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Prose by Hardy Lloyd
(written on 26th of May, 90fe)
Your hair is the color of fields of wheat
Your eyes are the color of the deep blue sea
I fell in love with you when I heard your voice on the phone
We met online, though we were worlds away
My life was so lonely before I met you
I never thought I would find a love like you
I was so sad, so lonely, so heart broken
Then I met you and I fell in love
I found that which I could not grasp on my own
I found a heart and a mind I could through out my inhibitions
My life would suck without you, Lisa
I could never imagine not having you in my life
You complete me as no woman has ever done!
My life is now brighter because of you
I found that happiness that others flaunted in my face
I am a man with a heart that bleeds red
It thumps faster whenever I hear your voice
Our bodies intertwine in bed as if on auto-pilot
We are made for one another!
I am truly happy with you, Lisa, now and for all time!
You have a piece of me, and I found that part of my soul that was missing until I met you
I murdered for you, and I would do it again to make sure that you are safe from harm!
I would go back to jail for another two years just to be able to look into your eyes one last time and say “I love you!”
You are my soul, my life, my other half, my one and only true love, Lisa
And I’d march through Harlem or Hell for your kiss!
I would take on New York City to make sure you were always safe!
I’d go through the worst torture just to hold you tight for one last night
I am nothing without you, my one and only love!
You make me cry every time you look into my eyes and say “I love you, Hardy”
I would take on a street of niggers to protect you, to see you safe!
And I’ll kill anyone who harms you, and I’ll go through any hell just for your love!

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