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JdN's first meeting/event

Dear white brothers and sisters,

First, my thanks to all who have made a serious sacrifice and sent me vital financial support while I finish my epochal, central book, which MUST have an effect on the white race similar to Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago had on our gut as we learned the vast horrors of Soviet communism.

It is a book that will be eye-opening as was the great Cossack intellectual's 1970s work, but unlike his relentlessly shocking and depressing tome this work will be uplifting, and give us a practical direction as a race to march forward -- unified, resolute and -- for the first time since 1945 -- sophisticated in our subliminal propaganda.

John de Nugent
213 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055
(724) 353-0154

Margi and I had a delightful visit here north of Pittsburgh from R.D. Fuerle, an opera-loving -- chemical patents lawyer -- who also rides a mean motorcycle! One of our most interesting of many interesting and brlliiant guests. I was honored to be given an autographed copy of his stimulating, erudite and well-written book Erectus, a brilliant and iconcoclastic work of anthropology which seeks impressively to demolish the NWO's interracial "out-of-Africa theory" which Jews use to claim "we-are-all-brothers."

================FIRST MEETING

At short notice, I am having a social and Cause-related get-together this Sunday here north of Pittsburgh. It will start at 1:30 pm at our home.

All who attend will get to meet our South African guest, the Afrikaner intellectual and mother Deirdre Fields, and three of her beautiful blond children, and Henrik Holappa, the valiant Finn, former soldier and political refugee who faces 4.5 YEARS IN PRISON for asking why Finland must import gang-rapists from Muslim, warlord-ruled black Somalia.

He has become a tremendous asset to me as a volunteer -- and a credit to his warrior Scandinavian nation which bloodied Stalin's military nose in 1940, fought as a brother alongside Germany from 1941-44 and is listed on business websites literally as the most honest nation on earth -- not to mention one of its most Nordic.

If there is any way you can attend our opening local event, there will be a magnificent walk in our mountains, great homemade food, some talks and the incredible video "Ice Age Columbus."

"Ice Age Columbus" is the incredible DVD by the great British Channel Four. You will never forget the character of the raven-haired, blue-eyed, proto-Keltic heroine Zia, triumphatrix over the Ice Age.

BRING ON every harsh condition that eliminates the coward and the slacker. "We choose to do these things," said John Kennedy, "not because they are easy, but because they are HARD.")

Send me a message/email and I will send you driving directions. This is just the first of many, many meetings that someday, Deo volente, will encompass thousands in attendance, ready to get active.


A lady comrade wrote her heartfelt feelings about white abortion and about rape:

I am pro-life and I would like to share my thoughts on this issue.

Reading that poor woman's ordeal having to kill her newborn after she had undergone a rape was heartbreaking. Especially when you consider that the child might not have been a product of rape but her husband's baby. Because it was war-time and the conception date was about right, she couldn't take any chances that the poor baby wouldn't grow up with the stigma as a rape child. In a better world, that little boy would have been considered his mother's flesh and blood and not her rapist's seed and then grow up to defend his mother's people from her rapist's people. But I digress.

The big bug-a-boo that "Pro-Choice" people always use is, "what about rape or incest?" They like to act like abortion is the only remedy for a child that is the fruit of rape or incest.

Well, I come from the school of thought that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We don't just need sex education; we need rape education. Especially for white parents. The appallingly high rape statistics and the appallingly higher black-on-white rape statistics should be a key consideration for white families. Families that ordinarily wouldn't dream of putting a teenaged girl on birth control, because they believe in sexual abstinence and think that would be a green light for her to act out sexually.

To me, with the rape statistics being what they are, it is just plain irresponsible for white parents not to put their nubile teenaged daughters on birth control and make sure they take it faithfully. Not because of an unplanned pregnancy from a consentual union. Most teenaged girls aren't in that big a hurry to sleep around especially if you give them a strong moral education. But mainly because a woman can be impregnated against her will via rape.

Hundreds of years ago, decades ago, women had no choice and very little chance of evading a pregnancy via rape. Now we do. There is absolutely no excuse for a woman to undergo the second violation of abortion. And that is exactly what it is.

Abortion is an invasive surgical procedure. The leading cause of permanent sterilization in Russian women is legal abortion. Women have died from legal abortion. Not just the unborn women either. Abortion is a traumatic experience for the victim, because she knows she is taking a human life. No woman should have to go through that ordeal.

Every child-bearing woman in the modern world should be trained from nubility to be taking maximum protection birth control as a possible contraceptive to a pregnancy generated by rape. That should be hammered home in sex education class and by her family. She should also be trained to immediately file a police report and get emergency treatment to prevent an accidental conception and to get quick treatment for any possible STI.

This is one proactive step that will help her maintain some kind of control before and after she is raped.

Abortion is not the answer; it is a failure on the part of a family and society to truly protect its daughters.

Dear white sister,

Thank you for your post. Rape is one of the most heinous of all the crimes committed by psychopaths. As a person who was molested for years as a child, I know from personal experience that anyone who rapes another is primarily trying to harm your pride, stomp on your dignity, and lacerate your self-respect. He (or she) wants you to be devastated psychologically, and to make you miserable and "messed up inside" FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

I myself have known white women who were raped not once but several times by negroes. As reprehensible as white-on-white rape is, it is an individual crime or an attack on the dignity and humanity of all white women, but black-on-white rape is a racial assault on all whites -- a symbolic insult to all white men, the defenders, as well as to all our precious white women, the flowers of our race.

BTW, as an earlier post of mine pointed out, probably the number-one category of rape in America today is black male prisoners raping white male prisoners, NOT the rape of white females. See "#1 rape in America: black prisoners on white prisoners")

Your proposal is interesting to have all our white girls on birth control. The ideal solution is the death penalty for rapists.


Russian TV presents the TRUTH about Georgian atrocities -- committed under the instigation of Israeli Jew ministers in the Georgian Cabinet (Defense and "Re-Integration" of S. Ossetia and Abkhazia) and under the instigation of Israeli military trainers:

This video is on the website Podblanc, an excellent pro-white service.


Alex Jones really DID cross the line on the Jews! For those who do not know of him, Alex Jones has had various major websites attacking the 9/11 fraud and the New World Order WITHOUT targeting the MAIN JEWISH CULPRITS.

Now we hear this man finally showing some guts.

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