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Re: this is one of those reasons why I hate debates!

You are so scared to meet me that you hide your responces from my main e-mail!!

victor Jeffcoat <> wrote:
Such mouth stench and still a no show ...
guess Lloyd prefers Spics than whites....
oohh yeah thats right he hates all American whites and prefers sub-humans for his Ghetto army of fags
Child-rapist, Tex, is now claiming that I killed a second person... The FED was Lori, the fat cunt, Hann...
Any moron with $50 bucks can go down to the County office and get a copy of the court case transcripts and see that her FBI COINTELPRO bullshit was all over that court room!!
Meet me with $100 bucks and buy a copy from me...
But, he's just stalling...
Why did ya turn down an invite to attend a speech?
Why are you sending private messages instead of to this list???
Why are you feeding my ego?????????
If one of you anglo's had any real balls you would challenge me to a fight!!
And that is why you anglo's will lose, while we Aryans in Europe, Russia and South America are WINNING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
¡Loco Anglos!
This is one of those circular non-arguments I hate, and which the anglo's use all the fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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