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(resending) Is this "our society??

Is this "our society??
By Henrik Holappa

Persecuted Finnish defender of whites,

now in Pittsburgh with John de Nugent

When the Finnish government in our Nordic country says ?we need 2 million? Africans in next 10 years so our population (still 98% white) doesn't decline -- instead of supporting white families --

Can I ask why muslim negroes are flown up to northern Scandinavia, next to Sweden and Russia, to civilize the people of Finland, one of the most advanced, honest and safe countries on earth before now? --

-- or when a professor is quoted as an ?expert" in the biggest newspaper defending Muslim and black gang rapists by saying it's the ?fault? of Nordic women that they got raped for not covering their whole body Muslim-style --

Professor Unni Wikan of Oslo, Norway scolds white women to "accept their responsibility" for being raped. If they do not wear a black bag over their body, they "offend" Muslim immigrants.

-- or when someone who oppose the gang rapes by outsiders gets arrested and charged ? that is destructive behavior by the State.

I will give some other interesting examples.

[size=3]A Jewish family in Germany decides to leave National Socialist Germany and ?escapes? to Palestine in 1939. The son of the family, Arno Hamburger, meets British officers and joins the RAF (Royal Air Force) and in WWII starts to bomb German cities ? especially his native city, beautiful Nuremberg, killing thousands of German civilians.

Jewish Corporal Arno Hamburger in RAF uniform before a ?trip? to visit Nuremberg -- with phosphorus to burn German women and children alive.

Nuremberg in May 1945. This is how the ancient city of the Meistersingers looked after the Jew Arno Hamburger and his crew bombed civilian areas -- a clear war crime under the Hague Convention. But January 2, 1945 was the darkest day in Nuremberg's history. The RAF and the US Army Air Force annihilated 90 % of the city in one hour of horror. At least 1,800 non-soldiers were killed. The Jewnited States generals tried to conquer Nuremberg on the Fuehrer's birthday, the 20th of April 1945, but the valiant Hitler Youth Division of the Waffen-SS pulled into town and thwarted them for days. The overconfident US Army had actually waited for April 20th to attack, but this gave the Hitler Youth Divison time to set up and defend the city -- boys who believed in Hitler's dream, defeating hardened men and combat veterans.

Franz Witt, commanding general of the Hitler Youth Division of the Waffen-SS (and recipient, from Hitler himself on March 1, 1943, of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves of the Iron Cross) was only 37 years old! He gave his life for the Cause on June 17, 1944 in Normandy. Here he was given a silver model of a new armored personnel carrier.

After the war Arno Hamburger returned to his native city, now as a ?victor?. He worked for the Allies (or, as I prefer to call them, the ?All Lies?) at the Nuremberg trials as an interpreter since he spoke German -- without having a German heart. Ironically, here a real war criminal like Arno Hamburger was qaidign the trial of German leaders and soldiers that were defending Germany from him and his kind.

Later Hamburger decided to stay in Germany, not going back to Palestine (which by "ethnic cleansing" became "Israel"). To help supervise the conquered Germans he entered politics as a leftist in the ranks of the SPD (Social Democratic Party).

Let me now ask a question.

A criminal that kills personally hundreds of people, ahnd says in public how he enjoyed doing it, how could such a creature ever be popular with the people he bombed? After all, politicians should just be ?common people? themselves. Well, Arno Hamburger not only helped the RAF destroy German cities and even Nuremberg, he was eventually chosen to be the mayor of Nuremberg! Yes, a mayor! What kind of conniver gets his murder victims to love him?

?I was in the RAF and I bombed Nuremberg in my personal fight against Nazism. That stays as my proudest act in my life.? Mayor of Nuremberg Arno Hamburger.

Arno Hamburger's political career as the mayor of Nuremberg was outrageous. One of the most prominent white nationist leader from Nuremberg, Gerhard Ittner, strongly protested Hamburger's nomination and called him ?a murderer of the German people? and further that this Hamburger had no right to even abbreviate his name as ?A.H.? (which are the initials of the man in the first picture ).

Hamburger demanded Ittner to be punished for speaking truth. Later, Bavaria's governor,
Günther Beckstein (neo-conservative member of the "Zionist Organization of Germany"), joined him and finally the highest political representative in Germany, the chancellor Gerhard Schroeder himself, demanded that Ittner be punished and put in prison. (This was the first time a politician who was not a prosecutor in West Germany advocated a citizen be imprisoned for his opinions.) The fearless Ittner was sentenced to 2 years and 9 months in prison -- for calling a gloating mass murderer a mass-murderer.

[According to the Finnish political police, the SUPO (Suojelupoliisi ? Finland's security police) and Kaleva newspaper (an ultra-Zionist rag in Oulu, Finland) I myself allegedly met with this dangerous Ittner in Finland.

Below is the Finnish text from
Kaleva, a newspaper clip from January 16, 2007. Of course you can read Finnish.

But if you cannot yet, the first paragraph, at the end, mentions my name,"Henrik Esa Holappa." The newspaper writes about my supposed connections to ?right wing extremists? and my alleged meeting with the fugitive Ittner, described here as "a well-known German that belonged to a prominent German extreme-rightist group.?They say Henrik was a bad boy.

The gang-rape wave by black muslim Somalians hit my home city in June 2005 and the rapes has been continuing ever since then.

Amazingly, these Somalians do not stand out enough, because the police in Oulu has been unable to arrest any of the gang-rapist suspects. But the newspaper needed headlines, and ?neo-Nazi? would guarantee that.

Now we have a decent custom in Finland:

Usually, when someone is accused, let's say of robbery, manslaughter or some other crime, the newspapers do not have rights to publish the name of the suspect or release police investigation information. Usually the press publishes the information only after his conviction, because he is innocent until proven guilty.

But this hungry newspaper Kaleva didn't bother to wait for my conviction.

Instead they published my name and police investigation information and stated I was guilty. Later on they kept writing about me, even in another case with which I had nothing to do. It was the shocking crime of a politically incorrect discussion forum where some writer expressed his desire to ?hang the rapists?.

Ironically, and for once truthfully, the newspaper reported that ?Nazis want to punish gang-rapists.? Yes, they do, and none of the Establishment parties.

A couple of weeks ago anti-fascist computer hackers hacked the ?neo-Nazi? discussion forum ?Blood and Honour.? The webpage's server is located in the United States. The anti-fascists published data on their own webpage (indymedia etc.) and encouraged other anti-fascists to hack the discussion forum -- which is a criminal felony.

The data from the website, including the IP addresses of 30,000 members, were given to the police of various countries, especially those located in Europe, and so the police could investigate ?hate speech? crimes and if the users had ?violated freedom of speech,? to use their cynical and Orwellian phrase.

According to the information I have received from Europe and especially from Germany the police has already launched an investigation and a few house searches have been made. (In Finland a house search means ransacking your house and throwing everything on the floor.)

Well, hacking is a crime all over in Europe and what is the credibility of the police when they use information gathered illegally, in a criminal way?

Also we can ponder how a court can treat as proof data furnished by felons. Does this mean that the Ministry of Justice is endorsing crime?

A policewoman told me while I was interrogated and held a prisoner:

?If you keep on with your activities, you know, that you will not have any part in our society.?

Yes, it is their society. It's their sick society filled with sick Jewish values.

I don't want to be a part of a society that puts a mass-murderer as the head of the city (and Nuremberg is not just any city; it was once beautiful), a society that protects gang-rapists, child molesters and murderers, and a police that supports crimes against its own citizens.

Crime is not a crime if committed by politicians serving the agenda of the New World Order. there is no crime if it is against white people. The twisted agenda of ?our society? has made our people sick, suffering and undefended against evil.

I am sick and tired of being a part of ?our society? -- so now it's the time, now it's truly time for white people to unite and form a true Aryan society with loyal and healthy values!

Ask yourself a question: ?How do I answer to God if I don't do my part in this struggle??

Pittsburgh, the new Munich. Western Pennsylvania is a wonderful area racially, politically and in beauty. Here the Movement can be reborn.

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