UNIT 3 (a)

Be Whole-Souled in
the Evangelizing Work

Jehovah has assigned his people one of the most important
tasks ever performed on the earth--the evangelizing work.
Evangelizing involves preaching and teaching the good news
of the Kingdom by means of every appropriate method open
to us.

Why is the evangelizing work so important? Because it
provides a touchstone by which mankind is being judged.
Acceptance of the good news and obedience to it result in
salvation; rejection and disobedience mean destruction. This
in itself impresses upon us the urgency of the work.--Matt.
25:40, 45.

Especially must the elders be whole-souled in the evange-
lizing work. The apostle Paul stated: "Whatever you are
doing, work at it whole-souled as to Jehovah, and not to
men."--Col. 3:23.

What Is Whole-Souled Service?

Whole-souled service involves using your whole self
--your heart, mind, and strength.

Every fiber of your existence is involved in lovingly
serving God; no function, capacity, or desire in life is

It means being God-oriented, that is, God-directed.

Whole-souled service does not require that we be physical-
ly perfect.

Imperfect people are urged to be whole-souled. (Mark
12:28, 30)

It is a matter of using all our imperfect faculties to the
fullest extent possible in God's service.

People have different abilities, so their accomplishments


Jesus spoke of the seed "sown upon the fine soil" as
producing a hundredfold or sixtyfold or thirtyfold--all
is whole-souled. (Matt. 13:18, 23)

One person may have better health or more energy,
resources, or natural ability than another; circumstanc-
es in life differ.

Two women in Bible times received honorable
mention for their contributions to God's service,
though the material value of their gifts differed
greatly. (Mark 14:3, 6-9; Luke 21:1-4)

Similarly today, some may be whole-souled even
though personal circumstances and limitations
allow them to do very little in field service.

Help your brothers to enjoy what they are able to do in
the evangelizing work, whether it appears to be little or

Being whole-souled makes one more effective in the
evangelizing work

If we put our whole heart into our presentation of the
Kingdom, message, people may sense this, and it may have
much to do with their favorable response to the good

When in the field service, we should keep our mind on
our ministry, how to present the good news effectively,
and not on matters of self-interest

As dedicated servants of Jehovah, we should be deter-
mined to exert ourselves physically, using our energies and
strength in the evangelizing work. (1 Tim. 4:10)

An hour or two at a time may be all that an older or
sickly person can wisely spend in field service. His
service would be whole-souled.

Those whose strength and circumstances permit
them to do more need not discontinue their activity
just because others cannot stay out longer.

Honest self-examination can reveal to us whether we
are in fact using our whole strength in the evangelizing

UNIT 3 (a) 51

Take the Lead in Evangelizing

Jesus set the pattern for Christian elders; Kingdom
preaching was a major part of his earthly activity. (John

Jesus was willing to extend himself in behalf of others
even when he was tired. (Mark 6:30-34)

As "examples to the flock," elders should take the lead
in Kingdom preaching and disciple making. (1 Pet. 5:
2, 3)

Your brothers are benefited when they see:

Your efforts to make room in your busy schedule to
work hard in Kingdom preaching. (Eph. 5:15, 16;
1 Thess. 5:12, 13)

Your joy in the evangelizing work. (Ps. 145:7, 11, 12)

Your active and sincere concern for people in the

Your interest in helping and encouraging your brothers
as evangelizers. (Phil. 2:4)

Your enthusiasm in relating field service experiences
and encouraging others to do so.

Your keeping the field service to the fore in the meet-

Help those who are reaching out for privileges in the
congregation to appreciate that overseers are to be exam-
ples to the flock in all respects, including having a full
share in the field service according to their circumstances.

Make Suitable Field Service Arrangements

Good organization is needed to accomplish the most
both in your personal field service and in the congrega-
tion's field activity.

Have a definite schedule for working in the field ministry.

This would include setting aside a specific time to share
in the field service with your own family; make ap-

52 "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock "

pointments to accompany other members of the con-
gregation also.

When you work with others, do more than simply ac-
company them.

There is a need to teach them and help them to make
progress in the field service.

Help your brothers to:

Use the Bible in witnessing.

Introduce subjects that have local appeal.
Converse with the people.

Show a genuine concern for the people.
Appeal to the heart of the householder.
Keep an effective house-to-house record.
Make return visits.
Start Bible studies.
Conduct instructive studies.
Remember that not all publishers have the same abili-
ties. ( 1 Cor. 12:4-7)

Commend the brothers for what they are able
to do.

Help each one make progress in accord with his
own abilities and circumstances.

Be loving and upbuilding in all that you do and say.

The service overseer, with the cooperation of the Con-
gregation Book Study conductor, should make sure that
there is enough territory to keep the brothers busy dur-
ing the time they will be in the service.

Arrange for adequate territory for midweek as well as
weekend groups.

Strive for a balanced coverage of the territory.

Be sure that the congregation has an adequate supply of
the literature currently being used in the field.

UNIT 3 (a) 53

Encourage Pioneer Service

Elders should have a positive view of full-time service.

Mention benefits of the pioneer work in your talks,
when appropriate; include pioneers in your congregation

Be alert to the needs and problems of those already in
the pioneer service

Elders are to provide personal assistance rather than have
the pioneer write about problems to the branch office.

Your practical help and encouragement may he needed
when the pioneer:

Does not have sufficient territory.

Is having difficulty meeting the hour requirement.
Needs someone to work with in the field service.

Is discouraged over the indifference of people in the

Has become stagnant in effectively using his field ser-
vice skills.

Needs assistance in starting studies.
Has financial problems.

May not be properly caring for his health.
Feels lonely and depressed.

Pay special attention to the particular needs of the pio-
neers in your congregation; be prepared to encourage
them and to render loving assistance.

One of the best ways to encourage pioneer service is for
elders and members of their family to share in the
pioneer work to the extent their circumstances allow.

Elders who are regular pioneers are a great blessing to the

54 "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock "

Some elders in the following situations have found it
possible to be regular pioneers:

Those who are retired.

Those who have no dependent children.

Those who have secular work that does not consume
much of their time.

Some have made adjustments in their secular em-
ployment so they can pioneer.

Some elders whose circumstances do not permit them to
be regular pioneers have been able to engage in auxiliary
pioneer service one or more times during the year.

Self-examination, more serious thought, and prayer can
help each person determine if he can increase his per-
sonal field service time and still care for all his Scriptur-
al responsibilities.

Many elders have encouraged and helped their wife and
children to share in either regular or auxiliary pioneer

Cooperation among family members may help one or
more in the family to pioneer.

They may need help to work out practical sched-
ules, assistance in finding part-time secular work,
encouragement to develop the godly view of want-
ing to help people through evangelizing.

Good results have come from making the pioneer service
a matter of enthusiastic conversation in the household.

Be alert to take advantage of all opportunities to preach
and teach the good news.

By word and example, motivate your brothers to be
whole-souled in the evangelizing work, sharing as fully as
they can in spreading the good news.

UNIT 3 (a) 55