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Will our people ever see the light?

Will our people ever see the light?
Lisa Lloyd
(written 18th of April, 90fe)

I used to believe that eventually our people would wake up from their slumber to see what is going on around them and take necessary action. I used to have hope for our people and see a wonderful future for us all and our children. It is with a heavy heart that I now realize this is just a dream and will never be a reality.

Our people do not care that our way of life has been decaying and festering all around them. They appear to have no real concern for the future of our people and children. They are too concerned with having the latest gadget and technology out there: their cell phones, blackberries, high definition televisions, laptop computers, etc .

They no longer think for themselves as they claim to, instead, they believe whatever the media and/or government tells them with blind faith – no questions asked. Why? Why aren’t our people questioning everything they are told by the media/government and forming their own opinions based on FACT, not simply on what they are told? I just don’t understand what has happened to the great people we once were?

They are no longer our people but have become sheeple.

They are now the zombies of the media and government.

They are the walking dead.

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