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Americans = Filth!

Americans = Filth!
By Hardy Lloyd
(written on 15th of May, 90fe)
18th Century - Americans murder millions of French citizens in North America along with millions of Injins... Millions of European whites and red nonwhites are killed in the name of money and Anglo expansion!
1776ce - Americans murder millions of anti revolutionary Anglos and French colonists...
1796ce - American government kills tens of thousands of rural farmers who followed US Constitution...
1846ce - Americans send army to murder Texans, Mexicans and Californians who simply seek to live in FREE independent states... Five million Mexicans are starved to death, along with tens of thousands of Texans and Californians, after which Americans FORCE California Alto and Texas to "join" the United States!
1860 to 1880ce - Americans murder 2.3 millions southern americans in the advance of Anglo capitalism (two-thirds by starvation)! Another 750,000 Negros are also murdered by their northern "liberators"!
1865ce - Confederate Negro Corp is slaughtered outside of Richmond, Virginia by Union AMERICAN Army to "facilitate the restoration of Anglo rule over the Confederate States of America"! Northern "liberators" murder 13,000 Confederate Negro troops in uniform!!
1890's ce - 1.5 million Injins are massacred by American Army in the pursuit of Anglo capitalism and democracy!
1899ce - Americans murder 200,000-300,000 Cuban citizens, and force Cuba into the US under Anglo law!
1914-19 ce - Anglo British murder 5 million Germans through starvation and poison gas!
1919 ce - US Army fires upon peaceful protest by WW1 veterans wanting their promised back pay and free healthcare... 5,700 murdered by bullet in the streets of Washington City!
1920's and 30's ce - American government locks up tens of thousands of Union leaders, many of whom "die by accident" while under 24 hour lockdown....!
1930's ce - Unknown number of American citizens murdered by food poisoning in an effort to reduce unemployment figures... Historians estimate the number to be between 500,000 and 2 million!!
1940's and 50's ce - US government locks up unknown number of people who have German, Italian and Japanese ancestry... Numbers of the dead including all three groups estimated at 400,000!
1940's ce - Anglo whites murder millions of German people by starvation, and millions more by bombing raids! Starvation numbers are around 10 million Germans between 1945 to 1955 (half of that between 1945-1948); and the bombing raid of Dresden (one nights worth) was 450,000 dead!!
1950's ce - Millions of whites poisoned by the US governments insistence that special fluoride be introduced into water system... Numbers of those who died are around 130,000!
1960's ce - One million Negros are poisoned in US experiments... 75,000 die!
1960's and 70's ce - Around 200,000 white and negro troops are uselessly killed in a fake war to advance american capitalism and democracy!
1970's ce - 273 college students at Kent State University are murdered when US Army troops open fire on them... They were protesting peacefully against a war for greed!
1980's to 2010 ce - Hate crime laws are passed which violate white and Aryan civil rites!
1990's ce - Randy Weaver's family is murdered by US troops and cops! American government blows up their own federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!
2001ce - Americans and the white media orchestrate the fake "911" "plane attack" in New York City, New York!
2000's ce - US invades Iraq, murdering the freely elected leader, Sodom Husain, along with another 16 million Arabs!!

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