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Why I Became a Terrorist

Why I Became a Terrorist

Or, My 31st Year of Life

By Hardy Lloyd

(written on 30th of January, 90 FE)


Shell we recap the start of my ride…? OK, we shall.


I first became racially conscience at the age of eight and on my own. My parents are race-traitors and thus tried hard to poison my mind and body to weakness. However, public schooling and hanging out in the JEW and negro areas of town all helped to convince me that my ideas on race were correct, and that my parents were insane.


My parent’s, mean time, had tried to brainwash me by sending me to what the Americans call “ADD Summer Camp”. Then they filled my body with harmful poisons like Prozac and Ritalin…


Anyway, eventually I punched my bad in the face and ran away from home. I lived on the streets and in a niggertown shelter for bums for six months until I was able to land a job and through that an apartment.


I then went from job to job, and apartment to apartment… Being fired and evicted because I was openly racist. Not once did I refuse to be myself! Now some will say that I purposely made my life hard. That I could have made my life “safer” and more “enjoyable” by “fitting in” and “going to college”… I did what I did to harden myself and to live life with experiences! To those who wish to live a safe life I say, FUCK OFF!


So now we are up to 1996… That’s when the internet became the actual internet. That’s when I first started to make racial contacts. Pittsburgh is a real dead zone for racial loyalty, so it was a few years before I found others that also believed as I did.


In 1999 CE I founded the “Order of National-Socialism”. An online multi-racial Nazi think-tank. It was largely a platform for my ideas, which were very much outside the mainstream thinking of the Movement. Most people who operated within the ONS thought close to my way.


We had members in Japan, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, The United States, and within Europa…


This was almost an exclusively online operation. I had a few people in Pittsburgh with me who helped to post fliers and stickers and graffiti around town. But the ONS was to promote thought and philosophy and the concept of Lone Wolf fighting.


In November of 2006 CE, after I was released from prison after winning the trial, I renamed the ONS into “The New Dawn”, to better reflect my Fascist and Third Positionist beliefs. In prison I had made friends with many Mestizo’s who also liked Third Position, and I also began to criticize Creativity, Hitler and the Anglo White Power Movement. Not because I was anti racist, but because I began to understand that Aryan spirituality and philosophy was the key, and that the Anglo section of the Movement was distanced from this line of thought…!


And because the Anglo race has no balls! They sit and whine and pass out fliers all fucking day long and nothing else! In South America and Europa revolution is fought with guns and steel!! This Anglo fear of pain and suffering screams of chicken shit! No revolution was EVER won by being “legal”! You win by killing the other guy!


Also, the Anglo “Movement” abandons our people when they get arrested. This is an utter sin! In South America and Europa families, friends and Comrades bring food and money to the arrested man’s family, and they visit him too!! NO ONE FROM OUTSIDE PITTSBURGH CAME TO MY TRIAL!! No one marched up and down the street outside the jail with picket signs! Only MY PEOPLE who lived within the county came to my aid!!


Disgraceful! Sinful! Pure gutlessness!!


What did I do inside? I studied my ass off! I read poetry, philosophy, Fascist thought and ideas on Third Position. I stayed away from all Anglo Movement reading lists! And once I got out I read everything I could on Julius Evola and Benito Mussolini! I read every book I could get a hold of that talked about Third Position and European Philosophy and true Aryanism…!


And then I started to take a good hard long look at Creativity and all that I had believed in. I questioned it all! I bashed Hitler, spit on Klassen, and tore Pierce a new asshole! It was like a veil had been lifted from my eyes! I had been living a lie for 30 years! The lie of the Anglo White Power Movement! With its Nationalistic, CONservative Americana!


And so I swore revenge! I swore that I would evolve past it all! Into a Forth Position! The WOLF!


After I got out, and had time to study Third Position, I went about to promote Fascism to non Whites and independent White Racial Loyalists. The ones who reject the JEWISH lies. The ones who reject the Movements lies.


I gave a speech to negroes in Pittsburgh, then I did two tours on Fascism as a multi-racial movement in Chihuahua and Sonora Mexico. I held a party to promote Multi-Racial Fascist Unity, and raised money for a Mexican Fascist group.


I have two more tours in Mexico planned for 2009. However, one will be local do to some heat down south… And the black guy who invited me to give a talk to Black Nationalists last year has invited me back again this year. It seems that many blacks are angry at the lies of obama monkey and other negro politicians!


Yep, 2008 saw a tremendous change and shift in my life and my way of thinking! 2008 was the year that I finally gave up on the Anglo race and on trying to recruit Whites to racial loyalty. I gave up on the Anglo Movement in 2007 and then on the whole White race in 2008. But not Aryans. Let me explain…


To me an Aryan is one who is not only genetically Aryan, but who also is spiritually Aryan as well. Someone who thinks like me. A White is simply someone who is genetically Aryan but not spiritually Aryan. Anglos, Anglo-Saxons, and American Whites…


I refuse to waste my time trying to recruit anyone! Aryans are born, never recruited. If I had to convince you that our way of thinking is right then I want nothing to do with you!!


Most of my associates in North America are actually Mestizos… Third Positionists and racial-separatists.


The way I see it…


The way I see it, we need to kill off 99% of our own race, and then let that 1% sharpen themselves into an ueber 0.1%! We must become Alphas and murder off those Whites/Aryans who refuse to embrace killing and violence and chaos in order to win back this planet!!


This ain’t no Sunday picnic! It’s a fucking revolution! You win by suffering, by killing, by dying, and by destroying society and turning the world upside-down into a total state of anarchy! Remember these two things: Might is Right; and the ends always justify the means!


I mean it! Rape, pillage, torture, murder, kill your own family, anything and everything to achieving victory! Our purpose is to keep our race alive by any and all means and in some number! That is all!


As to this constant search for UEBER MEANING in life… STOP IT!! You gringos waste too much time searching the Universe for some meaning to it all… Why? Is it so hard for you to let go of your CONservative and nationalistic and capitalistic ways??? Is it so hard for you to just let go? Is it really that painful for you to just be an atheist racist? Seriously, folks, what the fuck is wrong with you people???


You have lost your Anglo countries because you ARE traditionalists! Because you ARE nationalistic! Because you ARE CONservative! And now you are lost! Cut off from the Aryan race and Europa!


The only way we shall win is by using trickery, deceit, lies, terrorism, and savagery! We must wage a war of total terror upon all our enemies, especially those Whites who refuse to fight with utter savage glee!!


So, the end of 2008 and the beginning of my 31st year of life sees me with the total change now… I focus all of my time now spreading my philosophy, that I have named the WOLF. Well, I also spend time reading European philosophy. The stuff that is almost unheard of over in North America. I am spending more time with my wife, and perfecting my Spanish.


I am also writing more, including some novels. I wrote the Wotanist Bible, and shall write an expanded second edition. And after this essay I shall write a fiction novel. My WOLF philosophy being the main source for the plot.


Well, that’s it, folks… I am a new man now. An Aryan man. An Alpha! I see the Universe as it is supposed to be seen: As the WOLF! I no longer care for saving any part of my species that is weak. I seek to totally kill off all Whites and allow only true Aryans to live on this planet. And if you care, if you understand the WOLF, then live as I preach!


Hail Chaos, for it shall set us free!!

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