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York, PA, USA updated (June 27th)

York, PA, USA updated (June 27th)
The York, PA speech has been canceled by Hardy Lloyd...! The Creator there, Mike Cook, who set up the speech at the York, PA library, has come out and attacked both Hardy?s character and Hardy's non-white Comrades!
Hardy was quoted in the local press as saying :
"If the Anglo-Saxon White refuses to evolve and drop its 1934 styled White Supremacy, then I have no choice but to attack the Anglo-Saxon White and his White Pride Movement, and to denounce them as enemies of the Aryan race and the world wide movement of Fascism!"
Hardy was also quoted by a radio interview: "If the White race refuses to except true Aryan spirituality, then we have no choice but to declare open war against them as de-evolved Aryans." ...... "The White Anglo-Saxon and especially the White American continues to play silly games with un-Aryan ideologies. Creativity, Christian Identity, American and German National Socialism, and plain old nationalism are un-Aryan, and harm the true self and soul of the Aryan people." ...... "This must end, either by mass conversion of the White race, or as mass extermination of the White race! I prefer the later!"
When asked what was the difference between a White and an Aryan, Hardy responded :
"A White is a person of European ancestry who is genetically Aryan, but not spiritually Aryan. An Aryan is a person of European ancestry who embraces true Aryan spirituality, and simply isn't just White. Any schmuck can be a White racist, but only the superman can be an Aryan!"

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