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A Guide For the Young Racist

A Guide For the Young Racist

Or, The Philosophy of the Wolf part 4

By Hardy Lloyd

(written on 28th of January, 90 FE)



First off, get all that “MOVEMENT” shit out of your heads!! Don’t try to “find a higher purpose in life”, and don’t join any groups! If ya came this far, if ya like my writings, then you are one step through the door of Aryan and you need no “higher purpose” or group!


Second, turn off your television! Don’t waste your time watching every video you can find that talks about Nazis and Skinheads.


Third, exercise your mind and your body! Read racial philosophy, turn your diet 50% into organic fruits and vegetables, and lift weights. Just don’t dwell on any of that Nazi Mysticism or Cosmotheism or Creativity or Odinism/Wotanism shit. Read my writings, Friedrich Nietzsche, Julius Evola, Benito Mussolini, “Might is Right”, and European philosophy by those who are Fascists or Third Positionists. Stay away from Savitri Devi, William Pierce, Miguel Serrano, any form of Christ-INSANITY! All that New Age racialism is for people who cannot simply live as an Atheist Racist! And don’t get all excited about Ben Klassen’s writings, either. While he was closer to my way of thinking, he still tried too hard. We don’t need 13 books on how to be Aryan! True Aryans are born, NEVER recruited!! And Creativity completely rejects Aryan spirituality. As for René Guénon…? First read Julius Evola.


Look, we are not apart of any higher purpose or form or function. We simply are the product of millions of years of evolution. The Master Race through active and passive Eugenics over many, many years…


Having stated that we are an evolved animal let me also say that I believe that we are not from Earth originally. Nor do I believe that we evolved from niggers, even though I have never had a problem with that, because it also proves the superiority of the Aryan Race! The evidence shows us that we Aryans have lived on Mars and that all of our ancient mythology tells of us coming from a planet called Thule, which I place in the first star on Orion’s belt, some 800 light years away from Earth.


It is NOT important to believe in any idea or ideology that does not save the Aryan race. Nor is it important to believe in ALL pro White ideologies or ideas. Nor does it matter if we can prove our beliefs or not. We are not here to recruit non racists, nor are we here to debate anti racists… We are here to fight, kill and die for the survival of the Aryan race in some numbers. That is all we are meant to do! That and have some fun doing it.


Too much time is wasted on trying to recruit people who are not worth saving in the first place! Too much time is wasted on debating people who don’t care that we are right! Too much time is wasted on trying to prove to the world that the so-called “holocaust” didn’t happen! Who cares that it didn’t happen? Who cares about winning an argument with some anti racist loser? Who really wants to fight in the trenches with a guy who had to be convinced in the righteousness of our cause? I sure want nothing to do with anyone who had to be convinced in racism! I was born a racist and all of my friends came to racism on their own!


Most of the “Movements” members are racist either out of fear or out of a personal grudge. People need to be racist because they hate the destruction of their species! They hate the enslavement of their species! They hate the enemy because he is the enemy! This “Economic Racism”, as I call it, must stop! This is a way of life and an ideology of the Universe, not a Sunday picnic party!!


Another problem of the “Movement” is that it is full of false ideology! Ideology that attacks and subjugates the very core of Aryan being! Let’s look at a few…


Cosmotheism – This trash was created by Willy Pierce, founder of the National Alliance, a hypocritical and greedy CONservative group that seeks to subjugate Whites to a CONservative and traditionalist lifestyle. Cosmotheism is nothing but a rip-off of Creativity, with a spook element added to it. It seeks to ban smoking, beer, Rock music, tattoos and anything that doesn’t fit into a 1950’s CONservative America!


Creativity – Creativity rejects that which makes us Aryans Aryan. It looks at the Universe through a science only mindset. Refusing to acknowledge that the Aryan soul is emotional and spiritual. By spiritual I mean that there is an emotional side to the science side of our minds. Plus it’s got too much shit! We don’t need rules and commandments, only hardcore emotional psychoticness!


Nazism – Anglo/Anglo-Saxon Nazism is very different from that of Hitler and Europa! Anglo Nazism is a CONservative and traditionalist version. Which is very harmful to our people! Any form of traditionalism and CONservativism, no matter how pro White, is bad for our race!! Now, Hitler Nazism is too old fashioned. While not as CONservative as the American form, it is still too traditional to be Aryan. Hitler could have cleaned house and killed off the traditional Germanic nationalism that infected the Party, but he didn’t!


Christian-Identity – Now, while ANY form of Christ-INSANITY is bad, CI is really bad! These twits took an anti White, un Aryan belief system, created by the JEWS, and turned it into a White Power ideology. However, you cannot have Christ-INSANITY without the INSANE shit!! Christ-INSANITY teaches weakness and is a poison to our racial being! I don’t care how pro White it is, it is still CHRISTIAN! Plus, most of these CI Ku Klux Klansmen are CONservative, anti Nazi, traditionalist fucks!


Mormonism – LDS Mormonism is lost, even though there are still old school Mormons in it. And FLDS Mormonism doesn’t fight back against the System. Also, it is an ideology based upon JEW Christ-INSANITY! Enough said…!


Nationalism – Nationalism isn’t even a White Power trait, and I really shouldn’t include it in here, but so many of “our people” call themselves “Nationalists”, that I have to… Nationalism is a weakness and a sickness! It says to us that you place two lines on a map above your own species. It tells us that you are scum, just like the Communists. It tells us that you fear being labeled a Nazi or a Racist in public. It tells us that you are a weak fool! Nationalism is non Racist. It is a traditionalist belief in an outdated idea of race. Any time I hear someone call themselves a “White Nationalist”, I laugh at them and spit upon their name!


CONservativism – This right-wing, as the Americans call it, bullshit is NOT White Racial Loyalty!! Groups like the National Alliance and others of that ilk are full of shit for perpetuating the myth that CONservativism is somehow White Power. It ain’t! Stay away from that type of thinking! Too many of our people, or those who claim to be our people, or who want to be our people, think that in order to be White Pride or Racial or White that all it takes is believing in nationalism, capitalism, and perhaps Christ-INSANITY… None of those things are White, much less Aryan! Only a tool would hide under a false banner of White Pride. We are angry tigers! Men who hold dear the titles of Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, Racist, Bigot, and my favorite EVIL HATE MONGERS! We don’t care what people think of us, nor do we bother debating people or recruiting people. We are White Power and we show it by dressing as Skinheads and kicking ass, especially the White ass of fakers and shirkers!!


Traditionalism – What the Anglo/Anglo-Saxon White Power guy refers to as “Traditional” or “White Traditionalism” is only what has happened in the last 200 or 2,000 years of mankind. True Traditionalism, that of me and Julius Evola, is how we Aryans lived 50,000 years ago on Mars and Thule! Being Aryan is not embracing everything that your family embraced for the last 200 years.


Capitalism promotes greed, nationalism promotes the enemy, Christianity promotes slavery, and being traditional promotes bad and un Aryan habits!


Fascism and Satanism are kool! But the WOLF is best!!


Now let’s look at what is not necessary…


Buying every documentary on racists. -  When I first got started I would scour every store in town looking for anything racist or racial. Now, while I am able to block out the anti propaganda with ease, almost everyone else can’t. And so they fill their heads with bullshit in an attempt to become racial. With the internet it is no longer necessary to scour the town looking for anything that mentions Nazis and Skinheads. Do not get caught up in the need to view all that is stamped with a Swastika.


Being a part of the “Movement”. – We all hate to be alone, but I live by this maxim: It is better to be alone and cold in the mud then to be surrounded by 1,000 armed men who are traitors! Most people in the so-called “Movement” are pussies who assume that the only prerequisite to doing anything good for your race is to be a “White Nationalist” and put up fliers on telephone poles… Being a good racist is killing the enemy and dying for the cause! Helping your species survive means you have to give up on all traditionalist thought! Being a TRUE White Racial Loyalist means you study, make babies, kill ALL enemies, including fellow Whites, and that you DIE for the fucking cause!! Most racists you’ll run into are to chicken to kill and too comfortable to fight for the cause! Fighting a revolution for freedom means you must suffer for the end victory. Being a comfortable racist is the yellow way to live life, and it ain’t much living either.


Being a Lone Wolf…


Work alone or with men you’ve known to be true for at least 10-20 years, or with your racist family unit: the woman who married you because she can’t live without you! And don’t forget to propagandize your children!!


Use weapons that you can handle. Use straw bought or black market bought guns. Make sure to wear disguises. Make sure to destroy all that you used after the job is done. Knives make good weapons, since they make no sound.


And don’t brag about what you’ve done! Keep your mouth shut! If ever questioned by the pigs say: “I have nothing to say!” till they let ya go…!


Finding love…


Women who are in need of a strong emotional boost or bond! Women who desperately seek love at any and all costs. Women who have been raped by a nigger or other mud. Women who hate niggers for various personal reasons.


Do not tell the woman that you kill people in the middle of the night right off! Slide into that. Wait for her to totally embrace racialism! Show her that your racism is why you are so devoted to her, why you are so loving to her…! Give her head, slowly take her off non racist things, and stand up for her no matter what!! I did for my wife! I killed someone who threatened to kill her, and I went to jail!!


After a year of total love and propaganda, the woman should be ready for being an open racist herself. But, no matter how racist she is, or how ready she is to help you kill someone, you must always remember that the man is the over all leader of the household! Yet, never look down on her! For Aryan woman is still a capable warrior!


What it means to be a Wolf – What you should do…


Work your body and your mind! Buy weapons and train in them! Understand and accept that 99% of our own race MUST by killed off! Throw out any CONservative or traditionalist ideas that you might have! Do not join ANY groups or clubs! Find a woman who loves you so much that she is willing to become a hardcore racist just so you’ll love her back! Home school your children! Train yourself and your family to Martyr themselves for the cause! And remember that it is better to die on your feet free than to live on your knees a slave!


Kill with insane glee! Murder every last person who reject the Wolf philosophy of Might is Right and the Ends Justify the Means, especially Whites! Kill off the weak so the strong survive! And remember that this is a war, and no war was ever won by sitting on your ass playing it safe!!

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