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80 e-mails about Richard...!

I have 80 some e-mails from area pigs and media about Brother Richard. I ain't answering a fucking one!
I'll let that fear and terror that my WOLF creates sink into your filthyamerican heads! I will say this, more Lone Wolves are on the way, and the WOLF shall kill again!!
You cannot stop the WOLF nor the destruction of your sick, anglo-american "culture"! Not now, not ever! YOU, AMERICA, SHALL BURN TO THE GROUND, AND I SHALL SIT BY AND WATCH, AND LAUGH AS MY WOLVES MURDER AND RAPE YOU ALL!!
DEATH, death to america and its evil ways!
DEATH, death to america and its sick "culture"!
DEATH, death to every cop, especially WHITE COPS!
DEATH, death to order and hail the rising chaos of reason and anger!

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