UNIT 3 (b)

Help Your Brothers to
Reach All by Evangelizing

The Christian congregation serves Jehovah's purpose to
have his excellencies declared abroad, by sharing the good
news with all people who are willing to listen. ( 1 Pet. 2 :9 ) As
shepherds of the flock, overseers not only take the lead in
evangelizing but also serve a vital role in encouraging and
helping all members of the congregation to have a full and
active share in the evangelizing work.

Jesus said, "The good news has to be preached." His
disciples were told to be illuminators in the world by taking
advantage of every opportunity to help others learn the truth
concerning God's purposes.--Mark 13:10; Phil. 2:15.

Likewise today, you as overseers should motivate the
brothers to vigorous action in the evangelizing work. Help
them to maintain an appreciative and positive attitude toward
the preaching work. Give helpful suggestions as to effective
methods by which the work can be carried out, showing how
people can be reached. Take the lead. Work with the brothers
in the field. Help them to find pleasure in taking the good
news to others.

Proper Motive for the
Evangelizing Work Is Important

Help the brothers to see that love for Jehovah and
for neighbor is demonstrated through the evangeliz-
ing work. (Mark 12:28-31 )

It is a privilege to engage in the work Jesus assigned.

Jesus demonstrated the proper attitude toward people.
He served them in a self-sacrificing way. (Mark 6:

The apostle Paul's example is one to imitate. Doing so
will result in the real joy that comes from giving. (Acts
20:24, 35 )


Appreciation for the sanctity of life is reflected in one's
attitude toward the evangelizing work. (Acts 20:26,27)

Brothers should feel a personal obligation toward those
who listen. (1 Cor. 9:16)

By often discussing James 1 :2-4,12 with the brothers, you
will help them to remain active in the evangelizing work
even when suffering persecution. (Acts 5:41,42)

Help the Brothers to
Preach on Every Appropriate occasion

When solid spiritual feeding has filled their hearts, the
brothers will be stimulated to share the good news with
others on every appropriate occasion.

Knowing that there is Scriptural backing for engaging in
the evangelizing work in a variety of ways instills confi-
dence in the publishers to he flexible in taking advantage
of opportunities to witness when:

Going from house to house. (Acts 5:42; 20:20)

Preaching publicly from city to city. (Matt. 9: 35)

Witnessing in public places, such as in a marketplace or
on public streets. ( Prov. 1 :20; Acts 17: 17)

Speaking to people assembled in public meeting places.
(Matt. 13:54; Acts 13: 14-16)

Witnessing in informal settings. (Acts 16:13)

Approaching relatives or people who are traveling.
(John 1:40,41; Acts 8:27-30)

Make the brothers aware of informal witnessing oppor-
tunities that exist in your locality.

While visiting relatives or friends, in day-to-day contacts
with neighbors, when talking with workmates or business
associates, while traveling, when on vacation (holiday),
and so forth, all of us have opportunities to evangelize on
informal occasions.

Relate experiences that show how you get the conversa-
tion started.

58 "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock "

When you set a fine example in taking advantage of
such appropriate opportunities, others will be encour-
aged to share in this activity as well.

Our Christian conduct or acts of thoughtfulness may
open the way for conversations with others. (Titus 2:
1-14 )

Help the congregation to be prepared to witness informal-
ly and to anticipate opportunities to do so.

Highlight the need for tactfulness and discretion when
doing so.

If the brothers are not taking the initiative to evangelize
informally, take time on the Service Meeting to relate
experiences or to demonstrate how to witness infor-

Some publishers may need to learn how to converse in a
way that is not objectionable, so that the listener does not
feel that he is being lectured. (Col. 4:6)

To be effective, publishers must discern not only how
to begin but also when to stop speaking on a Scriptural

It is often good to make a statement or two and
then pause to see what response you get.

Notice how Jesus witnessed informally. (John 4:
7-26 )

A few brief but appropriate statements from time to
time may accomplish more than trying to say it all at

Stimulate Regular Participation
in Prearranged Evangelizing Work

The evangelizing work can be done in various formal
ways, and often the elders can arrange for groups of
publishers to share in these activities.

An effective method of reaching people with the good
news is by calling on them from house to house.

UNIT 3 (b) 59

Help family heads to make definite arrangements to
share regularly in this work with their wife and chil-

Teach them how this may be done so that it is a
pleasant experience and an upbuilding activity for
all m the family.

Other publishers also need the help and encouragement
you can give by accompanying them in the house-to-
house ministry.

By listening to your presentation, the publishers
learn how to do the evangelizing work more effec-
tively in the local territory.

When you are with other publishers as they speak
at the doors, you will be able to recognize problems
they may have.

Tactfully offer suggestions for improving their

Do not be critical of the brothers, and do not try
to force them into a mold. Be upbuilding and
helpful in what you say.

Recognize their limitations.

Reassure them of their worth as willing ser-
vants of Jehovah.

Train publishers to keep an accurate house-to-house rec-
ord so they can call back on interested people.

Make arrangements for calling again where no one was
at home.

Effort should be made to find someone to speak to at
every home.

The best time for reaching people may vary in different
parts of your territory.

Some publishers have had good results by witness-
ing in the late afternoon or the early evening.

With a little encouragement and assistance from the
elders or other experienced ones, more publishers
might be able to share in afternoon and evening

60 "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock"

Give prompt attention to Expiring Subscription slips,
return visit slips, and other notices you receive from the
Society asking you to call on individuals in your terri-

Arrange to approach subscribers soon so there is no break
in their subscription if this is what they desire and they are
benefiting from reading the magazines.

Offer to start a study with them if they are agreeable.

When the Society sends a notice for someone to call on a
person who has requested literature or spiritual assistance,
be sure to have a capable publisher call promptly.

Elders should make definite arrangements for publishers
to witness in public places in the following ways:

Contacting people at their place of business.

Witnessing to people on public streets and at places where
people shop.

Talking to people waiting in automobiles and at bus or
tram stops.

Visiting hospitals, rest homes, jails, and so forth.

Investigate other ways in which you may be able to reach
people in your territory.

Not all publishers feel confident in speaking to people in
such public places.

If the elders take the lead in this activity, other qualified
publishers may follow suit.

Some publishers, on the other hand, may excel in some
other form of evangelizing activity.

Other Ways You Can Help Your
Brothers in the Evangelizing Work

You may be able to help some publishers by visiting
them in their home and helping them to prepare the

UNIT 3 (b) 61

current presentation for the ministry or some other
Bible discussion for use in the field.

Your visit may provide a fine opportunity for them to
practice giving their presentations and for you to demon-
strate the Scriptural discussions you are using.

Accompany the publishers from house to house if at all

This is a most effective way to give personal assistance.

The publishers can listen to you and observe what you do,
and by your suggestions, they can be helped to be more
effective in the evangelizing work.

If you cannot personally accompany some publishers as
often as you would like, make arrangements for other
effective evangelizers to go with them.

Try to share with others in the midweek evangelizing
work if you can arrange that from time to time.

This may prove to be very strengthening to sisters
or others who cannot share in the field service on
weekends, and it will give them a joyful sense of

62 "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock"