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(re-sending) JdN website; the useful psychopathic citizen

A comrade asked what I as a presidential candidate say about the economic crisis.

I responded:

* * *

There is no cure for the Jew.S.A. or its house-of-cards economy. There was no cure for the Weimar Republic. The Third Reich swept it away entirely. No Jew-run economy can last.

There can only be White Safety Zones demanded by Solutreans, carved OUT of the dying carcass of Jewmerica-- and LOCAL control à la Thomas Jefferson.

* * *

I am about to release my website and radio and TV ads. I welcome critique of the look of the homepage. The site is still under construction as to content. I request critique only of the design.

Here it is:

The purpose of this site is to educate whites already leaning our way who have heard or seen my forthcoming radio and TV ads. Its secondary purpose is to organize them for my worldwide movement, the Eternal Solutreans.


The Kauhajoki Shooter Massacre
in Finland --
Another step forward in the government's plot against freedom

by Henrik Holappa of Finland,
persecuted white rights activist,
currently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
with John de Nugent

Yesterday, on the 23rd of September, a small town in the southwest of Finland, Kauhajoki, became the center of worldwide news because of a terrible school shooting at the local vocational college. A 22-year-old gunman, Matti Saari, took his gun, ran into his class and opened fire. As a result of the shooting nine students (eight young women and one male) and one male teacher died. Saari set their bodies on fire and then left the class. He shot out of the window without hitting the policemen. After 90 minutes of firing Saari shot himself, causing a serious brain injury. He died later that evening.

Kauhajoki on the map (marked with red color).

Soon after the shooting Finland's government, led by prime minister Matti Vanhanen (the one who denounced his very own father, a distinguished professor, for stating that blacks had a lower IQ) issued an emergency statement blaming uncontrolled gun ownership and the Internet for the incident. The highest police commissioner in the land, Mikko Paatero, reminded the public that in Finland there are 1.5 million registered pistols and weapons. That means that Finland is in the third position in the world in gun ownership per capita, with the USA in first place.

The obvious solution for Finland's school shooting problem would be, according to Prime Minister Vanhanen, to forbid pistols and restrict the use of the Internet. Matti Saari had left several threatening messages on the Internet, including footage of his pistol training and a declaration by this psychopath that he hated the human race and wanted to kill people.

?You will die next,? Matti Saari said in his video which he published on YouTube -- and the police also saw without arresting him.

The question is now: How did Matti Saari ever become a cold-blooded killer? According to his friends he was just a nice neighborhood boy and no one ever thought he could commit such a violent act. He was successful in his college studies and it did not seem that Saari had any mental problems. The police found a piece of paper in his apartment where he announced that he had been planning on murdering people since 2002.

But why did this rage only explode after six years? Why now? We have to consider the fact he served in -- but was later mysteriously discharged from -- the Finnish military in the year 2006. There he had access to an arsenal of weapons, and could have committed many murders to show he hated the human race. But he did not.

Did someone or something take over Matti Saari and make him wait for the perfect moment -- for their interests -- for his rampage to begin? We have to admit this massacre happened at a ?good time? for the Finnish and European Union parliaments ? since there has been a motion to establish a EU-wide gun ban and just as ominously, an EU-wide restriction on Internet free speech -- yes, the infamous European hate-speech laws.

Was the shooting massacre just a coincidence, a setup or merely yet another proof the government lacks the will to stop school shootings?

Last year at Jokela High School (near the capital, Helsinki) a 18-year-old student, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who was linked by the media to the 'extreme right' and to 'eco-fascism,' killed eight people and then himself by shooting. After that Finland's government was urging by a media campaign to make changes in the gun laws, but the basic public reaction was that one lone lunatic should not spoil gun rights for all gun devotees. So only small changes were made to the gun laws.

Surprisingly, in yesterday's poll (supposedly) 76% of Finns agreed with the government that huge changes should now be made in the gun laws, and they even embraced the idea of forbidding private ownership of pistols and revolvers.

Could the police or government have stopped Matti Saari before he killed people? Yes, they could have stopped him and saved ten lives plus his own. Saari had published threatening videos on the Internet, on YouTube, where he is shooting and pointing the camera at his gun. Then he says: ?You will die next,? shooting on the ground at the same time.

The police -- run by the regime that now rules Finland -- was informed of his videos and of his shocking rants in Internet chat rooms. The police actually visited his apartment just last weekend -- but they could not locate him. On Monday, the day before the massacre, he was questioned by the police, but this threatener was not taken under police custody. Nor was this threatener's gun taken away. Although he had made it clear that he was willing and eager to kill people, the police took zero action.

Now eleven of my white Finnish people are dead.

In my case, a political-correctness case, the police launched a small operation for my arrest with SIX OFFICERS. My "crime"? I supposedly had published a picture of a local black rap artist and written a text concerning gang rapes by non-white foreigners in Oulu.

They ransacked my apartment -- everything thrown on the floor. They told my mother I was in serious trouble and going to prison for many years.


My question is: Why is the police ?fine? with a kid planning mass murder, but if you supposedly publish a picture and argue against a multicultural society, THAT is evil?

That makes me more evil than threatening to kill people and showing your gun firing.

This sicko killed eight gentle girls, even worse than killing men. Every man must be ready to die, but women are to be protected. That is a manly duty. A civilization can be judged on how it treats women.

YLE is the Finnish broadcasting corporation, and its 8:30 pm news report on the 24th of September was a big story how hate groups (yes, yes, the "neo-Nazi hate groups") had found a growing base on the Internet.

Somehow they manage to tie in Tom Metzger's "Insurgent" website to the recent school shooting in Finland, and they were sure to show Metzger's website with its symbols and its photo of a snarling wolf.

A woman narrator was explaining how hate and racism on the Internet was growing in Finland and in the European Union. She also claimed, while showing a drawing of an Aryan woman holding a rifle, that ?hate towards women is also prevalent among hate groups? -- a non-sequitur since this drawing of the armed Aryan woman was empowering; she was not cowering, but defending herself.

The Wolf. (Tom Metzger's website "Insurgent")

Finland's central criminal police, the KRP [Keskusrikospoliisi] has already announced that the police will now closely watch the developments of hate groups on the Internet and is asking for restrictions on them.

Now this psychopath Saari never participated with any ?neo-Nazi? or ?extreme right? organization.

He was not known to anyone as a racist.

No "racists" knew him either.

Neither did he have any racialist thoughts; at least he did not express any desire to kill people of other races.

He did express his will to kill people no matter what color they might be. In other words, he was a classic psychopath, heedless of race, not a political or racial activist or "neo-Nazi."

But the Jewsmedia in Occupied Finland is tring to link the psychopath who murdered ten white Finns -- and NO foreigners -- at his school to us who love the white race and love the true Finland -- for which both my grandfathers fought and suffered tremendously in WWII.

One grandfather never recovered mentally from the horrors of Bolshevik captivity, became withdrawn, sad and depressed, and died in early middle age in 1965. My mother said "I never knew my father."

They fought and suffered for freedom, for Finland-for-the-Finns, not Finland for the American Jews, for Muslim African Somalis, for homosexuals and for foreign gang rapists.

I believe the regime could have stopped this massacre, but they did not want to prevent this massacre. They wanted this to happen so that they could get approval by the people to restrict guns and freedom of speech even more than now.

Because Saari had published his videos and messages on the Internet, it is claimed as a reason to forbid racialist websites. After all, "Internet content could incite violence? and massacres.

It was the police who were wrong by letting the open psychopath Saari walk around free and keep his gun, even after that he had showed he wanted to kill a lot of people.

Now because the police made a mistake -- or a ?mistake? ORDERED by the Judeo-Finnish occupation government (the main press baron in Finland being a Jew, like the top prosecutor, who wants to put me for four years behind bars) , they want us true Finnish citizens to pay for THEIR ?mistake? by taking away OUR freedom of speech and guns.

We do not have to look far to find the real guilty parties in these eleven dead white Finns. They are seated in the Finnish parliament house in Helsinki. Their bodies should be heaped up on the Speaker's rostrum for all to see.

Finland's parliament house in Helsinki. It looks very nice, and Finns belong to a Nordic race that respects authority. But in there it is being discussed why our last remaining freedom of speech -- on the INTERNET! - should be taken away from us -- because the Jew regime deliberately lets psychopaths run amuck. Psychopaths kill US, so WE should be disarmed!

Judge for yourself. Who gets the benefit? Cui bono? -- as the ancient Roman detectives always asked. The Jew-obeying regime does, and so does the Jew-obeying European Union. They are enemies of freedom, truth and dignity.

We are on the way in every white nation to a total police-controlled dictatorship and only men and women who are free to speak and act can stop that development. This must be done right here in America -- the last Western white country with freedom of guns and speech.

How can you fight back if you can use neither arms nor words? Smoke signals? Telepathy?

The might of America must be harnessed for white rights. If America changes, if white rights resurge here -- the mission of John de Nugent -- then all the white race worldwide can be saved and united.


PS I just now read on Finnish news site that the major "Social Democratic Party" in Finland has now called for the establishment of an Internet Police -- EXACTLY AS IN RED CHINA. The Finnish police has now created an email address where leftist white-haters can report "racist speech" (pro-white speech) on the Internet for prosecution. You can have this come to America too. All it takes is one such mini-9/11 incident on your soil to panic people. You must support John de Nugent NOW to rally white resistance before total tyranny takes over. The polls show 70% disapproval of Bush and 80% disapproval of the Jew-serving Congress. The time is now -- or never.

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