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Bill Weiss boasts to NY Times of Obama threat; JdNugent files for president

My belief is that the emergence of a genuine white leader will dry up Bill Weiss-White's tiny support almost entirely.

Reading his bashings is like porn; one has an unclean feeling of letting an unclean mind into your own.

Henrik Holappa is now informing me of very serious Bill Weiss news. On his blog, the provocateur Weiss now boasts:

* * *

The New York Times is doing a story on our â??Obama Assassinationâ?? magazine.

Usually, I do not give interviews to papers such as the New York Times, and I turned down a similar request from the Washington Post this summer, but I think this interview is in the best interests of the party.


to which I say:

"in the best interests of the JEW party."

In the best interests of him helping to put white nationalists in the gulag.


On a thread on, I denounced an obvious Jew shill. He counter-attacked, and then the father of the website, Norman Lowell of Malta, who recently was sentenced to a two years' imprisonment (suspended) on that enslaved island in the Mediterranean (into which blacks are now flooding) for Jew-defined "hate-speech," defended me in this way:

* * *

"The Histories" - Tacitus
Chronicle by the great Roman historian of the fateful year 69-70 AD.
A year of imperial assassination and civil war.

Of special interest is his assessment of the Jews as a "race detested by the gods" whose customs and institutions are "perverse and disgusting, tainted with low cunning."

Detested since time immemorial.
Detested wherever they go.
Detested by all mankind.


Is it possible the whole wide world is wrong?
Is it possible that humankind is all anti-Semitic?

Surely the fault must be theirs - their maniacal hatred for all mankind.

And now, that they have world power through their incredible cohesiveness - why ignore them? Elections or no elections, vote or no vote - one has to keep an eye on them.



I responded:

* * *

Thank you, esteemed older brother Norman, and for especially the quote from Tacitus.

"The Histories" - Tacitus
Chronicle by the great Roman historian of the fateful year 69-70 AD.
A year of imperial assassination and civil war.

Of special interest is his assessment of the Jews as a "race detested by the gods" whose customs and institutions are "perverse and disgusting, tainted with low cunning."

I am preparing at this moment radio and TV ads where the great men and women of the past -- the household names of wordwide fame -- reveal their true feelings about race and the Jews.

I am featuring NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS! Shockley, Watson, Schweitzer, Jimmy Carter -- and also the luminaries Brahms, Thomas Jefferson, Shakespeare (who for me certainly was Edward de Vere), Henry Ford, Charles Dickens and Charles Lindbergh, who, on September 11, 1941 (the very day also the Pentagon began to be built) publicly denounced a plot by Jews, London and Roosevelt to drag America into WWII.

How will the Jews counter this hit parade of geniuses and benefactors of all mankind with their usual hoary lie that racists are socially defective "white trash"?

Nobel-Prize-winning white trash?.... World-recognized giants of science and culture as losers?..... Their Jew-lies are infinite. They possess no conscience. Only fierce, virulent, hate-dripping tribal racism and a common will to genocide.

We are one in solidarity, great brother Norman Lowell! Others talk and type -- but you act, fight, defend, and risk all.


Founding Father and former president Thomas Jefferson wrote to Founding Father and former president John Adams (as found here) on October 12, 1813 the following:

To compare the morals of the Old [Testament], with those of the New Testament, would require an attentive study of the former, a search through all its books for its precepts, and through all its history for its practices, and the principles they prove. As commentaries too on these, the philosophy of the Hebrews must be enquired into, their Mishna, their Gemara, Cabbala, Jezirah, Sohar, Cosri, and their Talmud must be examined and understood, in order to do them full justice.

Brucker, it should seem, has gone deeply into these rpositories of their ethics, and Enfield, his epitomizer, concludes in these words. "Ethics were so little studied among the Jews, that, in their whole compilation called the Talmud, there is only one treatise on moral subjects. Their books of Morals chiefly consisted in a minute enumeration of duties. From the law of Moses were deduced 613. precepts, which were divided into two classes, affirmative and negative, 248 in the former, and 365 in the latter. It may serve to give the reader some idea of the low state of moral philosophy among the Jews in the Middle age, to add, that of the 248. affirmative precepts, only 3. were considered as obligatory upon women; and that, in order to obtain salvation, it was judged sufficient to fulfill any one single law in the hour of death; the observance of the rest being deemed necessary only to increase the felicity of the future life. What a wretched depravity of sentiment and manners must have prevailed before such corrupt maxims could have obtained credit! It is impossible to collect from these writings a consistent series of moral doctrine.' Enfield, B. 4. chap. 3. It was the reformation of this `wretched depravity' of morals which Jesus undertook.

I have now formally declared to the USA occupation government my candidacy for president, opened a bank account and am finalizing my website and radio and TV ads.



A comrade wrote me some advice and pledged a contribution.

I responded:

* * *

I thank you in advance for your $200 contribution.

I hope Alex Linder will reconsider un-stickying my thread on He is apparently punishing me for saying Elisha Strom exaggerated the Kevin Strom accusations -- but won't say why to my face, which I consider unmanly, and surprising in a courageous comrade such as Alex Linder. This thread is one of the fastest-growing threads (already at 7,000 views) of serious discussion on VNN forum!

The Jews were terrified of my eighty-seven-thousand-view thread on, which is why they destroyed the entire, seven-year-old site! They fear that I will unite and organize this Cause into a real MOVE-MENT!

Ex-wives are NEVER unimpeachable testimony -- even if, as I explicitly pointed out, Strom is certainly guilty of several things, and she may well be accurate about some of them. Ex-wives by definition hate ex-husbands; they are hardly impartial. I think the mortal human being Strom was molested as a kid, and I hope he can face his serious flaws. Having been molested myself, it was devastating. It may have been incest committed against Kevin, as in my case. Why did his father commit suicide? No one who has not been there can fairly judge the whole Kevin Strom. I call on him to SEEK SERIOUS HELP TO TURN HIS LIFE AROUND.

Most of your advice sounds perfect to me, brother. But I am my own man.

One thing I always objected to about Matt Koehl, whom I greatly respect as a writer, and admire as a loyal follower of a great Leader: the idea that the gods send a great white leader only every few thousand years. 'Cuz if that were true, we are well and truly done-for. We don't have a few thousand years. What kind of Divine Providence would leave us high and dry for millennia? Old pix of Hitler and "Triumph of the Will" film showings cannot "lead" us today. Only a real flesh-and-blood man giving orders and taking care of business in the real world can do that, not a shadow or a Youtube.

No, the gods still find and raise up greatness today. Shakespeare: "Some men are born great, and othes have greatness thrust upon them."

Either way, I go forward into the streams of hot lead.


A comrade who normally gives excellent, practical, down-to-earth counsel suggested that Bill White and Hal Turner have no credibility, and I should ignore them.

I responded:

* * *

I would agree 100% with your sensible advice to ignore him -- if he were not speaking in OUR name and advocating the murder, in OUR name, of the Democratic nominee for president of the United States and a United States Senator -- and if he were not "granting" an interview to the New York Times in OUR name to continue advocating the murder of Obama.

As a leader, I must first and foremost PROTECT.

There will be NO white resurgence if the WNs are rounded up beforehand by ZOG. There will be no one to educated, organize and lead the masses, no matter how angry they will become as the Jews destroy the world economy.

Chertoff's goal is to decapitate the white race of its natural leaders and their cadre, using Bill Weiss as his point man.

So, yes, I have to deal with this offal. This is a race war the Jews have declared, and Bill Weiss is a traitor in our ranks. It is time we "declare war" back.

I recommend that one and all see the movie Michael Collins. Liam Neeson does an excellent job portraying the great Irish Republican leader.

One of the major insights of Collins was that Ireland would NEVER be free until the traitors, stool pigeons, informants, provocateurs and saboteurs in Ireland, all swine working for the Enemy of a free Ireland, were vigorously eliminated from the IRA.

They WERE eliminated -- and Ireland DID become FREE. Tiny Ireland beat the gigantic, victorious British Empire.

The tiny red island next to England is Ireland. Valiant England lost only four times in the last 600 years: to the Normans (1066), the French under the inspired Joan of Arc (1429), the Americans (1780), and the Irish (1921).

Michael Collins: realistic, charismatic, fearless. Murdered, after he freed Ireland, by a fanatic who thought the IRA should seize northern Ireland and wage eternal war with Britain -- rather than accept freedom for most of Ireland. Wikipedia reports, accurately: "Collins knew that the treaty [with London], and in particular the issue of partition [of the island], would not be well received in Ireland. Upon signing the treaty, he remarked 'I have signed my own death warrant.'"

All men die, but one thing I know that never dies: the fame of great men's deeds. The time for these deeds has come. And the time for traitors to face our scorn.

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