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HardyLloyd.Com Store is BACK!

Hardy Lloyd's "The Wotanist Bible" (first edition signed) - $18
Hardy Lloyd's "The Wotanist Bible" (second edition signed) - These will be bigger than the first one and out sometime in 2010.
1 Europa Fascist Flag - $20
1 Turner Diaries on tape (out of print), slight damage to the case, tapes are great! - $15 (Normally $50 on Ebay!)
1 Collection of COTC/WCOTC pamphlets, leaflets, FACTS booklets, audio cassettes and stickers!! Plus, "I talked with God" by Ben Klassen (pamphlet - out of print original!) - $500 [Normally $1,000 on Ebay!]
1 Original copy of "Salubrious Living" - $300 [Normally $500 on Ebay!]
1 Original copy of "White Mans Bible" - $400 [Normally $500 on Ebay!]
1 Original copy of the "Little White Book" - $250 [Normally $400 on Ebay!]
1 The Complete Works of Shakespeare (out of print mini hardbacks - comes in a hardbound case - AS NEW!) - $300 [normally $700 on Ebay!]
Original copies of George Lincoln Rockwell's "American Nazi Party"! These are the real ones, out of print and hard as fuck to get!! Good to great shape!! E-mail me for details...!
PRICES: "Stormtrooper" mags - $250 each (around 12 copies), "Rockwell Reports" - $250 each (around 6 copies), Mish-Mash of stuff - $200
1 Hitler's War (VHS copy of David Irvingʼs book! - Original 2 tape set. Out of print!) - $15 [normally $50 on Ebay!]
1 Hitlers War (VHS copy - single tape copy of the double - I am NOT making multiple copies!) - $10 [normally $30 on Ebay!]
1 David Irving Interviewed on BBC (VHS copy - Original - Out of print!) - $15 [normally $50 on Ebay!]
Other items soon...

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