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The Aryan path against the Jew-defined Self

A comrade wrote:

John, I've yet to find one statement of yours that doesn't reflect a person whose first priority is telling the truth.

Your description in the YouTube video of those fine people from Holland who have become T.J.B.-perverted German haters is one of just too many of your just characterizations.

Your courage to characterize the flawed Kevin Strom as a white man with a more or less tragic history is also very much appreciated.

If I were an American citizen, I would definitely vote for you!
Best of luck!
Dear European brother,

I am grateful for that comment. It is easy to condemn another, especially if they deserve it!

What "cinched" it for me to understand Strom was the many private messages I got from good comrades denouncing Strom's many disappointing failures to carry out his promises. It was like reading the definitions of "Self-Defeating Personality Syndrome." And that is a sign of molestation and/or its worst form, incest. A person sets out to harm his own happiness, to perpetuate his misery. He has no true self-love -- and cannot effectively love others. Part of him was annihilated by abuse.

WHOLE NATIONS CAN BE AFFECTED BY THIS. Russia has had not one but many centuries of horrors.

This syndrome does NOT mean Strom should be forgiven. It means he can earn forgiveness, by

1) seeking therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which is very effective (I know from my own experience as an incest survivor)
2) then apologizing to every single person he has seriously harmed or let down -- which includes also now all white nationalists -- and offering some significant acts of compensation
3) and then leading --- beginning to lead through daily struggle -- a totally different life.

Over time, by doing all three things, he can earn our forgiveness.

I left out one thing, but it may not work for Kevin, who, when I knew him (1981-84), was an atheist.

He should pray to God or the gods for healing and forgiveness, and for courage, and a new heart. Yes, pray to the Higher Power over this universe.

I KNOW THIS: If you go out there for a long walk, and tell God:
I now give my whole life for you. You can take it if You wish. Take my worthless life and make me into a servant of Your will. Help me serve others. Help me to redeem myself.

I am, with all that I am -- my looks, genes, brains, talents, education and culture -- a product of my race; I certainly did not give birth to myself! And my white race comes from YOU, Lord. We are Your creations, Divine Providence. We must fulfill Your higher will. It is You who have created a billion galaxies. And we are ants.

I therefore, seeking help to turn my life around, to fulfuill my mission in this life, to follow my path, my dharma, do now commit myself TOTALLY to Your service. Please accept my sacrifice, my life, my every happiness. And make the good of my Folk, from now on, the sole object of my every waking thought. Steady me in this resolve. For I live in Jew-world -- I need your help to stay steady. I must battle my bad habits of mind , heart and body.

May love and duty therefore FLOOD from You into my heart. I do not ask you to fight my battles, because the only merit is if I fight them, but make my heart strong so I can fight them. May I ever act as an Aryan, as a noble one. This is not a battle between mere white animals and brown animals over a bone, but instead this is a cosmic struggle: literally between good and evil, between what is low and beastly what is high and beautiful and sublime. My life I commit now totally to my race, LORD, and to its higher racial mission: to govern this world and to search out the stars. My life is from You. I accept my duty, wherever it takes me, as a white man, white woman or white child.

You have my oath. Hold me to it. I stand to it. Help me to help others. You have my life.
* * *

I have had two mystical experiences, life-transforming, and therefore I am certain there is an afterlife and a Higher Power to which we answer. A tough-love power, by the way, and not a condoning one. I've been through too much mind-bending misery to believe in the tooth fairy.

When I give speeches and speak of these experiences, I find every time that white brothers and sisters approach me afterward and tell me they too have had an experience with a similar effect on their soul. Tjhey tell me they saw their father after his death, or grandfather, or a miraculous, bizarre event made them not get into a car that then crashed and killed all passengers.

And this higher power "x-rays" what is really in our heart, with no possibility of deception. We say we are trying, but it KNOWS if we are trying.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Strom's, and our souls, are being contiuously x-rayed -- even as we read this. As I write this.

Thus I am obligated to say to all who would banish forever this man Strom who has let us all down, and himself, and his family, and his noble Norwegian heritage, who has brought shame on our Cause and our race, that everyone born before the 1960s has at least two things they would never like to come out, and everyone born since the 1960s has at least five things where they would almost literally pay money, if necessary, to a blackmailer, so as to never see them splattered across the front page of their local newspaper. Among these deeds are arrests, drug use, thefts, adulteries, looking at Jew porn, breaking promises, and those strident accusations by ex-lovers, spouses and relatives and co-workers or bosses that have some basis in fact.

We are all guilty of something.

From Swampscott Junior High School, on the coast of Massachusetts Bay. I was an extremely popular substitute teacher in both New England and Virginia; sometimes three school districts would call me on a given morning. I fel the pain of the majority of the young white pupils, who were growing up -- or down or sideways in broken homes just as I had. Some kids would miss their afternoon school bus -- and chose therefore to walk a long way back home -- just to come to my homeroom after school and sit down and chat with me. I could see they had no father. They asked about my time in the Marines; they asked about life. I asked them how they were doing. They knew I would listen and respect them, for they all had young bodies, but were old souls, learning like me on the painful path.

Fifty percent of all marriages in America fail, say the family courts. And these are all people who SWORE ON THE ALTAR OF GOD, to wit:

"for better or worse, in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, until death do us part."
And then they abandoned their marriage and left their children in a broken home. Those who have seen the Robin Williams "indy" film One Hour Photo know that divorce can shatter a child forever. Unless he or she gets help. And grasps the help offered.

I myself have had two disastrous marriages. My parents were divorced, and so were my father's parents. I am the third generation of divorce now, down here in Jew world.

How I wanted my parents to get together again, even as an adult!

MOST of us have had at least one marital disaster. And so we have broken our oath TO GOD. To Him who is the reason and the source of our existence, which can be taken away at any moment. We have spit in God's face. And we wonder why our life is rough.

We denizens of Jew world have watched its Satanic "TV" all our lives, drinking in with our eyes its toxic anti-values. As Dr. William Pierce once mounred to me, "Stalingrad was the great turning point. It has been downhill since then." Sixty-five years of downhill.

And now we live on an almost entirely psychopath-ruled planet. (Here is my article on that.)

Professor Adrian Raine of Oxford, now teaching at the University of Southern California: brain scan of a psychopath.

Brain scan of a normal person with a conscience.

We must learn from that awesome defeat at Stalingrad -- that we were not Pan-Aryan enough to unite with our Slavic brothers who craved only liberation -- freedom from Stalin. Freedom from the Jew.

A group of Eastern Slavs -- bright and beautiful.

For one hundred million dollars, the Cathedral of the Savior in Moscow, blasted to little chunks by Stalin, has been rebuilt, and illuminates the capital of Mother Russia again in triumph!

Now it is a truth that ONLY total commitment will save our individual souls -- by giving a prayer like that above from the bottom of a desperate heart -- and ONLY the entire consecration of our lives will save our race, a race that is now in the most dire straits in the fifty-thousand years of our existence.

No ice age, no saber-toothed tiger, no gigantic cave bear was worse than the brain toxin, the soul toxin, which the Jew has injected into our inner core. And it is a fourfold toxin:

selfish defeatism,
selfish materialism,
selfish cowardice and
selfish irresponsibility.

SELFISHNESS in four hideous death-blooms.

Our race will be saved only by a spiritual battle. That is what is first and foremost to be won. The physical battle will be won only after the spiritual struggle, after an inner transformation and internal SIEG. A turning point that comes with a long walk and a long prayer. YOU BECOME THE KING OF YOU. You become your master. The lower drives, the "lower chakras" of animal greed, cease to be your dictator. You command your body and your will to OBEY.

This is how I turned my life around. It began, it begins, in your heart and mine. In our proud humility, in our humble pride.

For we are Aryans.

The light of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is single, your whole body will be full of light.

This is my message this Sun Day.

It is morning again in America, for all Arya.

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