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Concerning the KDKA "interview"...

The wife and I believe that the so-called interview by KDKA, which we did not do, was asked for is:::


To get one of us to slip and confess to a murder... I am not a native american English speaker, and the euphemisms that americans use sometimes trip me up. I cannot understand them, and ask my wife to translate a lot around here!! I grew up in a country that speaks early-modern English with old and Middle English thrown in. Americans speak this modern-modern English, which sounds more like a nigger blowing its nose...!


Or he was trying to get me to give out info that I might only let slip if I was talking to a media person, and then sell that to the highest bidder: ADL, FBI, SPLC...


If he reports on myself and my website, great free advertising, and if not, who cares...


He would no doubt try to control the conversation and would probably keep asking about lori or Matt Hale… I am sick of those topics! I would love to do an interview about Richard Poplawski and why he is being railroaded and talked about in such a hateful manner… But Americans care nothing for the truth! So, fuck the interview…!


And as a final note, the bastard kept telling me it was going to be the next day, then the day after that, and so fucking on...! I don't have time for this bullshit!!

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