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Why People Hate Me

Why People Hate Me
Or, the Philosophy of the Wolf, part 8
By Hardy Lloyd
(written on 27th of May, 90fe)
Like Mussolini, I refuse to compromise! I shall never compromise what I know to be true just to make friends or to “stay white” or to make political contacts…! I am me and I know what I believe to be truth!!
The White Power Movement rejects me because I am a non compromiser. I refuse to network with any White Racial Loyalist who is not a purist. I reject anyone who is Christian, I reject anyone who is capitalistic, I reject anyone who supports nationalism, and I reject anyone who is on the Right or CONservative…! I am a Revolutionary Aryan Racist, not a traditionalist white supremacist.
And the Anti-Nazis reject me because I support Racial and Cultural loyalty. I believe that all races, cultures and sexes are not equal! That equality is a myth, just like religion…
Modern-day Fascists hate me because I reject post World War Two Fascism. I dare to promote the Fascism of 1919 and 1943. They also hate me because I attack Christ-INSANITY, which Mussolini likewise did!
I will not be dictated too, nor will I stop pissing people off simply to garner favor with others. I believe in what I believe in, and not what Hitler believed in, nor what Klassen believed in, nor what anyone else believes in… I am Hardy Lloyd and I am me!
I will say this that Mussolini and I share much in the way of ideology and life experiences. And I also support many Socialist causes, too. However, my ideal society would be the absence of society, the absence of any state!
I believe in the Wild West Town as my model for my WOLF society. No laws, everyone has a gun, and people act Aryan or they die! And then, let the chips fall where they may… We have bred down for too many yearsfor any type of salvation to take place without massive bloodshed! We are now forced to wipe away the sick from our race with brutality and absolute evil..
I no longer believe that any organized movement or racial state can save the white race, or the Aryan race, or any race for that matter… Things have gone too far and the world must be cleansed by steel and blood and death! The only solution left to us pure Aryans is to create chaos so the world becomes consumed with fire and hate.
I cannot call myself a Fascist, because I am ultimately fighting for the destruction of society. Nor can I call myself an Anarchist, because I do not believe that human or Aryan nature is instinctively Socialist without force being needed to implement that Socialism. I cannot call myself a Communist, because I hate tyrannical states. Nor can I be called a democrat or a capitalist, because I hate those two systems. Democracy is rule by the stupid, and capitalism is rule by greed!
And although I am a Socialist to a large degree in much of my mannerisms, I cannot be called a Socialist since I reject ANY controlled or organized society. I believe in living like animals, living instinctive lives. I am completely against the creation of ANY government or state, even a pro white state!! I seek the Wild West as my model, as well as the Viking village…
So I created my own philosophy and call it the “Philosophy of the Wolf”.
The Wolf Philosophy stands for the individual being an individual. It stands for pure Aryans acting as pure Aryans. It stands for might is right. It stands for the ends justifying the means. It stands for men acting as men, and women acting as women. It stands for men being the leaders of the family unit (for the family unit is the only system I allow), as well as being polygamists. It stands for absolute freedom to do as thy will…!
The Philosophy of the Wolf is also against technology. Technology has allowed the weak to over populate and take control. Technology has become a monster that has zapped the strong of their strength! City life has made slaves of us! We must destroy technology and take ourselves back to the Iron Age.
I am me and I believe in what I believe in; the WOLF philosophy! I seek no other way of living except what I have stated here today… Take it or fuck off!

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