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White townships -- AFTER political "clout" shields them

A fine and action-oriented comrade called me and suggested I read the below, and then discussed my practical election plans for the future.

Here is his vision of autonomous white townships:

* * *

Plan for victory
Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 14:32


As educated and loyal National Socialists we can all agree, I’m sure, that since [the 1967 death by assassination of George Lincoln] Rockwell we have been failing miserably at having any kind of permanent progress and in turn we have suffered from minimal growth and many splinters in what was once a united movement.

Combat vet and US Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. My family in Rhode Island knew his brother. I was affiliated with his National Socialist White People's Party in 1978-80, and wrote a number of articles for its newspaper, White Power. (One, "Go Tell the Spartans," provoked a letter of praise from Savitri Devi over in Europe, who wrote Rockwell's successor, Matt Koehl, to say she wanted to meet me -- this from White Power's editor, comrade Martin Kerr.) Cmdr. Rockwell attended Brown University in Providence, on the Angell Street my ancestor Thomas Angell founded. Charismatic, fearless, tall and tough, "Rocky" (as my late friend Ralph Grandinetti, a former Stormtrooper, called him) also had a keen sense of humor and of showmanship, no doubt from his vaudeville father. And he knew how to make a haranga (whence our word "harangue"), the Frankish-Germanic word for a commander's war speech, and how to effectively ridicule the Enemy. On many a campus he won over the students' hearts -- first with his courage, then with his humor, then with his facts and finally with his soaring ideal of the White Folk Community, of a safe, proud, free, white American Reich.

The lack of progress has repelled the masses putting into their mindset that this is an idea which time will never come again. The lack of progress has caused many splits with different leaders thinking they can bring victory in their own ways -- which each time have failed.

We have seen almost every tactic put into effect and in turn we have seen no results. What we need is progress. With a progressive idea we can grow exponentially as well as unite the movement under one banner as it truly is meant to be. Since we know the problem what is the solution?

I’m sure everyone who has been in the Movement for any length of time is tired of talkers that never actually do anything. We all know when building you don’t start at the roof, you build from the bottom. We want the formation of a National Socialist state. The foundation of a nation is the community which there are countless towns around the nation.

Now cities have become the economic pillars that hold up the current materialistic society we live in. These cities are over run with non-whites and have been rotted to their very cores.

Blacks openly celebrate their separate Kwanzaa festival, and dominate many cities, although Mexicans are crowding them out. They demand and get their own postage stamp to celebrate separateness - and BLACK POWER.

For our new nation we must build new communities that will become new pillars for a new society. If we cannot at least create a small network any potential new nation and any possible progress our race can ever achieve will be wiped away. We have reasonable goals which we now know must be met for the sake of our race. We must build [b]small communities prepared for the future collapse of America which will stand for National Socialism.

Brief Plan:

Phase 1: Creating a Blueprint.

Research the general area you personally think can serve the idea as a good strategic area. Move to the area if you’re not already there. Then look at small, manageable towns nearby. See what you have to work with, finances as well as local comrades and potential newcomers to the area. Research is a long, boring phase but without creating a blueprint for your future communities all will fail. Each town you look at and each person who moves to the area is progress.

Phase 2: Building a community.

This is when you take your idea and bring it into the physical realm. This begins as soon as you buy the first piece of land in the targeted town. By moving others to the targeted town you grow political strength as well as economic strength in the area. Each person that moves into the town means more "clout" affecting businesses and politicians -- since no company wants a boycott and no politician wants to be removed from office.

Once multiple communities have been formed we can begin networking and helping each other with whatever one community happens to lack. When you have established a fully functional and self-dependent community of national socialists, in which we can sustain ourselves with our own crops and live stock as well as generate our own electricity and have our own water supply, then we are ready to move to phase 3.

Elovena, the symbol in Finland of a wholesome white farm girl.

Phase 3: Defending the community

With every political movement and idea there must be something to enforce it. In some states a legal militia can be formed -- and in other states a simple gun club -- can come in use to help educate National Socialist members of our community on survival and protection of not only themselves and their community but the entire network of communities that will stand the test of time so when order breaks down we can secure a territory for our own people.

Phase 4: Roll of the dice

It is hard to put a time frame on any plan but we can see milestones which in time can be reached. Phase 3 will be the only phase that can be reached by the will of our fellow kinsmen. The final phase [defense] will have to wait until order in our nation breaks down. Then we will come to power not because we marched a hundred people in the streets or passed out fliers to our neighbors but because our communities are self-sufficient and will feel very little effects of the breakdown.

When cities lose power and face riots we will have our electricity and we will have a protective force to keep OUR people safe. By merely keeping order in our community and in all communities in the network we can become beacons of light which, in the darkness that will surely come, shall attract the masses.


I responded:

* * *

Dear kinsman,

I read your eminently practical vision for town-building.

It is clear that we were destined to "meet," even if so far only by phone and email.

There is, however, as you know, a crisis that overrides your plans, and that is that the Jews will NOT tolerate any such townships succeeding unless we can prevent them from carrying out their thwarting countermeasures:

1) what they really want to have is martial law, a ban on "hate speech" as in Europe or Canada, and a roundup of dissidents (subsequent to another false-flag attack such as 9/11 or a biological epidemic); your townships would then be ruled "discriminatory" and "hate communities," or "militia hotbeds" and shut down;
2) literally poisoning wells (which Jews infamously did throughout the Middle Ages) or the reservoirs the township needs for drinking and irrigation
3) assassination of township leaders and of followers

Two lieutenants of Austrian governor Jörg Haider mourn the "car-accidented" white leader.

The ultra-high-tech Volkswagen Phaeton of Governor Haider, a $100,00 car designed to protect the driver by computer and construction from even a severe roll-over or crash, and to slow down the vehicle as soon as the suspension sensors detect that the car has left the roadbed. Note the circular hole over the driver's seat.

4) constant, costly vandalism of buildings and equipment and killing or mutilating of livestock (which the Blacks loved to do to white farmers' poor animals in the old Rhodesia and South Africa; some pitiable cows had their hamstrings cut or even chunks of living meat sliced out).

All your plans are brilliant, but there must be a gigantic political movement FIRST that catches on like wildfire so as to protect your project among the broad white masses, both politically and PR-wise, and makes your plan something that ZOG dare not shut down.

There must be police and National Guard officers who read our materials or see them on the Net and then tip us off to any attack; these are the future "friendlies," as was said during the Vietnam War, who give us at least info if not much more. Sometimes friendlies even "lose" useful equipment. . . .

The J-Team understands as well as you do that a network of Aryan-ruled townships as per your vision will eventually attract hordes of desperate Whites who feel economically, physically and culturally endangered.

This necklace of sparkling, safe, prosperous White townships undermines their plan for gradual or rapid genocide very insidiously -- but as an insidious people themselves, and one that, admirably enough, thinks in terms of generations and even centuries, they understand the long-term threat that you pose very well.

You undermine them slowly but surely, non-violently but definitely. You reverse the whole process of the darkening of America. You create "a thousand points of light" where they seek a gathering darkness. You create hope; they want despair, resignation, shattered morale, and defeatism.


Therefore I appreciated doubly your surprise phone call inquiring about my nuts-and-bolts practical political plans.

We must have, in my view, the following -- in chronological order:

1) THE BOOK with THE vision, and THE plan, by THE leader; all of which gives birth to . . .
2) a white TRIBE with all the trimmings of a genuine tribe, i.e., a separate, identifiable ETHNIC GROUP as are the Jews or the Amish, or the Overseas Chinese (but a group that other Whites, after a rigorous filtering process, can join); then after the tribe is founded and grows we need . . .

Some manly Keystone activists in a tug-of-war at a very fun picnic this July; Henrik Holappa (in foreground) helped his side win.
3) a practical election-participating political movement
4) and only then can we build your townships that ZOG is afraid to shut down for fear of dire consequences.

The political movement has two cardinal demands:

1) keep the First Amendment;
2) keep the Second Amendment.

If either key part of the Bill of Rights is gutted by tyranny, we MUST fight.

Both your area in the Prairie States and mine in the Appalachians are viable as White Bastions. Let us pursue our dialogue, and smith out plans for iron-clad action -- then DO it.

The Appalachian states of PA, OH, WV and KY are gorgeous and overwhelmingly White and rightwing -- and armed. -- and disgusted. Here is a scene behind our house.

First, I must complete my book, THE Folk Book, I hope, for our race.


God willing, I will provide a vision, plan and organization, and Obama and the Great Jewpression will actually aid us.

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