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races with "sweat equity"; Arminius speaks, and T. Jefferson on the Jews

A comrade wrote:

[quoting me first]

[Originally Posted by John de Nugent]
There needs to be a meeting between a new black Marcus Garvey, and a WHITE Marcus Garvey -- and self-rule for both original U.S. races, before the Asian invasion (Khazars, Amerindians and mestizos, Middle Easterners and East Asians) sweeps both whites and blacks away forever off this continent.
John, are you referring to original races on the North American continent? Whites and blacks? Can you please elaborate?

I understand that whites came here first (many thousands of years ago). No argument about it. Blacks? Are you referring to the Olmecs? (Those big huge statutes of African heads in Mexico)

Or do you mean the black slaves from Africa during colonial days?

What about the Amerindians? They were here at the founding of white European colonies in what is now USA and Canada.

I respond:

* * *

Dear comrade:

I mean the two races whose "sweat equity" built the country at the time the United States were proclaimed in 1776 -- the Whites and the Blacks from Africa. (The Amerindians contributed almost nothing to our civilization or government, except perhaps the Congressional word "caucus"! Oh, but thanks a lot for the tobacco leaf! That has killed off a lot of us.)

In this magnificent and courageous book by the late John DeMay (of Norman heritage like myself; I spoke with his widow), you can see the ferocious race-war waged by Mongolid Siberians to stop poor but brave White families (mostly Germans and Scotch-Irish) from TAKING BACK North America. (Remember the white Solutréans; see my webpage on this!) The Mongolid Indian usurper-invaders were a people of unimaginable sadism and torture that was practiced constantly not only toward each other (and that includes female torturer-cannibals), but also and especially toward us. Not far from our home here in Sarver, Pa. (named for an early German settler, John "Zaberer"; we live at 213 Ekastown Road, Sarver PA 16055), namely in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, Red savages -- and that is the only correct word -- barbecued two white children before their white mother's traumatized eyes. Other Mongolids in North America, squatting on OUR original Solutréan land, ATE white adult prisoners. Yes, ATE them. Squaws would sometimes eat a white male prisoner's ears before his very eyes, and commit obscene mutilations of them.

Sitting Bull. The North American Indians never invented the wheel, the sail, a written language, use of metals, or soap. They stagnated for 10,000 years. Agriculture was rudimentary, and for subsistence only, and done only by the squaws. Men preferred fighting, dancing, torturing, smoking, drinking the Whites' whiskey, or sleeping. Amerindians east of the Mississippi are about one-third white blood, from white female genes ONLY, which comes from killing all male Solutréan whites and seizing their womenfolk for abduction and rape.

In the truest sense, only Whites are Americans, but the Blacks, forced here totally against their will, and now mixed with about 1/3rd white genes, I do call "African Americans." Their sweat is indeed in this ground too, and their soldier blood in every war since Korea. (I served with many black Marines, and my dad commanded many in Korea who performed well, actually, in stopping the psychopathic North Korean and Chinese Mongolids.)

And I seek a strategic understanding with at least some of them, with the many black nationalists -- for black self-rule.

I offer black self-rule, wherever Blacks live, à la Marcus Garvey and Louis Farrakhan, and/or "Back to Africa" -- and NOT M. L. King/NAACP/Obama-style "integration," and the creation of three new all-black states of the United States in the Cotton Belt area, which has been majority-black already for many centuries. (This will also reduce black voting power in those white-founded Southern states!)

Blacks must be educated that it was the Jews (especially those of Newport in Rhode Island -- my home state that my ancestors co-founded in 1636) who fomented, financed and ran the slave trade, and who committed the worst atrocities (during the horrible sea passage over from Africa). In fact, as Hervé Ryssen's brilliant book (published in French only so far) La Mafia Juive PROVES (typically using their own Jew writings!), the Zioids have been vicious, heartless, murderous slave-traders of us WHITES (and vicious pimps of our beautiful white girls enslaved for the sex trade as prostitutes) for MILLENNIA.

By ordering the "No More Wars for Israel" six-DVD-video, you help us finance the translation of Hervé Ryssen's absolutely unique books on the Jews.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 700x1024.

All who order the "No More Wars for Israel" DVDS (for $75, directly from me) will see from the speeches of the two veteran black nationalists (Reverend Robert Brock and Sister Mickey) that Blacks are READY to deal with frank, honest, sincere white nationists who want to make an unhypocritical, uncondescending offer to Blacks for them to run their own lives - FREE OF THE JEW as WE must also be.

I spoke once at a public park in Alexandria, Virginia with a retired black businessman who was practicing his golf swing using his "driver" club. I had not known until this conversation that there is even a black Masonic businessmen's lodge.

Now this gentleman agreed with me 100% about the Jews having enslaved BOTH our races. He agreed that Jew-owned gangsta rap "music' and Jew-owned TV, and CIA-run crack cocaine, were destroying the young Blacks. He agreed that the whole "gang" problem had started with Hispanics and had come originally from them and as a reaction to the Hispanic gangs. He wanted black empowerment and black self-rule.

Will all the Blacks sign on? NO. But we need to at least split the blacks into three groups: some friendly, some neutral (taking a stance of "wait and see what de Nugent can do"), and others who will remain hostile and enslaved to the Jew vision of integration -- or even massacre!

That is a lot better than provoking all blacks into what we have now: nearly 100% hostility toward white nationism -- which victimized us severely at David Duke's EURO conference in 60% black Memphis.

All Blacks believe deep-down that ALL Whites are racists, including the condescending white liberals who use blacks for a liberal ego trip of feeling self-righteous and morally superior. (Nietzsche skewered this fake liberal "love" which is only love-of-self in his books.)

If and when my movement becomes powerful and can really offer the Blacks some real power if they cooperate with us, you will see at least one third of the Blacks get on board and one third become neutral toward us. (I am talking about the base, the homeys, not the sell-out, Jew-kissing black pseudo-leaders such as the Obamanation.)

A freeze-frame photo (not too flattering) of me speaking on ABC-TV-24 in Memphis on November 8, 2008 as David Duke's EURO conference was concluding. One thing I learned way back in 1990 when I first ran, and almost successfully, for US Congress (in Tennessee's Sixth Cong. District) was that the media will give you coverage if YOU give them ratings, by me saying something that is both passionate and interesting. The other thing I learned is that, like a famous Austrian watercolorist, my deep-blue eyes often photograph outright brown! (But that's a good color too! )

That is a much better result than the 100% hostility we get now from this very physical, impulsive and explosive people. And we Whites must again control our streets and our neighborhoods -- we can do that better with a hard-nosed understanding with Blacks, based on what we can do for them and they for us. Both races are being phased down and phased OUT: the Blacks are being replaced in the work force by Mexicans -- and the Whites by all manner of Asians (Jews, Mongolids, Muslims, Hindus, and the Amerindians and Mexican mestizos whose ancestors also were Mongolids). I call this whole collective phenomenon the Asian Invasion (which happens to rhyme. )

As Charles de Gaulle said:
"Nations do not have 'friends'; they have interests."

A writer who calls himself Arminius sent me this, which I pass on as interesting, although I am NOT advocating revolution at this time.

* * *

What We Must Do

Current efforts at White racial salvation, if they can be even be characterized as such, are basically futile or are limited because they are not sustained with a program of planned ongoing growth. Whatever efforts are made are usually one-shot deals that involve a limited number of leaders. These are usually weekend rah-rah conferences without any program of follow-up action.

A twin strategy of working towards a White homeland and educating our people rigorously in the normal academic disciplines while simultaneously inculcating racial consciousness needs to be employed. Each of these goals involves a program of many small steps and small scale victories along the way that build confidence with a functional White homeland as the final eventual result. Right now, the situation cannot help but deteriorate with an actively Marxist/NWO Anti-White regime in power over what used to be called "Christendom". There is no extant model that our people can learn about, aspire to, or use as a point of reference to compare what is possible and doable with the current evil, faulty system. Because there is no such practical or plausible example, our people will accept the current system or try to improve upon it by available off-the-beam avenues which do not focus directly on our problems The weak, ineffective or roundabout method of working through the political system is the one method that is often recommended, but when it is tried it never leads to any success except for perhaps a limited impact on the immigration problem.

Apparently, the only spark that will start any worthwhile movement will be widespread starvation, economic deprivation, insecurity, or oppression so severe that people won't be able to take it anymore. We may be on the cusp of such phenomena, and need to come up with viable plans right away to steer the unrest into "proper" channels. Throughout history, revolutions or massive changes are only brought about when extreme conditions are present. People join resistance movements under such abnormal situations. For the moment, the masses are bought off and mollified with political promises that are never kept, and are scared away from acting upon politically incorrect impulses, and are too distracted with inane entertainments . At a certain point in the deteriorating situation, the masses will suddenly cease to care about who is governing them as long as they are safe and have food.

At that point a shadow White government must be ready to take over the reigns of power or secede from existing countries and establish a White homeland with whatever force is necessary to accomplish the planned end result. Non-whites will be encouraged to leave because economic opportunities will not be available to them or because they receive incentives to do so which could include compensation.

The following program, or something similar must be instituted posthaste so that this transformation is possible.

First, a summer camping program cum academy/institute for young people with a program similar to the Boys and Girls Scouts must be established. There will be additional classes featuring the history and culture of the White race (with added material on local white ethnics). These activities will instill racial consciousness and solidarity. It would start with a prototype chapter and thereafter new chapters would be added to span the country or special geographical areas of concentration. After a time, many youngsters who would normally join the Scouts will join this program. The chapters or camps would have to be open to non-whites to avoid being sued to death by the likes of the ACLU. However, there would be few non-white takers. They would likely join only to learn some special skill or subject they are interested in or to get away from the ghetto atmosphere they deplore. The private Catholic schools in the USA could serve as something of a model insofar as entrance requirements are concerned. If the program can survive the inevitable legal hassles and harassment, it will gradually be expanded into a bona fide full private education system for grades one through eight, and later the high school grades, and later still college level academies specializing in training leaders in various disciplines will be established. Teachers and staff will be drawn to a significant extent from the by then impossible to bear public schools and fully Marxist colleges. Teachers would have to be certified in the usual manner plus pass an interview and be further certified as being in accord with the overall program. A full home schooling curriculum would be developed for those that choose home schooling. If this alternative private schooling system encounters severe difficulties, the home schooling option will be ramped up significantly to fill in the gap.

Secondly, a shadow government must be instituted to take over the current political system at the proper time at least in the USA. The leadership to start the shadow government must come from current White leaders with good reputations. These leaders must agree to a division of labor amongst themselves--and give the role of top dog to someone they select unanimously amongst themselves. This leadership cadre will not engage in any subversive activities but must be ready to take over rapidly when the situation reaches a critical point. Specific leaders will be groomed for or assume the required roles of President, VP, Secretary of State, etc. according to their abilities. In due course, some of the graduates of the private White school system delineated above
will assume jobs in the new government in subordinate or entry level roles.

In order to change the current system, a revolution or the equivalent thereof is necessary, and to staff the new White government(s), racially conscious White people thoroughly versed in the necessary disciplines must be waiting in the wings and ready to assume their responsibilities. An educational program similar to the one outlined above is a necessary prerequisite to effect the huge systemic changes we all wish would occur.
A lovely lady comrade named Edelweiss recommended this gorgeous and poignant painting from 1915 by the Swede Carl Larsson to me:

If one can believe the anti-pagan medieval author Adam of Bremen, a pagan Swedish king once offered himself as a human sacrifice to save his kingdom from woe at the grand heathen temple in Uppsala. As shocking as human sacrifice is to us nowadays, how refreshing that a king would sacrifice himself for his followers and Folk and not vice versa, when psychopaths rule us and sacrifice US to their greed for power, fame and wealth!

A book I recommend.


On another thread a comrade posted:

* * *

Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd President and writer of the Declaration of Independence, wrote some interesting observations on the jews:

In a letter to Dr. Joseph Priestly, 9 April 1803:
Originally Posted by Thomas Jefferson
I should then take a view of the deism and ethics of the Jews, and show in what a degraded state they were, and the necessity they presented of a reformation.
In a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, 21 April 1803:
Originally Posted by Thomas Jefferson
Jews. 1. Their system was Deism, that is, the belief in one only God. But their ideas of him and of his attributes were degrading and injurious.

2. Their Ethics were not only imperfect, but often irreconcilable with the sound dictates of reason and morality, as they respect intercourse with those around us; and repulsive and anti-social, as respecting other nations. They needed reformation, therefore, in an eminent degree.
In a letter to William Short, 4 April 1820:
Originally Posted by Thomas Jefferson
...His [Jesus] object was the reformation of some articles in the religion of the Jews, as taught by Moses. That sect had presented for the object of their worship, a Being of terrific character, cruel, vindictive, capricious, and unjust. Jesus, taking for His type the best qualities of the human head and heart, wisdom, justice, goodness, and adding to them power, ascribed all of those, but in infinite perfection, to the Supreme Being, and formed Him really worthy of their adoration.

Moses had either not believed in a future state of existence, or had not thought it essential to be explicitly taught to his people. Jesus inculcated that doctrine with emphasis and precision. Moses had bound the Jews to many idle ceremonies, mummeries, and observances, of no effect towards producing the social utilities which constitute the essence of virtue; Jesus exposed their futility and insignificance.

The one [i.e. Moses] instilled into his people the most anti-social spirit towards other nations; the other [i.e. Jesus] preached philanthropy and universal charity and benevolence. The office of reformer of the superstitions of a nation, is ever dangerous. Jesus had to walk on the perilous confines of reason and religion; and a step to right or left might place Him within the grasp of the priests of the superstition, a bloodthirsty race, as cruel and remorseless as the Being whom they represented as the family of God of Abraham, of Issac and of Jacob, and the local God of Israel. They were constantly laying snares, too, to entangle Him in the web of the law...
[The above quote was actually written as one paragraph, but I broke it up for easier reading]

In a letter to John Taylor, 1 June 1798:
Originally Posted by Thomas Jefferson
...they are marked, like the Jews, with such a perversity of character,...
Source: Book - Jefferson: Political Writings


I responded:

* * *

Fantastic quotes -- can you please provide the exact names of the books, publisher and page numbers where he said this? Jefferson was and is a patron saint of American freedom, and his face is of course on the nickel five-cent coin. The more we can prove he actually said this the sharper this array of word-weapons becomes.

Is this from his private letters to John Adams after they both left office? (That would figure! They always get braver as old men on death's door!)


Fearless comrade James von Brunn, who once dared try to perform a citizen's arrest on Alan Greenspan, top crook at the Federal Reserve (and did seven years in prison for his non-violent valor) sent along this great video about the Second Amendment.

Note, as this attractive and valiant lady Texan speaks, with righteous anger, the sinister glowering in the eyes of the Jew US senator Chuck Shumer.

Suzanna Gratia-Hupp: What the Second Amendment is REALLY For


BTW, there is an amusing Stormfront thread comparing my looks to Christopher Walken's!

As for a likeness to the actor Christopher Walken (not "Watkins" as in that thread), I have known since my days teaching high school that moviegoers will always and forever liken me to Walken! (BUT the Jews fear I'm actually even MORE EVIL! )

This is an accurate frontal shot.

A pic taken the day I learned Jörg Haider had been murdered in a faked car wreck in Austria. There must be justice for this assassination. As for me, I never drive alone, and Henrik Holappa is, among other skills, a trained security agent.

I thank all for their posts and inspiring praise! It is very encouraging, because understandably I tremble at the magnitude of the task, with our race's back truly to the wall (Germany in 1933 was 98% pure white and full of self-discipline) -- and I seek to serve -- by leading -- only because someone with the qualifications MUST step up to the plate - and hit a home run soon.

And I thank all who have ordered the "No More Wars for Israel" six-DVD set for $75. Like the EURO conference, it was a triumph. Don't miss USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney's speech! It has been said that by Israel "getting away" with its false-flag assault on the "Liberty" in 1967 it knew that some day it could get away with "9/11." Except it DIDN'T. The Internet has sprouted since then, and polls show more than half of all Americans suspect it was a giant lie.

If Ron Paul had had the guts to take on 9/11, the USS Liberty, the Holohoax and electronic vote fraud, ALL Jew-run mega-scandals, instead of praising Martin King and Rosa Parks, he would have been sensational. But then he was in no way a national socialist, not even a modern American version of one. The man went through thirty-four million dollars.......and dashed many a hope. I think somehow "they got to him," probably with death threats.

I have faced death; I did so in the first year I was in the Cause, when germanophobic Dutch Marines plotted, four against one, to throw me overboard at night into the dark Mediterranean off the moving USS Inchon.

Death with honor is our reality and our privilege. This has to be a soul struggle, a religious epic; it all goes now way beyond politics. It's a soul question, and we Aryans have to become "soul men."


My interview with the reporter for Canal + television, France. Se was quite fair with Pastor Tom Robb, as he himself told me. We shall see.

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