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Duke's embattled EURO conference & its victories

My thoughts on the recent (11/8/08) EURO conference in Tennessee ("EURO" being the "European-American Unity and Rights Organization" founded by Dr. David Duke).

First, our rights as whites sure were violated:

--a hotel canceling the meeting after death threats on the manager and his family!
--at another hotel where Dr. Duke was of course peacefully staying, he was expelled by the manager -- and two cops!! -- from his hotel room!
--De Soto County (Mississippi) passed an anti-gathering ordinance against EURO -- in total disregard of the First Amendment's guarantee of the right to peaceful assembly!
--and a police helicopter and bullying cops then terrorized a comrade out in the countryside into not letting us use even his rural home location (out in the sticks) for the meeting!

Here is a Podblanc of me being interviewed by ABC-TV, WPTY, Memphis Eyewitness News, at the Duke-EURO conference! (I was already in mid-interview when I heard from a friend that David wanted us to all shun the media for several reasons.)

You can tell I was outraged, especially after the bimbo reporter (the one seen on the TV clip) kept badgering me to explain why Duke was, quote, â??targeting Memphisâ??! (The city is now about 61% black, and only 34% whites. It also is the fourth most dangerous large city in the nation for crime. I am glad Dr. Duke decided to show the flag right there! Memphis needs MORE whites, not less!)

(I was also interviewed for ten minutes in the French language by Canal +, which was really an honor of sorts for me, since I used to watch Canal + a lot in France in 2004-05. â??Canal +â?? (with â??Canalâ?? means Channelâ?? in French) is a gigantic, dominant French television news and entertainment network -- not unlike HBO here in the United States. Here is their website. I have yet to see the interview broadcast, yet some day soon it may be in view of my plans. Canal + was of course a bit nonplussed to meet a real American in Tennessee who spoke almost perfect French! (The crew had interviewed the courageous Pastor Tom Robb before, at his home/headquarters in Arkansas, as Robb himself told me when I met that fine gentleman and his talented family, and been pretty fair in their reporting. The camera man was a true French Kelt, a Breton, blond and blue-eyed. I wish all the French were still unmixed northern Europeans. The female reporter was an unsmiling and swarthy gal with a beaked nose.)

Here is a picture of me speaking at the EURO conference:

And here is the audiofile. My part went from 00:00 to 10:40. BTW, my voice was hoarse from several TV interviews against a loud background noise, the exhaustion of driving through the night for part of the 900 miles, and from hawking the special Barnes Reviews to the loud and enthusiastic crowd after the sessions.

On the positive side (and there was so much good that happened there), the conference boasted about 150 attendees, yes, 150 true and loyal white stalwarts who braved the uncertainty about the conference and rallied to David Duke and his team when the going got rough.

When I first heard that David's conference was in trouble, Margi Huffstickler, Henrik Holappa and I were all in Washington, D.C. for Henrik's political asylum hearing (which is costing us plenty of dollar$).

Henrik outside the a$ylum lawyer's office in Pittsburgh.

Here is the Fearless Finn speaking, for the first time in his entire life, to 150 people (at the EURO conference), and in a foreign language for him to boot, namely English! I think you will agree he already speaks better English than President George Bush! This is one exciting and SOLID young future leader! No wonder ZOG in Finland wants to put him behind bars for 4.5 years.

Here is the audiofile of his remarks: Henrik is speaking from about 00:00 to 08:00. (Dr. Duke assured me that a DVD video of the whole EURO conference will be out in around one month. You can order it then at

While in Washington, we were also visiting our friends at The Barnes Review magazine on Capitol Hill -- where we were overjoyed to learn that the special TBR issue â??Russia and the Jewsâ?? about Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn's last book was selling red-hot. (You can order it for $8 here:

In fact, I took a slew of the latest TBR to the EURO conference and sold out every copy, autographing them on request. (I translated over 75% of the German summary of this Russian masterwork).

After all the conferences I have ever attended that the Jews have tried to shut down (always failing to do so when I was around to help), I am now a veteran of how to persist, how to innovate, how to think on one's feet, because as they rightly say in show business, â??the show must go on!â??

I won't give these freedom-hating Jews the pleasure of our capitulation!

So I told Margi that we simply MUST attend that Memphis, Tennessee conference, which now meant for us a NINE HUNDRED MILE DRIVE from Washington.

Here is Margi at the podium with Dr. Duke, his Maltese pooch Tory, and Stormfront broadcaster James Edwards, a charming Southern gentleman full of enthusiasm for our sacred Cause.

Listen to Margaret splendidly singing a Stephen Foster song, â??Ah, May the Red Rose Live Alwayâ?? [sic],â?? from about 04:00 to 08:15, at

I had heard, while making my decision to drive to Tennessee or not, that several major scheduled speakers had canceled, such as Willis Carto, Dr. Ed Fields, Sam Dickson, etc. Since David had previously asked me, Henrik and Margaret to speak or (in Margi's case, to sing some marvelous white music), we felt that with the others having canceled, we really could render a service to this important gathering of our Folk if we drove that long stretch. (Of course, that also meant a 900-mile trip afterward back home to our new location north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for a total of 1,800 miles.)

So off we went, and the drive was in fact gorgeous, through the Appalachian mountains of western Virginia and the entire length of Tennessee. It was a bit scary after 150 miles when we started getting smoke from the car's engine compartment, but it turned out to be a minor problem with some fluid dripping on the catalytic converter. Of course we pressed on.

Parenthetically, since I am a gregarious person and always try to sound out the white public out everywhere I go, I found during the whole trip that most Southern whites (as well as Northern whites) are terrified of Obama and of the coming Great Depression the Jews have caused. And very many have heard about Obama's HUGE birth certificate problem. Three different men told me (and these were NOT WN's) that they feared a race war started by black rioting if Obama were disqualified by the U.S. Supreme Court. Two at a Radio Shack told me they had just bought additional guns for their protection if the blacks rampaged -- and I repeat that these were NOT WN's, just John Q. White-Public.

The conference itself was as always a marvelous time to not only hear interesting speeches and performances, but also to network with the real activists, start new friendships and strengthen old bonds.

I met for the first time a fine young filmmaker there, a farmer/engineer, the wonderful Pastor Tom Robb and his family (all pitching in diligently, BTW, even on the food line as servers!). I enjoyed meeting the dry-witted Derek Black, who defeated a Jew named Dinerstein [spelling?] and was elected a Republican committeeman in West Palm Beach, Fla., and the irrepressible, handsome and humorous Dane Knud Erickson.

Now the decision to reduce the conference from two days to one day must have been a difficult one for Dr. Duke.

In October 2007 I was assisting organizer Joe Fields (and co-organizer Mark Glenn) to save their â??No More Wars for Israelâ?? conference in southern California. Once again, the Jews had succeeded in pressuring hotels to cancel or refuse us a meeting place. I was proud that, with the help of a Greek-American named Pete and a local activist Mishko (an intrepid Croatian-American and VNN activist), our team secured a Greek Orthodox church for the Saturday session and then a dance ballroom (any port in a storm!) for the Sunday session.

Joe Fields with me in Sarver, Pennsylvania. Joe, a Croatian-American, has been a fearless (and severely persecuted) white civil rights activist for decades, and co-organized the â??No More Wars for Israelâ?? conference along with anti-Zionist writer-activist Mark Glenn (who writes for American Free Press. Joe has now rejoined his lovely white South African wife Deirdre and his gorgeous blond kids, here in western Pennsylvania, after months untangling his late father's estate in California. See here on my website Deirde's outstanding article about the lessons of South Africa for America!

(The ballroom of course had no chairs, and being in an industrial park, it also had no food service nearby for the crowd. I quickly organized and carried out a chair-renting/hauling-by-pickup/setting-up operation, and brought in pizzas for all.)

A fine comrade on Stormfront wrote me about that rescue operation just yesterday:

I remember how much of an asset you were to the â??No More Wars For Israelâ?? conference. When all seemed lost you kept your cool and helped make that a big success, I was recently listening to the broadcasts from that conference and was shocked to find that one of them had racked up over 11,000 listens so far!

Now our October 2007 conference â??No More Wars for Israelâ??) did succeed in having two all-day sessions, and those who had paid for a two-day conference got their money's worth. Of course, the uncertainty about the conference location -- and a false story which the treacherous Marriott hotel told the media claiming we had canceled -- did dissuade many comrades from coming. Because of this, far, far fewer attendees than were planned for actually showed up and paid to get in.

So it became a money-loser for the â??NMWF-Israelâ?? organizers, Fields and Glenn, to stick to holding a two-day conference -- renting two different halls for two days, plus chairs on Sunday â?? for a much-reduced crowd.

On the other hand, when you decide to hold just a one-day conference when two were promised and paid for by many attendees, you have other problems.

Some at the EURO conference were understandably grousing that they felt gipped, especially since the manager of the hotel had assured those attendees on Saturday that he would be happy to host a Sunday meeting for the Duke crowd as well.

Another problem is for the scheduled speakers, as exemplified by our Danish brother Knud Erickson: You work very hard and have a carefully-planned speech ready to deliver -- and you have flown thousands of miles, through all the jet lag, to deliver it. Then the host tells you that instead of one hour (again, because of freedom-hating JEWS) you have just twenty minutes to hit on the "main points."

This is not fun for a speaker who wants to really affect his audience.

(Nor is it fun when a speaker egotistically blabs on into the next speaker's time, and is not reminded to wrap it up. This was also the dilemma at the American Free Press/Barnes Review conference in September 2006. All speakers subsequent to the first speaker were required by emcee Willis Carto to SLASH their carefully planned speeches down to a fraction of their planned lengths, and at the last minute to boot. I had the same dilemma -- as one of the final speakers at â??NMWF-Israelâ?? Sunday evening in October 2007, and my entire speech (seen in three parts at my Youtube site had to be ruthlessly curtailed. You can actually see me shuffling through my photographs and exhibits as I was speaking, deciding what to cut and what to leave.)

And so the Duke-EURO conference had that same problem, speakers suddenly given a fraction of the time they had planned to carefully and artfully use. Dr. Duke had only given me ten minutes to begin with, which I stuck to (actually about 11 minutes), but with all the speakers who had canceled, I could easily have spoken for twenty minutes or thirty -- and many told Margi they wished I had. Certainly in a two-day (or even a one-and-a-half day session) I could have brought up some key issues and not just introduced myself -- especially in view of the 1,800-mile round trip by car.

I might add, on the other hand, that Pastor Tom Robb made a keen observation to me after it was all over. Duke wanted the conference to end on a winning note, Reverend Robb surmised, and by Duke wrapping it up on Saturday night we at least had that triumphant ending. However, had David promised a Sunday session, and then seen the hotel cancel on us for Sunday at the last minute despite its assurances, we WNs would have been left disappointed at the end -- and would have left Memphis with our tail between our legs. Psychology and morale are important, and leaving on a high note. So there are many factors Dr. Duke had to consider, and likely some escape me as an outsider and a friend looking on from the outside.

In any case, my recommendation would be to always hold the meeting itself at a secret location, and it should be revealed only at a â??staging areaâ?? (as comrade Jamie Kelso did in Memphis) -- and we should perhaps have comrades just book their own rooms at nearby hotels from a recommended hotel list. Leftists do not usually harass a hotel for the guests sleeping there, but for the meetings being held there. (However, the Drury Inn, as I wrote above, did outrageously expel David Duke personally from his room, after he merely held a news conference outside that hotel.)

I have other recommendations, but I will not publish them here on this public website. In my 30 years in this Cause I have been through many Jew-canceled meetings where we had to scramble. And we prevailed. Never surrender!

* * *

A conference is also about networking, making new friends and strengthening the old ties of comradery between us. It is also always fun to physically meet comrades one had known previously only by their screen name and â??avatar,â?? or their email address. I met a budding young film maker, a combination farmer & engineer, and several website whizzes, plus the delightful, handsome and humorous Dane, Knud Erickson, not to mention the bevy of lovely and gifted ladies and girls, the flowers of our race, whom Margi and I both met.

I led a three-car tour of the city of Memphis after the one-day conference.

Myself and a young film maker, two "Damn Yankees" were here to revere the great Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest, whose striking equestrian statue is the glory of a park near downtown Memphis. Tragically, Forrest felt forced by anarchy to found and form the KKK to suppress black violence and a total black political takeover of the South after the unjust War of Federal Aggression (1861-65).

How ironic that his great-grandson, General Nathan Bedford Forrest III, a West Point graduate, was the first American general to die fighting Hitler Germany in WWII, shot down in 1943 while bombing Kiel. When Jews egg on whites to kill each other, we need to see the Forrest for the trees. The statue is in the background.

This building faces Forrest Park, and helps explain why Whites keep dying in Jewish wars.

This giant pyramid below dominates the northern end of Memphis, next to the mighty Mississippi river bridge from Memphis, Tennessee over into Arkansas. Since the city's name Memphis is Egyptian, I guess this structure is innocent enough, but, looking at the back of the U.S. one-dollar bill, I wonder!

We are now back in honest, nearly all-white western Pennsylvania.

Henrik at a stand a quarter-mile from our house where you just leave the money in the box for a dozen ears of superb Pennsylvania sweet corn. Butler County is a whopping 98% White. Western Pennsylvania is the epicenter of Solutréa.

Here I am completing a book that, I fervent believe, will change everything for our race, and around this work inspire, organize and structure the Solutreans -- the white tribe that shall survive. Only a total change of values can save us now.

In Harrison Hills Park, overlooking the mighty Allegheny River, north of Pittsburgh. Although we are, like myself in this photo, living in the shadow of our racial doom, we can and must cross over to the light.

I am pleased to announce the release of the entire SIX-DVD set of the "No More Wars for Israel" conference, with many outstanding speeches, by a USS Liberty survivor, by two powerful black nationalists who both want whites to LEAD America, forget our fear, and "get on the stick," by the now imprisoned Australian hero Dr. Fredrick Toeben, by the white Afrikaner Deirdre Fields (amazing information on the Rothschild web in Africa), by conference co-organizer Mark Glenn, by Arab-American leader Hesham Tillawi, by Canadian freedom-fighter Paul Fromm, by fiery Virginia essayist Patrick Grimm, and you have also my full remarks near the end of the conference. (At they are truncated.) I would especially recommend, even aside from the lady being my fiancée, Margaret Huffstickler's gutsy and persuasive speech on the most taboo man of all time. You will be stunned by the poem at the beginning.

To help both me and the valiant Fields family, send today your check for $75 (incl. S&H) for the unique six-DVD set to:

John de Nugent
213 Ekastown Road
Sarver, PA 16055

tel: (724) 524-1002.


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