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Laws of the Land

Laws of the Land
By Lisa Lloyd
I have nothing to gain, or lose, by telling you the way I feel. So here’s what is on my mind
The laws of the land are only practiced by the “little guy”. Those who have money,
success, and/or power abuse every law written and get away with it. The “little guy” breaks one of American society’s laws and is punished severely without a second thought. Why? It makes no sense.
A small percentage of people have woken up from their slumber to the realization that societies laws and rules do not apply to them. They are not sheeple. They follow only the laws of Nature. They no longer blindly follow the media, government, family, and friends who tell them how to think, act, and feel. They are no longer sucked dry, ravaged or raped by the American society. In their world, they suffer no censorship and are completely free. They see the world as it truly is untainted by society’s laws and see it through the eyes of Nature’s laws. As a result of this, these individuals can truly live without fear and without worry if they are going to get in trouble and without worry if they fit in to American society. They experience more joy and happiness than we could ever imagine.
These individuals you call crazy, fanatical, psychopaths, outlandish, weird, off the wall, extreme, madmen, and monsters. Why? They do not have horns growing from their heads or fangs protruding from their mouths, (that would be interesting to see), yet if you are in the presence of these individuals, you stare at them, give them dirty looks, look at them with fear in your eyes and quickly look away. Why? Is it because they are actually doing what they want without having to worry about the rules of your society? Are you resentful that you cannot do the same? Are you fearful these people will rise up from society’s chaos and make the truth known to the world? Does it scare you to know the truth that you are in charge of your own thoughts, beliefs, and actions? Does it scare you that you are NOT required to do what they demand of you?
My disappointment is that so many of you are gullible, that you eat everything up that you are fed in newspapers, books, and television. You trust and depend on others to tell you how to live and what to believe. You are zombies programmed to walk, talk, eat, think, and do as you are told. Wake up from your slumber!
Don’t be the “little guy” anymore, be an individual, follow Nature’s laws, live how you want to live and not by how society tells you to live, be free and think for yourselves!!!!

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