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I have a Dream

I have a Dream

Prose by Hardy Lloyd

(written on 26th of April, 90fe)




I see their flag torn asunder!

I see their people enslaved!

I see their skyscrapers toppled over!

I see death and destruction before me!

I see the glories of a new world!

I see my men killing and raping all before them!

I see the injection of the cure for a sick society!

I see the death of that which I hate the most; america!

I see whites lined up and shot!

I see culling of the weak ones!

I hear their screams for mercy, which shall never come!

I see the cleansing of all life upon the shores of the new continent!

I hear the terror of their voices filling the night air!

A smile creeps across my face!

I take my knife in hand and turn it loose upon a woman’s throat!

I cut her life from her body!

I smear the blood on my skin and take her with my cock!

I rape the lifeless anglo infidel before me, while my men cheer me on!

And as I come I see my liberator in the back of my mind, smiling as I fulfill his dream, which has always been my dream!

The bringer of light, who touched me as a child of eight years old, has protected me, lead me to fulfill my destiny; the bringer of pain and suffering to a world that must die!

And I am his words and his voice and his ideas, for I am his child!

Born of a jackal to a poor woman in the city, I am his true love!

And his delights are also my delights; the delight in others pain!

And as I stand up I see the field littered with the dead of the infidels of all races, save those who have followed me!

And now we sack the cities, and bring them to ruin by flame!

The flames are red and hot and shall cleanse the world of its evil; goodness and the enslavement of my race for 10,000 years!

The days of the white race and the jew race are finished, and the dawn of the Wolf is now!

And by sword and gun and evil barbarity we shall cleanse the world of all none Wolves!


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