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Rules for the Terrorist : (version 3) by Hardy Lloyd

Rules for the Terrorist : (version 3)
By Hardy Lloyd
(written on 23rd of Feb., 90fe)

Article 1, Part 1) Cell’s : If your talents are suited for a cell structure, make sure you've known these people for years and that they are tried and TRUE! If you work alone best, stay quite! If you cannot remain completely silent, then be very careful when committing Terrorist acts!!

Article 1, Part 2) Cell's: A cell should have no less then 2, no more than 10 people in it! Ideal would be 2-5. Women can be revolutionaries too! So don't leave them out. However, remember this that women are, by nature, more emotional than men. So, be careful and pick wisely!!

Article 2, Part 1) Time frames: Usually, one major attack every 6 months is safe. You can get away with one attack every month or even every week, that is if you’re completely unknown and smart!!

Article 3, Part 1) Weapons - Heavy Weapons: Anything can be a weapon! You can make biological and chemical bombs in your basement! And if you go to college, you can use a real laboratory to make some really nasty stuff! For the poor revolutionary, try the good old Malakoff cocktail. Bleach and Ammonia make poison gas! It’s amazing what one can make using everyday house hold items! Bleach and Potato-Whitener can make people sick. Also, thanks to China and Russia, black-market nukes and "dirty bombs" are now available. And don't forget good old TNT!

Article 3, Part 2) Weapons - Hand Weapons (handguns): Stockpile guns and ammo! Revolvers have less technical problems with them then pistols, and they don't eject the shell casings either! However, Pistols hold more rounds. Revolvers can hold 5 to 8 shells. Most hold 5 or 6. 38's are great for quick draws and concealment. 357's are also great because if you kill someone with a 38 you can use his rounds in your own gun! 357's can shoot 357, 38 and 38+ rounds. Also, it is good to have a 9MM pistol. Most cops and US army use 9MM sidearm’s. If you kill a cop or a soldier you should be able to use his ammo in your gun. 44 magnums are powerful and accurate. You can shoot a 44 magnum slug threw six inches of hard wood! 45's and the more powerful 454's and 500's have more stopping power, but are big, bulky, heavy and NOISY!! 45's are crap when it comes to long range targets. A 500 with an added shoulder stock and a site would be the ideal choice in a handheld sniper gun. But you'll tear your hand out of its socket if you rapid-fire it! A 44 or a 357 will take anyone down with one shot. It is my opinion that the bigger calibers are over kill. I think it ideal to own 2-4 38's and/or 357's (perhaps two 357's and one 44), 1 9MM, 1-2 shotguns and 1 rifle. REMEMBER, always use calibers that are common, so you can pilfer off the dead and those you kill!!

Article 3, Part 3) Weapons - Hand Weapons (shotguns): 10 gauge is, in my opinion, overkill! 12 and 20 gauges are good enough. A 20 gauge stockless type is ideal for robberies and assassinations. You can even use a 12 gauge slug round to sniper someone from 100 meters away. Shotguns have always been the BEST choice in urban warfare!! As to double barrel guns? Well, if its cut down to handgun size, and you got two of them or a revolver as backup, I think they are wonderful. Two shots off quick as you please. If you've got two such sawed offs, it wont matter if there's 6 men in front of you, they'll be turned to mush!! REMEMBER, always use calibers that are common, so you can pilfer off the dead and those you kill!!

Article 3, Part 4) Hand Weapons (rifles): I think rifles are a waste! a 12 gauges slug can kill a man at 100 meters. A 500 S+W with a scope can kill a man at 200 meters. You can buy rifles chambered in 357, 44 and 45 magnums. That way you don't have to buy like six different types of ammo!

Article 3, Part 5) Hand Weapons (knives and other): Combat knives, own 2. One regular belt/pocket knife. Hammer's work great! Ax handles are good. Aluminum bats are also great. Wood bats can be burned after use. Crowbars are excellent weapons. Use your imagination.

Article 4, Part 1) Car-Bombs: If your going to use a Car-bomb, here are some tips. Have the front windows bullet proofed, in case the cops try to gun you down before you can push the button. If you’re going to rent the truck, use multiple dealers, multiple types of truck modules, and cash. And please have a backup switch incase you do get killed before you can push the button. Like an automatic detonator that will go off when the pressure of the driver’s foot is lax for more that 5 seconds, and so on...

Article 5, Part 1) Disguises: The best, in my opinion, is the bum look! How many times have you walked past a bum and ignored him? The bum's look and outfit are great for urban warfare and assassinations within cities! Also, I've got a lot done dressing up as an Orthodox Jew!! Use makeup and acting kits as well! Shave your facial hair and keep a conservative haircut. Use fake mustaches and beard's when on the attack. Utilize all forms of makeup and acting skills. Perfect your accents. Own the clothing of locals, and act like those you live around. If you’re the open type, then act reasonably "normal".

Article 6, Part 1) General Ideas: Learn a second and even a third language!! If you live in the West, learn English and Spanish as firsts, Portuguese and French as seconds. If you live in the East, learn English, French, German and Russian as firsts, Spanish, Italian and Russian as seconds. Turkish could also be a third language to learn if you live in the East. Learn and practice acting skills. Learn a trade skill, like electric, plumbing and construction... Learn hand-to-hand combat skills. Practice your marksmanship. Read up on "how-to" manuals. One can use fictionalized books or actual government combat manuals. And don't forget to use your imaginations, too!!

Article 7, Part 1) The Enemy - Tips and Tactics: Strike fast and be invisible! Strike those that run the system, Rabbi's, Corporate owners, Bankers, Cops, Army personal, Judges and top politicians. Let’s let these scum know that they are on OUR shit list!! Use terror as a weapon! If the people fear us more then they fear the system, then we've won! I hope in my heart that we White's in North America can create a more violent, American version of the early "IRA"!!

Article 7, Part 2) The Enemy - Enemy Lists: Keep lists of those in your area that are active enemies to our race! Note where they live, where they work, what they look like, what they wear, who they hang out with and so on... Get photo's of them, they're homes and cars. We know who the top enemies are, we now need a list of the locals for when that time comes to exact vengeance!!

Article 7, Part 3) The Enemy - Targeting Enemies: When targeting Jews, please, only go after the Rabbi's and the Yeshiva Schools! The Jew store owner is only the middleman. Same with niggers, go after the leadership. Stop targeting the crack heads, unless they attack our people! Then again, maybe the nigger "elite" can make more problems for the cops then we can. When targeting cops, hit any of them! When a cop arrests and/or attacks one of our people, go after him and his family! Kidnap his wife and children, butcher them, skin them alive, then hang they're bodies from a tree with a sign saying something like "Death to all who aid the system!" The commies in South America really know how to stick it to anyone, ANYONE who aids the State!! Cops get it really bad down there, and as a result, often aid the revolutionaries over the State. They do this out of FEAR for they're own safety, for the safety of they're own families! They know that if they are caught attacking anyone who is a guerilla, his life and that of his families is forfeit. And please, do NOT show mercy or pity to our enemies! They are committing racial treason and crimes against our people! They do NOT deserve any mercy!! In fact, we should be snipering cops and army soldiers whenever we can!! Get a high-powered rifle with a silencer, sit in a tree or on the roof of a building and shoot every cop you see!! It’s really easy!! They are everywhere!! But now, so are we!!

Article 7, Part 4) Traitors: And as a final note, all traitors must be executed immediately and with such horrific means as to dissuade others from betraying their Comrades!!

More will be added in time...! Happy hunting!!


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