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Secret service harrasment.

  First off i would like to apologize to anyone that recieves this e-mail by mistake.   I try to stay off the net and my phone book is old.   I don'y even know who is who half the time on here.    So if this went to you by mistake, you could care less or whatever reason please just delete it.
          I am sending this out to make clear what happened before it gets out of hand.   The following is exactly what happened to me yesterday.    (keep this in mind that this is what happened, wether they are telling the truth is another story)
       Early yesterday morning i was awoken by a strange phone call.   The man said he was a federal agent and wanted to speak to me.   I asked him what about.   He said they had a significant threat that i was going to attack obama and his followers.    Well, i told them fine that i would meet them, rather then being picked up and taken in.   
      I met up with two men.   One said he was with the secret service and the other showed a badge and said he was with the FBI.     I asked them what it was all about.    They told me Hal Turner called the marshal services and said that i called him drunk and said i was going to the obama celebration with a mortar to fire into the crowd to try to kill obama and his followers.      
    Well, at first i kinda chuckled.   but when they started telling me that they had sniper teams looking for me.    I kinda got serious.       They said they were going to kick in my door.   Well, i asked them why were you going to kick in my door when like the report said i was supposedly going to the obama celebration?!      They told me that was when they figured out it wasn't legitimate.    (not that a guy carrying a mortar tube and rockets thru the subway didn't sound believable! LOL!)           After that they asked me a barage of questions stemming from have i ever had any special weapons training to have i ever been hospitalized with any mental illness.            The questions ended with why do you think mr. turner would make these allegations against you.     I told them i have no idea.   Me and Hal have always gotten along in the past.   He was even nice enough to host a radio show for me in the past.    I explained i haven't talked to him in over a year and that i resigned from the TCM a couple months ago.   Because of numerous reasons.   Plus i just had a new baby boy 5 days ago and kinda don't have time for any juvenile movement shit.
          They told me that they didn't think there was legitimacy to it and they dropped me off at my aprtment.    I haven't heard anything else about it since.
     Soon as got home i called Hal and asked him what the hell was going on?      He said he didn't know and that it was the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard.
     I put Hal on this mailing list specifically so he knew exactly what was going on and being said by me.    I would like to belive hal.      But there are allot of fishy things going on with all of this.    For one, out of all the people i know in the movement why did they pick to use hal.    If they were just stirring up shit then why not use someone i don't get along with.     I know hal likes media attention and what would make for a better story then " Former leader of the WCOTC arrested for plot to assinate obama and followers"   They would have had a field day with that!    But what would Hal have to gain by that?    And why would he do it to me?  I have dealt with allot of fucked up and confusing crap in my life but this takes the cake.     Especially when i have been trying to step away from the movement so i can get my personal life back on track.        
    Anyways i thought i would let everyone know from my mouth before it gets twisted around from all the net junkies.               If anyone has any questions call me because i don't own a computer and only come to the library to use the public ones about every 2 weeks.   So you will have a easier time calling me.   309 830 9485.           James Logsdon

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