Islam, and the intelligence of the Aryan, and you have one unstoppable army of martyrdom crazy freedom fighters!!
Also, I think I may be the reincarnation of Julius Evola? Who knows?? All I know is this: That Wotanist Jihad is the ONLY was to free ourselves from tyranny! So, get out there and start killing, my Brothers and Sisters?!