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“Media Hysteria” - By Lisa Lloyd

“Media  Hysteria” - By Lisa Lloyd


        Almost every week, there is another story about a potential menace, disease, or catastrophe.  Reporters love the scary stories and they love to beat a dead horse with the same story for weeks on end.   If 1% of what the reporters suggested was happening actually did happen, there would be mass death and mass hysteria in America.


        The scarier and more bizarre the story, the more likely is that the bosses will give the newscasters more air time or reporters the front page slot. The scary story justified or not, will get higher ratings and sell more papers.  With higher ratings and increased sales this increases the profit and also eventually leads to increased salaries for the reporters.  Raising alarms makes the media feel important. 


        People are highly impressionable and no longer think for themselves and the media take full advantage of this.  When the media express gets rolling, people get run over! 


        One day you are getting ready for work, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, trying to get along the best you can, and the next minute you are a menace to society all due to the media’s one sided reporting.  The media very rarely get the full story from both sides and only reports on what will increase their ratings.  


        The media bad news bears love crime and violence.  Turn on the television or pick up a tabloid and you will be convinced that you have more to fear than before.   According to the media terrible things are happening, the gory pictures and the exaggerated articles conceal the actual truth:  that they are just trying to increase ratings and sell more papers.  The media give the false impression that they actually care about you, but they don’t!  Wake up from your slumber to see that they are using you for increased ratings and sales! 


        The media hysteria encourages people to do crazy things.  To listen to the media, you have to believe that Chicken Little was right:  “The sky is falling.”  The media beast must be fed regardless of who it eats!  Scares drive up circulation and ratings.   


        Get you shovel out, because you are being fed a bunch of shit from the American media! Fear is contagious, that is why the media is a deadly force that must be stopped.


        If you are like me, you will think for yourselves and stop relying on what the media reports, remember you must think for yourselves and don’t allow someone else to do it for you.  Don’t be a follower!


        I no longer watch the news, read tabloids or read the paper as it is all just a bunch of crap used solely to increase ratings!!!


        I can not stress enough, please wake up from your slumber and don’t believe the bullshit the media is feeding you. And remember they are only giving you their individual view of the situation and are not giving you both sides!!

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