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Violence or Slavery!

Violence or Slavery!
There is no other choice but to kill all who stand in our way!
Wotan calls upon us all to kill and die as martyrs!
Written on the 18th of July, 89 FE
by Hardy Lloyd
First off, let me explain why we must embrace only violence as our means of fighting?
Because Wotan and the Universe demand freedom through violence! Killing is basic nature, and no creature ever won its freedom from standing still. You either kill the enemies of Wotan or you and your families die a cruel death. And anyone who tells you to not use violence is working for your enemies. I don?t care if Hitler himself were to say it. If he would, kill the son of a bitch!!
Also, because that?s all that?s left for us! Even if we Aryan?s, and even the infidel White?s, wanted to ?play the game straight?, we would still be crippled by the System?s ?laws? and ?rules?!! Look at it this way, if you could give up White Racial Loyalty today, play the game ?straight?, follow their ?rules?, you would still be a slave, and the System would still fuck with you! So, why give in? Just stick your middle finger in the air and tell them to go fuck themselves, then blow their head away with a 380 to the left eye!!
There is a third reason why one should fight instead of living as a slave. And that is because it is insane to let someone mess with you! I don?t care if it?s your father or your child or your wife, if they tell you to disregard Wotan?s laws, KILL THEM! And if any White or Aryan doesn?t kill our enemies, then it is your duty to kill them for being cowards!
Why we must forget the majority?
We must also forget this recruiting nonsense! If you are alive in today?s world, especially in any Anglo country, yet you need to be convinced to fight for Wotan, then you must be killed! How the fuck can anyone not be convinced by being born, or even just walking to the store for a pack of cigarettes?!? What are you, retarded??? If you have to be recruited I?d just as sooner shoot you then a JEW. Why should I waste my time trying to convince someone who is as moronic as a snail???
I am sick of WRL?s telling me that I scare away potential recruits because I preach terrorism and murder all day long? SHUT UP, FAGOT! I say again, who needs someone if they have to be recruited? Do you want to sit in the trenches with someone who wasn?t born a Racial Loyalist? Would you trust your life in the hands of someone who wasn?t born a Racist but who had to be convinced we are right? Didn?t think so. But if you said yes, then I hope your child gets raped by a kaffir!
I have more faith in my cat then a Racist Skinhead who needed to be convinced in White Power! And that goes for everyone, too! Am I the only one who sees this? I guess that?s why Wotan chose me to be his living prophet.
Also, the genes that these infidel White?s carry are the last thing we need to reproduce!! That?s all we need, to win the war and in a generation go from Hardy Lloyd and Julius Evola to Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duke? I?d rather be the last Aryan on the planet then surrounded by fuck-ups and fakes!!
How we fight!
Now you begin to ask, after screaming at my insane brilliance, is how do we fight? Simple, as barbaric Berserkers with no ?morals? or ?compassion?! Kill without the slightest bit of pity or mercy! We kill and die as martyrs for the greater glory of Wotan?s dream. We must even sacrifice our own children if it will kill just one enemy, or even if it is only useful as propaganda.
And for those of you who question whether or not Wotan would have you kill and sacrifice your only child, just remember the Pied Piper tale... A whole town wiped out by Wotan just because they converted to christianity! He stole their children and drowned them, then had their bodies eaten by rats!!
Also, I must state this, and that is that ANYONE can be a warrior or martyr for Wotan! Men, Women, Children, the Old, the Young, everyone!! Never doubt your wife?s Viking spirit to kill the enemies of her children, and never doubt your young ones abilities to kill with a knife. Both sexes from age 10 to 1000 can and must kill?
The Tips :
Putting a bomb in your child?s backpack and sending them into a police station. This will ensure your child goes to Valhalla!
Tape explosives to your body and becoming a people bomb. Walking into a Synagogue and blowing yourself up will send you straight to Valhalla! Or you could do this in a corporate meeting, too.
Tying your kids to the windows and doors of your house, so that when the pigs come after you they have to kill the children first. This is good for garnering sympathy amongst the infidels, especially the Anglo ones. They just fawn over dead kids!
Using your old parents/grandparents and children as human shields. Good propaganda value!
Whenever an infidel, especially one of their cops or government agents, arrests, attacks, or just harasses one of us, we must kill that cop?s entire family! Make them watch the horrors. Skin them alive. Put such fear into the entire population around you that they will think twice before aiding our enemies against us!!
Poisoning an entire cities water supply is a good way to inspire fear and panic in the infidel population you reside in!
Torching an areas oil and gas reserves is a great way to bring about mass chaos!
When someone refuses to help you, you rape and butcher their WHOLE family right in front of them, then kill them. Then you skin them, sometimes alive, and hang the skinless corpses in front of their house, so that the next time you ask someone for aid, they damn well give it to you out of fear!
Using fear is always good, especially against Anglo-Saxon?s and JEWS. Use it constantly, for it works, and it?s so much fun to torture people to death!
Always remember that only fellow True Wotanists, those who follow my teachings, are your family and Comrades! Do not shy away from killing even White Racial Loyalists! If they refuse to accept Wotan, then they are not worthy of life. This is Wotan?s will.
Use, use, use?! Always use and lie and cheat your enemies! Do not give in to the White desire to ?fight fair? or to show ?White values?. These so-called ?White values? are what brought us to this situation in the first place! Fighting ?fair? and ?gentlemanly? like is what a fool does. His ?conscience? is so warped that he thinks it beneath him to kill with psychotic abandon. Don?t be a fool; kill with no pity or mercy!!
It is not a sin to lie and manipulate infidels. Wotan wants us to user them. They are cattle and we are gods! We are the Hammer of the Gods!
Raise your children on the music of MANOWAR! Go over the lyrics with them over and over again?! They are the best teaching tool any true Wotanist can use!!
Be the Berserker that Wotan wants you to be! Rape mothers and children, set a kid on fire, skin any man who stands in your way ALIVE, and never cry for these infidels! Wotan commands us to kill and to die as martyrs. He does not want to see any tears.
It is important for you to be ready to sacrifice your spouses and even your children, and especially your own lives for the end victory. Remember that when you blow your child up in Wotan?s name, that child shall ride to Valhalla and have a life even better then anything you can give them. We are all born to die, but only those with love of the Race and love of Wotan can die a warrior?s death!
It is also important to never allow your enemies to take you alive! And never let them take your children alive, either!! Dying a martyrs death insures you passage to Valhalla! So, do not fear death. It only leads you on to the next level of being, and brings you closer to your true parents, Wotan and Frigg! One should always keep one extra bullet or suicide capsule for each member of your family. Be prepared to stick that combat knife into your own baby?s neck. If you are caught off guard and without a weapon, though it is a sin to be unarmed, you must force the infidel police to kill you. You can achieve this by pretending to have a gun. Act like you are going to shoot them. Or, you can just pick of a weapon from the ground and charge into them. If all else looks lost, and you can?t go out in a suicide bomb, then just kill your family and hang yourself. Then you will be free and with your family in Asgard!
Remember, my brothers and sisters, that it is a sin to fail Wotan, and Wotan want?s us to kill ALL those who refuse to embrace his order! To kill and to die a martyr?s death shall give you endless rewards in the afterlife?! Never forget that you are born a warrior, and a warrior you shall die!

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