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The Stages and Goals of the Wolf!

The Stages and Goals of the Wolf!
Or, The Philosophy of the Wolf part 3
By Hardy Lloyd
(Written on the 6th of January, 90 FE)
Stage one – Understanding the Wolf
To become the Wolf you first must understand the Wolf! Even then many who understand do not become the Wolf. And to understand you must be 100% pure White! No 1/8th or 1/16th shit, either! Light eyes and European blood. Green or blue or grey eyes and brown or red or black or blonde hair.
After being pure White, you than must evolve into pure Aryan. The difference is that a White is genetically Aryan, but not mentally Aryan. An Aryan is mentally and spiritually Aryan, and not just genetic! But in order to evolve into pure Aryan you must embrace the Wolf.
To embrace the Wolf you must first understand the Wolf! To understand the Wolf you must know and except these facts: That Might is Right! That the Ends Always Justify the Means! That the weak must be killed off so that the strong survive! And that the Wolf comes before family and race!
That’s right, those Aryans who think as we do are our ONLY Comrades! All the others are just brain-dead to be used against our enemies. All that “Movement” shit you hear is a scam, a fraud! There is no “Movement”, only a collection of White Racial Loyalists who haven’t the balls to kill and die for the cause! The average racially conscience White you meet is afraid to personally suffer for the Race as a whole. He is a weakling, a meek mouse who clings to his shiny safety net. He claims to worship the SS and the Vikings of old, but in truth he is a coward! A pestilence upon the Aryan race! A scourge to be culled from the herd!
Most Whites are scum! Even the racial ones must be purged from our blood. Before this great war is over, 99.99% of our own blood MUST be spilled in order to achieve perfection! This simple fact of Nature is looked upon with dread by those of the so-called “Movement”. They know that they can never survive any apocalyptic scenario. They also understand full well that only an apocalyptic scenario will save our race from extermination. They dread their own victory, and fight against it.
In order to win the war we must suffer and die! No war or revolution was ever won by passing out fliers and holding “legal” meetings. Oh, how pathetic they are… You people need to wake up! You must give up the shiny stuff in the shopping malls, and you must be jailed and assassinated, and you must kill the “innocent” children of our enemies in order to save a future place for our race.
This brings up recruiting and debating. Don’t bother wasting your time. True Aryans are born, never recruited! If someone had to convince you to join the cause, than I want nothing to do with you! Same for the endless debates… Stop that shit! Save your flier money for guns!
Most people in the “Movement”, most Whites who are racist simply shave their heads and scream “White Power” online in racial forums. To them, the White Power forum IS the “Movement”! And most of those in groups are more CONservative than racist! The only reason they join a group is so they can complain about the niggers and about losing their jobs to those who will not criticize them. MADNESS!
Once you’ve stopped wasting your time on trying to convince yourself that the “holocaust” was fake, which it sadly was, or trying to recruit your neighbor into the “Movement”, that’s when you can start to understand the Wolf.
Understand this, reject the philosophies! Understand this, reject the ideologies! Understand this, that Might Makes Right! Understand this, that the Ends Justify the Means! And understand this, you must reject the “Movement”!
The Wolf is an Aryan, almost always a man, who lives in the animal instincts of Nature and Barbarity! The Wolf cares nothing for saving the weak of our race! The Wolf cares nothing for White people! The Wolf cares for those of like mind. Those who can kill and do whatever they have to do, whatever they want to do. The Wolf is the Superman of a billion years of evolution. The Wolf spits in the face of those who understand, but who haven’t the strength to kill and die for the cause!
Once you have grasped the understanding of the Wolf and given up on any material ideas, than you can choose whether or not to become the Wolf…
Stage two – Becoming the Wolf
Understanding the Wolf and becoming a Wolf are very different. Many who learn the ways of the Wolf end up going mad and either kill themselves or just start to randomly kill the sheep. Which isn’t a bad thing. Nope, far from it. But they usually end up killing the lower sheep, and not the RICH or the RABBI sheep!
Becoming the Wolf means you train your mind and body on a daily bases. You study and you work out every week! You accept the fact that the Whites must be killed off, and that the Aryan must wade through rivers of blood. You must except and embrace killing and death! Especially the killing of your own family and the death of your own life! Without accepting those two truths you will never become the Wolf!
This is not a membership club! This is not a “peaceful political movement”! This is a war for the survival of the Aryan species! That means killing ALL, especially family and children, who reject the Wolf! That means DYING for the cause and KILLING for the race! That means actually suffering and sacrificing for the cause! That means creating anarchy and chaos in order to bring about the downfall of society so we can take over and kill off the weak scum of the Earth!
This “Movement” mentality must stop! All the “leaders” of the “Movement” are chicken shit cowards, who care only for increased membership so they can make more money and stay out of jail longer. That is no way to fight a Revolution, let alone win a FUCKING WAR!! You win by killing the enemy and by sacrificing your own life and freedom so that one day way down the road your great great grandchildren can live free!
We exist only to kill, fight, breed and die! Collecting stuff is not what we Aryan’s are meant to do! Living long lives of peace and safety are sins! Americanized living is an evil plague!
I do not understand how Whites who claim to be racist reject violence?!? To reject violence and suffering is pure madness! I understood at age 8 that I would be arrested at least twice, and that I would probably be murdered by age 50! I never wasted my time with collage, which is a farce! Nor did I waste my time trying to collect shit or stay out of jail or to “lead any normal life”… Normalcy is chaos! The Universe lives in chaos! To reject these simply truths is to reject life!
Accept that only a handful of Whites are capable of being Aryan, and that you must kill off most of your own race! Accept that true Aryans are born and never recruited! Do not waste time trying to recruit, nor join any groups! Simply be a Wolf and be a Lone Wolf! Cells are ok, granted that you’ve known the guy for years and that he is tried and true! One or two close Comrades can achieve more than an army of 10,000 Ku Klux Klansmen! Accept no ideologies but the Wolf! Accept that we must plunge the world into anarchy and Chaos and that we ourselves must suffer and die before things get better! Nothing great or wonderful was ever won or created without great personal sacrifice!!
Once you accept these things and understand them, then you are the Wolf!
Stage three – Living as a Wolf
Study and work out every week! Read books, turn off your TV! In fact, you shouldn’t even have cable, only racist and racial movies to fuel your soul!
As for music, listen to RAC, Metal and Classical only! Stay away from music of the weak! Beethoven and Wagner are wonderful fuel! MANOWAR and HammerFall are good to listen too! As for RAC/OI, Skrewdriver, RAHOWA, and anything hardcore and badass!
As for books, read philosophy, warfare, racist and racial fiction, and some humor… Julius Evola is good Aryan philosophy. Just remember that when he talks of “tradition” he is speaking of ancient tradition, and NOT anything modern! By modern I mean anything of the last 10,000 years.
Other books and authors to read would be Nietzsche, “Might Is Right”, “First Blood”, “The Iron Dream”, and “The Art of War”.
Books and authors that have a semi soft message but are good to read would be “The Turner Diaries”, “Hunter”, “KD Rebel”, “Hear the Cradle Song”, “Fight Club”, “The Satanic Bible”, Edward Abbey, George Carlin (books and late stand-up era), “The Iron Heel”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Fahrenheit 451”, Chariots of the Gods” and “Fingerprints of the Gods” (proof that we ain’t from here!),
Good Racist or Racial movies to watch would include “Triumph of the Will”, “300”, “Michael Collins”, “Rob Roy”, “Crank”, “Requiem”, “Death Sentence”, “Death Wish”, and “A Clockwork Orange”.
Semi soft movies to watch: “Romper Stomper”, “Fight Club”, “Red Dawn”, “They Live”, “Dune” (1984), “The Siege At Ruby Ridge”, “Green Street Hooligans”, “Birth of a Nation”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “THX 1138”, “Arlington Road”, “Pay Back”, “Zulu”, “V for Vendetta”, “The molly Maguires”, “Natural born killers”, and “Paparazzi”.
That list is of books and movies that I have already watched/read… There are a few more that I could have added, but without reading or watching them first I can’t be sure their message is correct.
DO NOT watch “American History X”! I cannot tell you how much I hate that fucking movie!! Also, “1984” is too depressing to watch. But it does show accurately in what direction the anglo countries are going in, or where they already are.
It is important that you exercise both your mind and your body! Do not just sit and watch racist movies every day, but also work out and build up your body so you can handle yourself!
Acting as a Wolf also means you do not hang out with none Wolves. It’s ok to party and have non Wolf racist contacts for now. But always remember that they are not of the Wolf so they are not your true friends! Just because a guy is racist and that you’ve known him for a while don’t mean shit! He can betray you at the drop of a hat.
TRUST NO ONE!! This is common sense. Trust only Wolves that you’ve known for years. I can’t tell you how many a good Aryan or White was betrayed by a racial acquaintance that they knew for a year or less! In fact, cowards and spies will not only live as racialists but will do this for many years. Trust no one and make sure to force a Lie-Detector test onto new acquaintances!! If they refuse dump them, or kill them if you can get away with it.
Do not shake hands with anyone! Shaking hands is an old custom that originally showed the other person that you were not armed. It also shows you to be a friend of or a respecter of the one you are shaking hands with. True friends need not shake hands to show their loyalty, and non Wolves we care nothing for.
How to get a wife:
Well, if its pre Chaos than you will have to force racialism onto her. There are very few Aryan women out there. Almost all are White. You will need to force racism unto her! Show her that you are a racist and that you ain’t going to change! Then you give her an ultimatum, but after you’ve gotten her to fall in love with you first. Never fall in love with a woman until she has become an Aryan! The ultimatum should be “You either become a racist LIKE ME or I leave your ass!”
If it is post Chaos time, then just take a woman or five and force them to be your wives! Some will require brute force, others will require tender affections.
Wolves are polygamists! Not all can handle multiple wives, not all want multiple wives, but our race demands multiple wives! The Alphas MUST mate as much as possible!!
As to giving children and women respect… If they think and act and live as Aryans, as Wolves, than yes! But remember that the husband is the head of the household!
The household should function as a tight-knit unit! The man works, the wife stays home and teaches the children, the children play with each other and no one else. Home school your kids! Keep them out of schools and hospitals! Do not send them to college! College is a waste of time and money. And NEVER EVER give your children vaccines!!
It all boils down to living as a strong man and a carrying woman and an obedient child. Do not embrace any form of living that goes against the Man being the strong and masculine Viking warrior who works the fields, the Woman being the carrying mother, the obedient wife, and the caretaker of the house, and the child learning from his parents and obeying them! Of course, in the modern anglo countries, this is somewhat hard, but only if you let it be hard. Don’t buy so much and the wife will be able to stay at home and teach the children might from weakness! You do not need to own every racist book written, nor cable TV, nor 2 cars, nor a swimming pool, nor children’s toys, nor that awesome game system, nor anything other than guns and a few racist books!! The weak shop, the strong live!
Stage four – Striking as the Wolf
A thousand little bites are better than one big failed chomp! We are trying to destroy by wearing down and creating Chaos and more restrictions! The more restrictions and anti White laws they create, the more the people can be forced to accepting our ideas!
Remember that you are one of many, and others are also biting. I hear many complain to me that Lone Wolf strikes are useless… It only seems this way because the System does not report Lone Wolf attacks, or they mislabel them as drug or gang related. A good Lone Wolf can make a strike look like just an ordinary crime committed by niggers!
Targets of Chaos:
Water treatment plants! Fuel depots! Water Towers! Power plants! Jobs and the economy!
Remember, we want to create Chaos so that we can make people do what we want, and so we can fight on a more even playing field. Without gas it will take the cops an hour to show up! Without electricity no one can call the cops! The more attacks we do the more anti White laws they pass! The more anti White laws they pass the more open the brain-dead are to us! If we can get the System to ban guns outright, or to start a nation wide curfew, or to bomb a city, the easier it will be to manipulate the Whites to our advantage!!
The strong rule the weak! We must use the White race!
Fortune favors the bold! We must do and act!
Stay away from groups or any type of recruiting!! Put up Lone Wolf stickers all ya want too! Stickers are great for pissing people off! Unlike fliers, which cost too much!
Oh, I’m sure you are wondering if you should dress as a Skinhead or not… There are two answers to this:
1) The System is stupid. Powerful, but dumb! If they look at you as a moron then they will leave you alone, no matter how much terrorism you promote. I am living proof of this!
2) But if you want to get inside and attack from within, than you must not be open and public!
You can be an open Skinhead, and have a website and everything, and still kill people and blow up stuff. You just need to be careful! If you are going to do something do it right the first time! And keep your mouth shut about what you do! Jerk off and remember what ya did, just don’t brag about doing it!! So many Lone Wolves get caught because they either were sloppy or because they blabbed!!
You know you did it, and that should be good enough.
Also remember to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT when the cops question you!! I know of what I speak!! Tell them “I have nothing to say!” Period, end of fucking sentence!!
The cops do not care about you! They don’t want to “help you”! They will threaten you and threaten those you may love! Spit in their face and tell them “I have nothing to say!” That way even if they throw you in jail, you cannot “help them” by turning anyone else in!
People get convicted in court because they either shot someone in the middle of Main Street during rush hour, or because they TALKED!! If you act alone and keep your mouth shut you will get away!! Also make sure you leave no evidence behind!
Concerning Guns:
Try to use throw-away and straw bought guns only! Make sure the serial numbers are cut off!! Throw them away in a river or a large lake. Always wipe off the gun before and after use, and the ammo before use!! After you’ve used a gun scratch the inside of the barrel.
You can make homemade silencers by getting large barrel guns and drilling holes into the barrel. Make sure to smooth out the holes inside the barrel, or the gun will blow up!! Two cheap and quick tricks are to use a 2 litter plastic soda bottle, or to wrap a towel around the gun. Make sure you can fire the hammer down first!
Revolvers are best because they do not eject cartridges and they never brake! They even have some that hold 7 or 8 rounds. Do not use a 22 or 32 to kill people. You might have to shoot the fucker 10 times. Never use a gun below a 380 caliber, 9MM, or a 38 special. And remember, two in the back of the head and ya know they’re dead.
Now, concerning Pistols… Pistols do eject the cartridges, which isn’t good. And they do brake down 1,000 times faster than a Revolver, and have many moving parts which can damage faster… But, they do carry more rounds and have less recoil then a Revolver. Some clips carry 20 or 25 rounds! This is good when you need to send a lot of bullets at a target which is far away.
I suggest that you use the Revolver to kill and the Pistol as a walking around piece. Note, if you do own a Pistol you must also own a Revolver! Revolvers are 1,000 times more reliable and will rarely brake or jam on ya. I had a Pistol jam on me in public once or twice.
Or carry a 357 Magnum or a 44 Magnum Revolver and a 380 Pistol as backup. Don’t buy the high powered guns like the 454 or the 500 S+W. They are too heavy, and the recoil makes your second shot wild. A 38 special or a 357 Magnum should be good enough to get the job done. 44 Magnums are good, but 45’s tend to throw the bullet wild the further away your target is. And please buy up. The more money the gun the less likely it will jam on ya. You don’t need to spend $2,000, but those “Saturday Night Specials” are crap!
Making Homemade Bombs:
Bleach and ammonia mixed can kill! Bleach and Potato Whitener can make people really sick. However, remember to wear a gas mask when doing this!! I almost killed myself making poison gas a couple of times.
Pipe bombs are easy to make. Children can make them without being told how.
You can make Napalm by mixing gas and Styrofoam for 24-48 hours, or with gas and peanuts for the same amount of time.
Root Beer soda bottles are great for making Molotov Cocktails! For some reason root beer bottles are really thin.
For terror strikes, skin people. Do really terrible things to them and their families! Rape their daughters in front of them! Rape their sons in front of them! Be cruel! Be barbaric! Be mean, nasty and brutish! Our enemies are play things for us. Use them and delight in their suffering.
When cornered by the System go out in a hail of bullets! Force the cops to kill you. Take as many of them out as you can. Hell, strap TNT to your body and walk right into a police station and blow yourself up! Without police the System lies naked! Their army and FBI is nothing without the cops to help them locally.
Remember that we are trying to bring about the downfall of society by any and all means possible! Might Makes Right, and Our Ends Justify Our Means! Suicide bomb! Force the System to clamp down harder on the brain-dead! Terror works, and only Chaos will free our race from slavery!
Stage five – Running a Wolf state after the Holy Chaos
You should have stocked up on items of life, such as guns, weapons, ammo, canned food, water, medical and other, already! Make sure you also have a copy or two of “Might is Right” as well as other important racial items. Like “March of the Titans” and another copy or two of “Might is Right”. lol
Once the fallout has subsided you and your people, if any, should then set up a Kingdom somewhere. A place with food and water, and little poison.. A place that can be defended easily! Then you go to neighboring Hamlets and steal their White women, White babies that have blue or green or grey eyes, and supplies. You can steal brown eyed White women, but kill each baby they produce that has brown or hazel eyes!
You should attempt to brainwash the women you take. Kidnapping men can also be done, but only as quick, cheap labor. Never keep anyone as a slave for more than a few weeks. Slavery ends up enslaving the master! Do not keep any thralls!!
The light eyed babies and young light eyed children you kidnap should be trained and brainwashed from the start! And kill anyone who shows the slightest bit of resistance!!
When you march into a Hamlet or village and the local people throw ANY resistance at you, crush them! Destroy the village, enslave the women for breeding, take the light eyed babies, and kill all the men and brown eyed women! Leave the village a smoldering hole in the ground!
If one under you fails big kill him! Do it so he is an example to the others to not fail.
Goal one of the Wolf – Understand and Accept
Understand that most Whites need to die! Understand that only through Chaos can we take back the planet! Understand that White tradition must be destroyed! Understand that Might is Right! And understand that the ends always justify the means!
Goal two of the Wolf – Become and Live
Study classical works of Aryan thought and music and art! Listen to music that makes you strong, like Metal and RAC! Also listen to music of Aryan passion, like Beethoven and European Folk music! Exercise every week, study every day! Raise your children Aryan; Proud and Strong! Prepare by storing ammo and food supplies! Remember that nothing is won without sacrifice!
Goal three of the Wolf - Strike Hard and Fast
Create Chaos so that the world plunges into a state of Anarchy!
Goal four of the Wolf – Gathering after the Storm
Come together, breed many and fast, and conquer all before you!
Goal five of the Wolf – The Utopia
After the murder of all lower life, and the breeding of Alphas only, the Aryan Utopia of the Aryanus Maximus shall come to pass…!
A finale note:
The reason people call me crazy, the reason racists reject my teachings is quite simple… Almost all racialists are living in the nineteenth century! They either cannot see or choose to not see the plain fact before us. And that is that we must plunge the world into absolute Chaos and Anarchy if we are to win back our planet! We must spread a world wide plague and allow the Alphas to kill off all the Whites, so that after a few hundred years we can build a better world.
There is no other way now. It has gone too far. We must create an apocalypse and kill off 99.99% of our own race if we are to get back to a natural state of being!

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