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Curt Maynard scorches ZOG-Nazi Bill White

An intellectual chided me for my post -- about Bill White threatening Obama -- for using the words (White's words) "ni----" and "mur---". He scolded me that any search engine would now point suspicion at us WNs. I responded:

* * *

I was directly quoting Bill Weiss.....while sharply condemning him and his proposal. I think it behooves us far more not to be silent about, but instead to condemn, one and ALL, this swine! I think it behooves your discussion group to condemn Bill White, and especially if you are worried about security!!!!

His screed is out there and is being quoted by the Jewsmedia. I, John de Nugent, condemn it and him. Will your group follow?


PS This is Curt Maynard's article, strongly agreeing with mine:

* * *

Thanks, John, for sending me this info. It inspired the following essay:

* * *

By Curt Maynard

For those of you that still donâ??t know, Bill White is the self-appointed leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party, an ADL/SPLC front used by the Zionists to incite violence against minorities. Iâ??ve written about this fake Nazi before, in an article entitled Alleged White Supremacist Bill Whiteâ??s Kosher Attack on Ron Paul,â?? in which I detail Bill Whiteâ??s past, he grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and attended predominantly Jewish schools. I cite facts that the MSM, who loves to quote him, which ought to be a dead giveaway, aren't going to mention -- such as his close ties with known FBI agent provocateurs like David Gletty, who, while working directly with the FBI, formed a â??neo-Nazi march through the streets of Parramore that stirred up anxiety in Orlando's black community and fears of racial unrest that triggered a major police mobilization.

Bill White isn't Zionism's first plant in the White nationalist community. There are others too, Hal Turner being another obvious example. As I pointed out in â??Alleged White Supremacist Bill Whiteâ??s Kosher Attack on Ron Paul,â?? neither Bill White nor Hal Turner are considered legitimate by real White nationalists, who are as a rule, more than aware of the duplicity of both men. So far as I can tell, the only groups lending White and Turner any credibility are the mainstream Zionist media, the ADL, the SPLC, Alex Linder's VNN, and to a slightly lesser extent, the FBI.

Bill White's only mission is to be as provocative and inflammatory as possible.

John de Nugent, a true White nationalist leader sums up White's primary purpose nicely:

"This man's mission is to discredit this Cause [White nationalism] and cause its ultimate disaster."?
De Nugent, a descendant of honorable Normans, sent me an email earlier today, revealing Bill White's newest mission -- to stir up hatred against those Whites who seek only to rally other Whites around the idea (that most White folk are already somewhat aware of) how we've been made second-class citizens in our own country through the alleged virtues of multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity.?

It seems that Bill White, fake, fraud, liar extraordinaire, and the very personification of a pseudo-Nazi, is openly advocating the assassination of Barack Obama, which would undoubtedly bring down a tremendous amount of heat on the White nationalist movement, something that it doesn't want nor need.

Many White nationalists are already under the impression that Obama might be assassinated before or after the election and that they might be set up as the patsy. The truth is, White nationalists don't really care whether or not Obama is elected, in some cases they think it might ultimately help their cause, but with philo-Semite John McCain as the only alternative, whatâ??s the point, Israel will get what it wants either way, and that's the only thing that really matters to White nationalists -- shutting down the disease of Zionism.

You may not like White nationalism, but you can be sure it isn't composed of the moronic hillbillys that the Jewish Jerry Springer would like you to believe it is. They are fully aware of the difference between the disease and its symptoms.

The very Nordic Bill White, potbellied micro-führer of six suckers -- but darling of the Jewsmedia. -- JdN

In any case, de Nugent notes that Bill White is almost openly advocating Obama's murder just with th[e] cover [of his magazine]. De Nugent also accurately notes that this is the same Bill White who pathologically attacks every activist in the movement, lied about Joe Fields and lied about Ron Paul,? which is something I too emphasized in the article, Alleged White Supremacist Bill Whiteâ??s Kosher Attack on Ron Paul.

"Win-win for the Jewish Zionists,"? writes de Nugent," they get rid of [Obama] and get McCain, whom they want; they get race riots and then hate-speech laws and perhaps more gun control. Perhaps even the gulag and martial law!!!"

In the above sentence de Nugent correctly notes the very purpose of William Weiss AKA Bill White, to incite racial hatred which will create destabilization, which can then be used as an excuse for the Zio-American entity to institute Martial Law, and take away any of the remaining rights the misnamed "Patriot Act"? hasn't already.

As mentioned earlier, Bill White isn't the first Zionist agent to infiltrate the White nationalist movement, Frank Collin [Frank Cohen] did it back in the 1970s, stirring up racial hatred along the way, and setting the stage for the imposition of the holocaust lore into every American home and classroom. Read about Frank Cohen here; he's not something I dreamed up. He's quite real and did exactly what he's accused of in this photo essay. He was also convicted of child molestation and did in fact serve time for it.

Frank Joseph Collin, 1978. His "Nazi" march through a Jewish suburb of Chicago, called Skokie, gained him zero recruits but gave Jewry a national wave of sympathy for sniffling, bogus "Holocaust survivors." Collin's father was a German Jew named Cohen who was in fact interned at Dachau -- and NOT gassed, just as no one else was. Had he been, he likely would not have fathered this
Jewish child molester. -- JdN

Bill White recently wrote in an article about Obama entitled The Jews ******,â?? the following quote, which when coupled with his magazine cover ought to be seen for what it truly is, naked provocation:

â??White people [says Weiss] must deny him the presidency, as a radical he admires might say, "by any means necessary".
If I were Barack Obama, I'd be a little concerned at this point, not because of the nonexistent threat represented by White nationalists, but because a known ADL/SPLC agent is calling for his assassination, and the Zionists have the power, money, access, and wherewithal to carry out an assassination, and most importantly, they have the motive: to set up White nationalism so that Zionism's greatest and most tenacious enemy can be effectively silenced.

Pedro Varela, valiant Spanish publisher, rounded up by minions of hate-filled Jews in 2007 under hate-speech laws which say, in effect, "Minorities can speak hate against whites." A court ruled that 'any criticism of Jews [by Varela] is an encouragement of genocide.'--JdN

Bill White is NOT a real White nationalist leader. He's a total and complete fraud, and the only groups lending him any credibility, as already cited above, are the ADL, SPLC, Alex Linder's VNN and to a slightly lesser extent, the FBI.

In another article I wrote earlier this year about William Weiss entitled How big is Bill Whiteâ??s American Nazi Party?? I proved that White's membership in the ANSWP amounts to less than a half dozen people nationwide. This being the case, who's paying for the professional quality of Whiteâ??s ANSWP magazine? It certainly isn't his members.

In the above article I wrote that White's ultimate objective was:
"To cast White people and White interests in as negative a light as possible. Bill White is an Illusionist, and one of his greatest illusions is promoting the idea that he has any members or supporters at all.

"He's compelled to do this because he must explain how it is that he and his organization are financed; he can't just come out and say that he receives a monthly check from the ADL and SPLC, can he?â??
Another example of Bill White's function and purpose can be seen in the below paragraph, which details how Bill White's threats enabled another tool of the Zionists to escape the scrutiny he so desperately deserved:

When Leonard Pitts, a no-good affirmative action appointee of a journalist for the Miami Herald told Whites collectively, to â??cry him a river,â?? over the growing concern that Black-on-White crime had reached epidemic proportions in this country, I wrote several articles and supported a petition attempting to draw as much attention as possible to Pitts and what he wrote. But Bill White, the "neo-Nazi," threatened him and thus enabled Pitts to cry racism and victim simultaneously, taking the heat off him for what he actually wrote, which was that he couldn't care less about the reality of this phenomenon [black on white crime], and that whites could "cry him a river."? I sought to hold Pittsâ?? responsible for what he said, just as Don Imus was, but Bill White sought, and successfully I might add, to allow Pitts to escape the condemnation his own words deserved.

It's all Zionist lies, folks, there aren't any real Klan leaders, Nazis, or what have you who intend to assassinate Barack Obama. As I already stated above, these groups don't see a dime's worth of difference between Obama and McCain, just same ole, same ole.

Now, I might believe that an individual White nationalist or associated group would clip John McCain if Ron Paul were his running mate. Hell, I might even have done such a thing myself , but John wisely selected another pro-Zionist whore in Sarah Palin, so once again, what's the point?

Wake up America, you're being taken for a ride!


Thank you, Curt Maynard!

Lesson: Don't mess with the nice Normans!

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