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Russian Unity Party (October 18th)

Russian Unity Party (October 18th)

On October 18th, I am throwing a Party to raise money for Russia. The monies we raise will be sent to the right people in Russia, as well as paying for fliers to pass out in the United States that call for open support of Russia by White people. I am doing this for the following reasons, and I hope all White Racial Loyalists and Fascists of any race do the same:

A) Russia is the last real hope for the White race!
B) Russia has rebounded from JEWISH communism to behold unto the Fascist ideals of Mussolini and some of the Nazi beliefs of Adolf Hitler! Also, Third Position is running wild there! National Bolshevism is pretty much Fascism.
C) Russia can't be pushed around by the filthyamericans because it supplies Europa with 30% of its oil, and they have NUKES!!
D) Russia can survive a nuclear war with anyone! There land is rich with food stuffs and natural mineral deposits, like gold, oil, lumber, ores and natural gas.
E) The police let the more then 50,000 Skinheads do whatever they want to do.
F) The Russian people and government have embraced White Racial Loyalty, unlike the Anglo countries!

Let's show some unity with our true White Racial Loyalist brothers, the Russians. And let's spit in the face of the filthy, sick, degenerate Americans!


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