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The Code of the Skinhead!

The Code of the Skinhead!

By Hardy Lloyd

(Written on 3rd of March, 90fe)


I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while now. Because so many wannabes are out there, and the Movement itself is such a sham! It is important for the young racists to understand what it is to be a true Skinhead.


I guess the best place to start is Skrewdriver and Ian Stewart. Ian’s lyrics and lifestyle should be the bedrock of the Skinhead soul. For he was truly a Third Positionist, and believed in an Atheist, working glass Aryan lifestyle. And except for his anti IRA bullshit and his insistence that we all “get along” within the Movement, he was perfect! Another good thing about Ian and Skrewdriver is that their lyrics had actual philosophy within them! Unlike most RAC and OI, that pretty much just bash our enemies…


The history of the Skinhead starts in the late 1940’s and mid 1950’s CE. White working class London dockworkers coming back from the war began to dress in boots, braces and jeans. Their hair was already cut short from being in the army, so they decided to keep it that way…


During the mid and late 60’s, when the JEWISH communist and hippy movements were running wild over the world, and race-mixing and integration were being forced upon White lands, the White youth of London began to rebel. And towards the late 60’s the young Skinhead with his Rock&Roll entered the scene. He was a White, working class, anti Tradition, and anti CONservative rebel. A rebel who hated the nonwhites fucking up his town, but who wasn’t that into any White Power ideology.. He simply was rebelling against societies hippy movement, and his parents Traditionalist lifestyle.


He believed in Rock&Roll, being White and Proud, being anti Tradition, but at the same time being anti Liberal. He was something new. Not a Nazi or Neo-Nazi, not a communist or beatnik… He simply was the White youth of England who could not conform to the past CONservative ways, nor embrace the new Liberal world view. He was a Skinhead. A Third Positionist.


Now, during the late 60’s on up to the late 70’s the Skinhead scene was pretty much of the mindset of White Pride. Some wannabes liking the lifestyle, but being too afraid to be openly White Power, entered the scene and made up a small minority. By the late 70’s though this division exploded. And thus were born fakers and shirkers! Trads (The so-called “Traditionalist Skinheads”) and SHARPS (The so-called “Skinheads against racism”). The former being proud of their race but without the balls to just proclaim themselves White Power. And the latter a JEWISH attempt to subvert this growing Movement of White youth.


Anyone who claims to be a Skinhead but not a White Power Skinhead is not a true Skinhead!


The gear of the Skinhead differs from region to region… Most accept that White laces straight-laced mean White Power/White Pride. Trads also wear white laces. And most except that red laces straight-laced mean Blood and Honor (White Power/White Pride) or that you’ve shed blood for the cause or that you killed someone. Some SHAPRS wear red laces, but since they also wear a lot of the 60’s and early 70’s Skin wear, they are easy to point out. Just look to see that his laces are red or white and straight-laced, and that he is wearing a White Power T. * However, please note that most boots aren’t meant to be straight-laced, so some Skinheads who wear army boots or hiking boots will straight-lace the first few holes only! * Hence the T-shirt!


There are no “purple” or “yellow” laces worn by true Skinheads! And black laces don’t mean anything either.


Some Skinheads will wear Red laces with black boots and white socks. This just means they are either Nazi ideology followers or just to show support for Nazism. Most wear black socks because they fit with the black boots. And a few White Power Skinheads wear Oxblood boots. A deep dark red color… But most wear black boots, either army issue or Doc Martins or Steel toed work boots. Some may wear steel toed hiking boots.


Once again, check that he wears red or white laces straight-laced and a White Power T-shirt!


Skinheads also wear red, white or black braces. Braces are what you American Whites call “suspenders”. White just means White Power/White Pride, red means same or that the guy has shed blood, and black is just traditional going back to the 1950’s and 60’s.


As to pants…? Skinheads wear either Jeans or BDU’s. DBU’s are either worn in black or in green jungle cammo. The Jeans are the regular light blue color. During summer many Skinheads wear BDU pants, either black or green jungle cammo.


Shirts can be traditional, like Fred Perry’s or Ben Sherman’s, or modern such as T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts or even Rugby’s… However, I might be the only Skinhead who wears Rugby’s. LOL


Most Skinheads today wear T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts, since they come with White Power images on them.


Music can be wide ranging… Skinheads usually listen to RAC and OI along with Metal. Some listen to NS/Black Metal, Satanic Metal, old school Rock&Roll, and even Classical. I listen to RAC, OI, Metal (speed and heavy) and Classical music. Mostly I listen to Skrewdriver and Ian’s solo stuff along with HammerFall, MANOWAR, ACDC, RAHOWA and Beethoven.


Jackets are almost always worn with White Power patches sown on. Very few have nothing on! Jackets are to be Flight Jackets, usually black, but also in green. Some wear Jean Jackets, but most wear black Flight Jackets.


True Skinheads work out every week and study to improve their minds. True Skinheads do not act like “American History X”! I would say that Romper Stomper is a true depiction of Skinhead life. Hard working class, tough as nails, smart doers and go getters!! The true Skinhead is a revolutionary and doesn’t simply just react to the evil befalling his race! He goes out and fights back! He fights as a Lone Wolf; a smart killer who doesn’t get drunk, who doesn’t get caught! He fights in the street with his fists, in the alley with a gun, and in the secrecy of the night with a bomb…! He is smart, willing, able, and he don’t waste his time burning crosses onto niggers lawns!!


The true Skinhead has the conscience of the Vikings, the craftiness of the serial killer, and the brains of Plato! Now that ya know, go out and kill someone, just don’t get caught and be smart about it! For you are the true Skinhead!

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